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  1. I got this goo clone from a friend 4/26 it was under 24 hr. I put it into some cheap Kellog organic mix with some perlite, and stuck it outside with about 13hrs daylight. So tomorrow it will be a month old. Using tap water and just introduced small amounts of FF Grow Big. Trying to make this simple and easy, but I just wish I had some seeds...
    First question:
    The stem has been turing dark purple to brown? Is this just the stress from 24/hr to the 13hr? or Overwater possibly? (trying to leave it alone)
    It's starting to flower a bit and I know i should of introduced it to the lighting schedule better than just throwing it outside, but I had no choice. Will it possibly go back into vegging?
    Should i be getting r/o water or just not worry bout it? Is distilled and r/o the same? can i use distilled water instead of r/o? what do people use for water when growing outdoor patio container grows?
    Is the new lighter growth saying anything? I also notice some burning on one of the older leaves?

    It's my first grow trying to be carefull, but just trying to learn a bit and expeirment. Not trying to take over the industry. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks

  2. 1. Your water has to be ±6.5ph (even if you put in nutes. 6.5). I say that because of the twist the leafs are getting. Twisty leaves are a good indicator of ph which is off.

    2. Purple is generally caused either by cold temps and/or Nitrogen. Grow big will really lower the ph of the solution, so see #1. Don't over do it.

    3. RO system is not cheap. I use a "Zero Water Filter" $35 - it's cheap and it really lowers the ppm's to zero and also provides an acceptable ph. But if you add nutes to the water, see #1 above :)

    4. Plants, even those deep into flowering can be put back into veg state. It's not easy but it can be done.

    This being your first grow, you will learn a whole bunch. Try not to over analyze.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Thanks for the good advice....
    Just watered with some rain water that measured at 6.5ph, then measured the run off and got a reading of 7.5. So my soil's ph is 7.5 correct? I have been using tap water that is in around 8, probably why it's raising the ph....not really interested in spending more money on this little guy but is there really anything I can do "cheaply" to get and keep my ph down while still using the tap water?
  4. That little guy is growing great, is this strictly outdoor, or have you been using a light as well?
  5. just outside in my lights other than the sun....trying to make it cheap and easy.....
  6. where did you get the soil?

    I'd say that 99% of commercial soil has it's ph balanced lower than what you are reading, but then again there is always the exception. Even with that expensive stuff.
  7. the soil was bought at either wal-mart or home depot, not sure, i think it's pretty nuetral. i started out the first couple weeks with only tap water not adjusted so hopfully i can start lowering the ph of the tap water now that i have my new PH600

    I tried using some white vinigar, it seemed to drop the ph in the tapwater down pretty good, also once the FF grow big mixes in, it drops it even more, even the distilled water I just got at vons was reading high at about 7.5 ph?

    I'm out of the ph 7 buffer solution, do I need to buy that stuff so, I can accuratley calibrate the meter each time I use it? Or is there something else that I can use to calibrate the ph meter to make sure it's on?

    Also is it too early to start LST on this little guy? I want to just bend it over a bit with some hooks, cant I do that? or do I need to use some small dia. twine and tie it down?

  8. It takes a way long time to adjust the ph of soil. So you can rule out the thought that maybe a few gallons of water could have an effect that fast and permanent on the soil.

    The problem a person has with white vinegar, baking soda, etc to lower the ph of a solution is that the solution doesn't hold the buffer (keep the ph low) for very long.

    Your soil doesn't look that bad, as a matter of fact it looks way better than Miracle Grow.

    Grow Big will drop the ph by a ton. You'll find that you need a heck of a lot of ph up to bring it to 6.5.

    I get all of my calibration and cleaning solutions at eSeasonGear FreeShipping!. I bought a box of ph4.01 and 7.01 (you need both, a meter should be calibrated at least 3 points apart).

    You can pretty much start LST anytime. I use a screen rather than LST, IMHO, you get the most yield out of a screen (Scrog). Check out my last journal to get some ideas.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. Thats' the place I got my meter from, I just didn't buy any buffer.

    So I bought some water from the water machine in front of Vons, my buddie I got the clone from said use that water and don't feed the nutes to the little guy now. Just use the water until it can really use the nutes. Not sure what I'll do about that maybe wait another couple weeks till I start feeding?

    Is there enough nutes in the organic soils to sustain the plant? How long like a month or so of just water?

    Also I checked the ph on the store bought water and it checked in at 6.3, now that will be to low once I start using the grow big right?

    I started bending the plant a bit, I just used a little peice of wire and stuck it in the soil. Should I make something a little bit more permanate, like tie it off or just mess around with it? and just bend it here and there? I don't know just expeirmenting.

    Thanks for the help grandfather. I'll upload the new pics in a few.
  10. Generally speaking soil can keep a seedling (not a clone) going for a few weeks, maybe a month.

