My First attempt(will update often)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by eXcIde, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Hi! this is my first attempt to start growing MJ...Today was my first shopping day(for neccesary growing kit :) )
    I havent got so much money,and I tryed to buy inexpensive things(with lower quality)
    *Tomorrow I'll start to build a box in garage( will insulate(dont know how to say it :( ) the get a neccesary temperature :)

    And now about my todays shopping :)
    *I bought a 4 cheapest fluorescent lamps ( 6400k; 21W each) (will grow 3 seeds :) )
    fluorescent lamp(4 pieces) -

    *about fans - I will use 4 PC coolers (two will be for exhaust/two for intake). I will buy a new fan,for cold/hot air(today I coulnt find it)

    * I found a really cheap pH tester and molsture meter for soil :) only 8$ each :)

    meters -

    timer -

    bought a thermometer and humidity meter :)

    and here is my seeds :smoking: -

    I'm really waiting for advices :)

    the shopping list at the moment is incomplete :) but tommorow will continue shopping :) will search a hot/cold air FAN,soil and feeding kit :)

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