my first bass

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  1. just got my first bass. takein lessons

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  2. good for you I have been playing bass some 10 years and it gets better all the time
  3. my friend ben has that same bass

  4. Ive been playin bass for about a year now, i play like 24/7. But i dont take lessons i just play and jam out. You think i should take lessons or just keep playing and teach myself kinda?
  5. I've had my bass for about a year, i still suck at it. Maybe tonight I'll blaze up and try and teach myself some more. It is a Yamaha something or other 4 string, spent about 300 on it... I should take some lessons
  6. Well lessons can help you reading music and understanding the meaning to a lot of different words used in music and maybe even some good tips at technigue but mostly it's useless because all you have to do is follow the song and take some root notes from there and just go with the rythm.
    Root note: the one basic note on a chord or a scale.
  7. I play guitar, but I always play my friends basses. I'm actually pretty good for someone who doesn't play
  8. well bass isn't that difeerent from guitar, at least in rock/pop/metal style of music where as in techno and jazz and hip-hop it's more on the drum side of instruments. I think that one man who's made the best out of the drum style of playing is Benny George Christian Green from Godflesh, sure he doesn't play that much but what he does matters so much. I really really like his style and the sound he has..... good examples:
    Circle of shit,
  9. the best jazz bassest would have to be victor wooten...down load some of his stuff, u will be blown away
  10. I like les claypool and dave schools. Both good bassists.
  11. That looks like a nice bass. I've played guitar for 6 years and like it, but I also really like bass. I've been considering buying a bass for a while. I consider it to kinda be the soul of the music, one of the main driving forces. You don't have to take lessons to learn to play if you do some reading on the internet, but lessons can help you. Learn to read tab and download tabs for all your favorite songs. Learn what notes are at each fret and try to figure out how your favorite songs go by ear. It will make you a much better player. Good luck with your bass. I bet you'll enjoy it a lot.
  12. Listen and learn, listen to the bass lines on the music that you like, listen if they're rythm or melody oriented, does it follow the 1/4 rythm or does it go with the guitar??????????

    ------e string
    ------a string
    ------d string
    ------g string
  13. 1/4 time signature...BAKA BAKA.I not stupid.

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