    Water sounds like it will work. 6.3 is ok - you don't have to mess with it.

    FF Grow Big will really knock the shit out of your ph. I suggest you get an eye dropper and then measure how many drops it takes to get the water/nute solution back into an acceptable range.

    After you make you nute solution, let is sit for a while (at least 1/2 hour) and then re-measure the ph, just to 2x check. This is especially important if you use a buffer that doesn't hold well. If it was me, I'd use ph up. It's like $7 at the hydro store and a small bottle will last you a real long time. Probably long enough where you morph into an organic person and leave that stuff behind.

    I generally don't do any lst until the plant is around 10" tall. No need to stress it out when it's so young. imho.

    Good job - you are learning and more importantly applying that knowledge going forward.
  11. Also, stop with the run off test.

    see my post on epinasty :)
  12. Yeah i took the metal hook out,,,, better just let it be for now. I can mess with that a little later, I just have a hard time letting it sit there and grow, when I'm bored, you know?

    Epinasty,....i could be over watering? not sure on how big the roots are and how deep they are at this point and what exactly they need as far as how often and how much. I can loosen the surface and about an inch down the soil is moist. Does that mean don't water? How bad do I let it dry out before I water again?

    Your saying don't flood it, don't let water come out the bottom? Just give it a little bit, while it's this young. I just thought the soil would dry up fast, but apparently it holds decent, yet drains good, so I don't know. Temps have been around 70's and lows in the 50,.... so Cal nice weather all the time.
  13. If you can afford it, get one of those cheapo moisture meters, should be like $5 at Wally World.

    I water when the moisture meter is like 3
  14. Lookin good.

    Try not to water in the daylight sun.
    It can - and will burn the blades.

    Try watering early in the day. A wet
    plant left overnite is surely inviting
    mold and pest problems.

  15. she's still coming along although those older leaves seem to be getting worse...and the new growth looks like the tips are burnt...nute burn? possibly from the Kellogs potting soil? I don't know I did feed it a little bit of FF grow Big earlier this month but haven't done any more since then...I figured I can give it some food when it grows up a bit...

    anyone have any reason for my stem going purple? just a question I had? Is it from the cold, and by cold I mean 52 degrees for a low at night?

    the curling and burnt tips? is that ph problem and nute burn?
    ....I think the soils ph is a bit high, i'm only going to water now with the store bought stuff so hopefully that helps with the ph.
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    Purple is generally caused by low temperature or N deficiency or Sulphur.

    Since this is a clone, it should be pretty much fed as you would feed the mother, but consideration has to be given to the physical size (surface area) of the roots.

    So, as I look at your plant I see multiple problems. Zinc deficiency, and quite possibly N deficiency, maybe Sulphur (when you get a clone it's good to chat with the grower and ask about care and feeding). these kinda go along with this thread - high ph and the resultant problems caused by lockout.

    In the new growth. We have reduction of leaf size. Leaf margins are wrinkled. Shortening of node spacing. I see some banding. All of this is brought on by high ph.

    ph is 90+% of the problem in growing. - WORD

    Fix - up-pot into larger pot with a known high quality soil, supplemented with VAM.
  17. thanks for the advise grandfather....

    Ive mixed a tiny bit of alum. sulfate with the top soil and watered with r/o water...
    growth has been slow or i just look at this thing too much...
    i think i need a couple more or some other operation to keep myself busy when work is slow....

    the two big fan leaves have turned yellow and dry in the past week....
    I think I need to leave it alone....
    I was moving the plant around alot from one spot to the next...I need to just let it be....
    I'll post some new pics in a day or so.

    I don't really know but this seems like slow growth or I'm just comparing this to all the indoor stuff I look at and getting impatient....
    I'm thinking about getting into a lil grow box with some CFL, but I'm sure this will do fine outside....this is not a serious grow it's more of a learning expeirence I def need.... but wouldn't mind growing this guy to get some smoke....
  18. Hey man, that is one of the components of life ~ Learning.

    Think back at how much you learned by doing this.

    Something like 90% of the people who start their first grow never make it to the end. It is a very, very steep learning curve.

    A little grow box with 2 or 3 cfl's makes a lot of sense. I used to get a reasonable amount of buddage from a box lined with Glossy Xerox Paper that had 4 cfl's hanging on an adjustable cord. :)

    Come hang out in the organic area, meet some of the blades and learn how really easy it is to grow, by just mastering a small bit of knowledge and leveraging the experience in the forum and then make your box and enjoy the harvest you get out of it.

    FWIW :wave:
  19. thanks for all the wise words grandfather....

    I pulled the three big fan leaves off, they turned brow and crispy...
    Now the oldest fan leaves are turning purple with white spots? nute def?
    The growth has been slow...but still growing...
    I have it bent over pretty good to get some light on the under growth...seems to be working well....

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