My First BHO Run

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  1. Hey guys, the other day I decided to have my first BHO run myself; I used some really dank GDP nug I picked up from my local caregiver (about an eighth) + threw two grams of keif on top, used 5x refined "Vector" butane in my new glass extraction tube & purged it until it became this beautiful crumble! (keep in mind this is my first run) and would love the feedback from you guys.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380419494.653146.jpg
  2. Almost looks like you turned it into wax looks better than my first time for sure. Would you mind sharing how you purged and the type of butane used?
  3. I used "Vector" a very popular 5x refined butane on the market & I purged this batch with controlled heat by boiling water at the correct temp & letting it sit in the hot-plate until the water finally went cold; did this about 3-4 times & this is what it came out to; like I said this my first time but overall it came out very potent and I was happy in the end
  4. Looks good, most people make poop soup their time, you're way ahead of the curve.
  5. thanks man really appreciate it 👍
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    Looks good! How'd that shit hit bro!?
  7. I am also thinking about my first run but unlike you I have no idea where to start i.e. tools, where to get them, ect. ect. I have seen soo many videos and everyone seems to do it differently.......I would like to learn the right way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the things I know ....
    1)use 5x or greater butane
    2)do outdoors
    3)use unbleached filters
 tube, filters, large pyrex baking dish ,medicine(of course!) , electric skillet
    I also have a mason jar vacuum for purging but was told that isn't a good idea please help don't want to waste the medical!

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