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  1. I only had one seed at the time so I just grew it solo or else I would have done 3. The strain was bubblegum I didn't train it at all. Grew it in a 5 gallon pot it got 36 inches tall. I only used dry nutrients 2 times for the whole 100 day grow. I used a 180 watt draw led from Amazon 1000 watt equiv... (always bs) I harvested about 2.5 ounces all said and done. I will be doing 3 plants with LST , bloody skunk ,jock horror, and critical purple. I have a tangerine dream auto growing under a 70w from start to finish to see the results.
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  2. im growing tangerine dream autos now on day 82 100 days seems to be about right for the tangerine dream strain
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  3. Post a pic dude, ive litterally just dropped the bean.
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  4. latest pic was from may 22nd I will get a newer picture soon Ive gotta get to the back tall plant and string her up the bud sites are all hanging/falling over onto the other plants now tangdream (2).jpg
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  5. Tangerine dream say 65 days on the pack.... but yes those are lies usually. 100 days seems long. I got mine from growers choice.
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  6. Same got mine from growers choice everyone ive read has had the same timeline . It's how growers choice words it read close " Flowering Time 55-65 days" key word there is " flowering time " they are NOT including the veg time before it starts to flower so add the veg time in and your at around 100 days or so . If I recall mine did not start showing flowering until about 6-7 weeks .
  7. The one on the right with bright orange pistils is stunning, she a tangie too?

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  8. all four are tangerine dream , the two in the back are a week behind the two in the front . I thought the 1st two seeds didn't germ so I started two more then the 1st two popped so I ended up growing out four instead of two. Look how much taller and lanky the back left one looks ... ud swear they were not the same strain , same light , soil , everything the same except the two fronts are airpots the back two are just basic standard plastic pots
  9. Looks like her pheno may carry a little more of the sativa genes. They all look lovely.
  10. for sure , the tall lanky one deff has the skinny longer leafs that sativas tend to have . I had/have a gnat issue not sure why other than this is also my first no till organic grow so I started with living soil that might of brought the gnats in . Ive got a blue dream seedling growing in another room till I can finish this grow and clean the area but the blue dream is a photo
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  11. I should imagine the blue dream will be awesome - really smooth tasty strain with a mellow high that pastes a smile across your face. I really do enjoy blue dream.
  12. yup it was my very first grow , since then ive done about 15 other strains but my friends and family been asking for another blue dream grow .... it's the only request ive gotten ever so I thought it would be interesting to see how differently it may grow out to be now that ive got a few years experience under my belt and all my equipment has been upgraded . Shit that first grow was on the cheap I veg'ed under cfl's in my bedroom no tent lol the lights would come om at 4am and light the room up then they went outside on a balcony that got at best 6 hours of direct sunlight sooooo this should be light years ahead in quality
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  13. tell ya though finding original blue dream was a challenge most seed shops tend to have dropped it as it's " old hat " now everyone wants the latest and greatest
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  14. Ive litterally just began vegging under cfl, they knock out some solid, healthy looking plants with super vigourous growth.. super happy with how my cfls (250w each) are developing my veggers.
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  15. Ive noticed it here and there but its not readily available like it used to be.

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