my first AutoFlower grow closet to tent, 135 watt led to 2x240 watt led

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  1. Hello everyone here on the grass city forums. this is my first attempt at growing auto flowering cannabis I've successfully grown photoperiod in the past, became very sick and had not much motivation to continue growing feeling a bit better I've decided i really would like to have some of my own quality medication and making things as hopefully easy as possible decided to give auto flowering a try i picked up a few seeds and started to give it a go at first i ran into some issues i wanted to give coco coir a try i grabbed a 3 pack of zoo-med coco coir reptile bedding packaging stated use for your plants figuring it would be perfect i expanded it with distilled water and mixed about 70/30 coco perlite poped a seed in and in a couple days she's up looking ok then less then two days later started looking sick not growing turning light green and wilting well figuring i didn't put any calmag or anything in the coco that might be the issue i did a lil reading and see most really clean some coco brands being high/hot with salts or other contaminates i decided to pick up a ppm/tds meter and i started with 0ppm distilled water poured through and got the darkest brown runoff I've ever seen it tested at almost 1500 ppm this was already almost a week 1/2 into the grow was pretty peed at my self i should have known i suppose but i tried to contact zoo-med about the issue explained my problem and the rep replies yes thats usually the color of water after it has been run through dirt and mulch ok I'm not using dirt and mulch. pure coco coir doesn't have dirt or mulch basically was a waste of time emailing them as they seem to be boneheads about their own products i won't go into further detail about the rep but definitely was not fit to be in the position their in well i flushed the s**t out of them and a few days later started to look a bit better. ok so for the setup i am growing 1 Royal Dwarf & 1 Fruit Auto in a 12x4x7 feet closet under my stairway so theres a slope down. in the begining i started out with two 15watt led spots red/blue and one 55w 2700k cfl. a few weeks later i scored a 135w blackstar led ufo. awesome the plants are liking it. i know they were stunted in the beginning stages i hope it don't effect them to much. i have the temps stable day78 night 73 
    i have a pure flow carbon filter and 6in inline filtering the rooms air fresh air enters through garage and close by door so it gets good new air in many times daily. figuring one 135w led might not be enough to cover the two almost flowing ladies i started a led light hunt many many brands, many spectrums, many led sizes oh my. i really liked the reddish purple hue of the blackstar i wanted similar close as i could get also with the uv & ir spectrums with a led budget of around $300.00 us dollars i was in a bracket of decent quality lights i almost went with the new 2014 blackstar 240 uv nice looking light redesigned and improved upon sopposudly but i seen these lights called DirtGenuis 240 uv flowering led fixture has 82x3 watt led and a broad spectrum range with uv&ir for half the price of one blackstar so i bought two the actual draw is a bit above 140w on the 110volt line so far there decent lights, received the lights got them setup not much hanging area in this closet i setup a plant hanger to use as a light bracket works good but hight is not equal to the other as the ceiling slopes down because of the stairs and the studs are 16 on center so a bit of a spread didn't like it to much and then the temps were up there we had a few hot days my closet was almost 85 man no good and when the door is closed the light is coming through the bottom way to much light loss in that big closet i decided to grab a tent i could put everything in the tent and then vent it right out tent size for closet 2x4x5 lighthouse hydro fits perfect everything inside and vents great right out the top of the door fresh air in the bottom, small oil heater in closet for this fall/winter
    id say I'm at week 6ish and looking not to bad heres some pix 
    (coco is now roots organics soilless mixed with more straight coco coir a  also prior flushed with distilled water to below 300ppm then poped the new seeds they be in the next log 
    also feeding is GH Flora Duo / one drip literally one drip super thrive once or twice in veg/ seedling get GH Rapid start 4 drops gal / flowering one or two feeding get un-sulphered grandmas molasas water ph is 5.8 /6.0 in coco  


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  2. Wow i was unaware of the images being all rotated was uoloading from my iphone i just bought a new phone samsung galaxy s5 yes i went android and i love it ive had iphones for far to long to me there just a step behind the times and so locked down unless jailbroken but enough about phones lets get growing this jurnol needs repair gonna fix it uo and fininsh it off with what turned out of this harvest with pics and info
  3. Alright lets see what i have for pictures ? i did make a short video montage but to big to upload ok so we have a Dinafem Fruit Automatic & Royal Queen Seeds Royal Dwarf i decided to set up a tent and continue the grow these were stunted plants keep in mind very small yealding but very good smoke :)
    these were grown in two gallon pots with coco coir perlite and vermiculite mix feed was GH Flora Duo
    Mad Farmer Ph Adjuster water ph'd to 6.0 . lighting was 18/6 with a mix of lights throughout their life started under 15watt led spots with a 55watt cfl then to a 135watt blackstar ufo then into a tent with two 240 watt led's so a bit of a journey but glad i decided to get rid of my hps and other grow stuff and get a tent and led's the next grow will live its full life in the tent for my next log happy growing everyone and most of all be happy :)
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    IMG_3930.jpg IMG_3922.jpg IMG_3935.jpg IMG_3957.jpg IMG_3869.jpg IMG_3949.jpg
  4. gratz on your first harvest man!

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