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    Hey guls, gals im a newbie on the scene here. By that i mean Grassicty and growing and in particular.. growing autos. Actually its my second grow. The first one ended rather trajically. So ive simplified the setup.
    Location - closet
    Lights     - One of those big flourscent spiral type bubs. The cool spectrum type of course AND 250 watt hps bulb, adustable ballast ( 150, 175,250, super lumens)
    Soil         - Peatmoss, perlite, soil Mix.
    Water     - Tap which has been sitting out at least 24 hrs. Does water go bad if left out 2 long btw?
    method  - germinated then planted
    Ok so heres wat the bluest spectrum light from walmart (which isnt very blue but its in the spectrum at least) looks like.
    2014-10-11 18.54.02.jpg
    And heres a week later. Out of four we have 2 survivors. one is auto assassin and one is kush van stitch which is apparently the auto 4 og kush. I was on an 18 6 light cycle up 2 this point. But now ive heard 20 4 cycle is wat autos like best so ive switched 2 that 2nite. Also ive activated the ballast at this point on the lowest setting 150 w.  The big thing is an air condition w a fan setting.
    2014-10-17 23.46.42.jpg 2014-10-17 22.01.26.jpg 2014-10-17 23.47.09.jpg 2014-10-17 23.49.52.jpg 2014-10-17 23.48.39.jpg 2014-10-17 23.49.57.jpg 2014-10-17 23.50.00.jpg 2014-10-17 23.50.39.jpg   2014-10-17 23.51.27.jpg 2014-10-17 23.51.55.jpg
    Comments Welcome : ) 

  2. get those lamps closer. already stretching bad, wasting time
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    Really ? I dont like the sound of that. U know they r autos right?  One is Auto assissin which r suppssed 2 b lanky at the beginning. My thinking was that maybe they will grow taller ultimatly and produce more budd? That bein said i incresed the distanced 2 the light by a about a third and deactivated the flourescnet.
    2014-10-18 00.57.14.jpg 2014-10-18 00.57.18.jpg
    Is that better? Should i increse light power? im at 150 can go all the way 2 super lumes which im not really sure how many watts it is.
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    he said CLOSER.
  5. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413637706.257306.jpg

    Closer, like this close when using cfl's. Ur autos need to stretch durning flower, not veg. When u get ur plants all big and bushy and when u start to see them pre flower, then u can further the distance so u get that stretch durning flower and get those long big colas.
  6. The lights need to be as close as possible. Getting the plants to stretch won't increase teams you will have massive distance between nodes.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
    Ok im in closer at 150 hps hows this?
    2014-10-18 15.37.21.jpg
    Is this better... the setting is at 150 hps. 
    2014-10-18 15.37.21.jpg
  9. Do the hand test they are still small u don't want to fry them.
    I don't know how hot a 150 would be. My 400 is about 17" away.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
  10. whats up mate that seems way to close but i wouldnt know im using 400w myself im a first timer grower have a look at my topic
  11. Put your hand on the edge of the plant container. If it's not affected from the heat, move a bit closer. I start mine at 8" above the soil/container. 
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    Jesus guys, if you're gonna come in here and give advice to a noob, please give em something they can work with. Those plants are gonna burn with y'all being non descriptive and saying "do the hand test"

    Op probably doesn't know anything about the hand test.

    View attachment 1602362

    Op, here's a good chart that shows light intensity as it relates to distance. Also I'd suggest reading up a bit more seeing as how you want a successful harvest.

    A few suggestions. Put down some plastic tarp underneath your plants. You don't wanna ruin that beautiful wood floor. Second, keep your light 9-12 inches away from your plants, anything over 10,000 lumens is straight overkill IMO.lastly. read.
    Good luck. post-39913-13685562791495.jpg
  13. You are right I should have explained it properly

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
  14. Lol. I might a been a bit harsh, but I just feel bad for those poor ladies. First getting all stretched out, then getting baked by having a hps about 3-4 inches from them. Lol

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