My first attempt at making my own sig

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Mar 1, 2003.


How do you like it?

  1. Yeah! Best sig I ever saw!

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  2. It's ok, for a beginner

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  3. Better luck next time

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  4. No way, it's sucks! Why did you even bother?

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  1. So how do you like it? This is my first attempt, I know it looks a little bland..I'm gonna try to make a better one soon
  2. Looking great Hempress.
  3. I like it....."The Princess of Ganja" out....Sid
  4. i like it too, ya look sweet.

  5. looks cool, the figure is one of the coolest things ive ever seen
  6. it's a great siggie :D 2 thumbs up
  7. im thinkin about makin my own..but im gonna let styles' stand for awhile.
  8. How do you put an image in your sig?
  9. I went to b/c they do free image hosting...just upload a pic, get the url for it, and put it in your signature thing in "Edit Profile"

    Edit: Who voted that my sig sucks? :p
  10. not bad. If ya want i'll make ya one :D

    I guess im grasscity's resident siggie maker
  11. If you really want to I would appreciate you making me one :D I kinda want it like the one I have now, only maybe with a potleaf in the background somewhere, but kinda transparent...and I want lots of sparkles :D
  12. the one i wanted to vote for wasn't on there, it was somewhere between the greatest sig i have ever seen and not bad for a beginner some whare along the lines of: thats great for a beginner, much better than i could do.
  13. sure sure, at my boys house right now, but when im home monday I'll get workin on it.

    pwh0ar :D
  14. thank you Stylez :) much appreciated :hippie:
  15. naw hempress keep yours. i didnt wanna say too much but its a good size, doesnt take time to load, a nice plus...
    i think is cute work on it or whateveer :) but ya did a nice job it aint bad atall.
    i betcha a dollar i know who voted it sucked.....
    whose the resident sigge maker?lol....just jokin
  16. thank you Highya...maybe I will :D
  17. your more than welcome....dont let them boys talk ya into nuthin crazzzy
    i run a reeeally old computer and a couple of em take a while to load, an it messes up the thread,........
    shhhh dont tellem i told ya, i wernt gonna make a deal ouuta it.

    im glad your gonna keep yours girlie :)
  18. get dsl and all the worlds problems will be solved ;D

    plus nah...I didnt even remember to vote lol
    just saw a thread bout siggies n started readin

    if ya dont want mine well, guess they do take awhile to load :/
  19. oh yea n im sure budhead can find out who votes for what
  20. Stylez...its not that I dont want yours...after reading Highya's post I realized I should do it myself...I'll probably appreciate it more anyway :D

    ps...I'm not really upset about someone voting that my sig sucked...I was just kidding :)

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