My First Acid Trip

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  1. was not what I expected. Don't get me wrong, it was a pretty groovy experience... but I guess I just had a hit of some WEAK acid. I was with 7 of my friends [2 of us on acid and the other 5 on shrooms] just trippin' mad balls in this botanicle garden, hahaa. I thought it was a great trip but the peak only lasted for about an hour and then I came down completely... I was under the impression that acid was a 10 hour deal! The funny thing is, every time I smoked weed that day a wave of the acid would hit me so hard!
    The trip: a broken inner monologue and lots of giggling. Everything is wonderful and you just want to tell everyone how wonderful they are! Haha, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    A friend of mine told me that's what their first time was like, and that their second time lasted much longer. Is this true?
  2. sounds like some weak L. what was it, paper, gels? and how many did you eat? increase the dosage. it sounds like its there, just a little bit though. especially from how you describe feeling after smoking, because taking a big hit is almost like taking another tab of L for 15 minutes
  3. About 2 weeks ago i tried some spidermans and they where good 4 hrs max and the buzz was different then usually. Blotter varys in quality some don't get enough dripped on and some get over done lol. Spidermans are only $3, but I think I am staying away for a while and just doing my other qualitys.
  4. I love acid, one time I took 2 hits and I thought my freeze-pop was a magic wand, started running around like I Was Harry Potter.
  5. Hahaa, well I only had one hit. Terribly overpriced too if you ask me [$20]. Next time I'm takin' 3 :D
  6. my first time was the best
  7. i took 1 once, it sucked.
    took 2 and some e last friday. ho-ly fuck.
  8. my first time i tripped, i had it dropped onto a sugar cube and it was some good shit and i tripped the entire day. but i've only tripped about 10 times and i prefer gettin it dropped right on the tongue, tastes amazing. but i'm glad you enjoyed your first trip
  9. the first time i dosed I was up all night until the morning man eat

    pickeles such a wierd texture when tripping ate a whole jar and almost yuked haha
  10. Well, my first acid trip was interesting, I basically played with a pencil for about 2 hours and then had some weird experience with a bunch of colors and what not.

    My recent experience, I decided I should take acid right before going to Cedar Point, worst mistake I've ever made in my life. My friends kept trying to get me to ride the top thrill dragster but that was a stupid idea, but they talked me into riding the mantis. My other friend was on acid at the time, the other was sober. So, I get on this ride and I'm already a bit edgy so they close me in and we start going. all the sudden the bars that hold me in are talking to me, couldn't really understand, but I start laughing really hard. We go up the first hill and we're hanging there and I start going into a bad trip. infront of me started to blur and go out of focus but i could still see the background really clear. I felt a huge drop but we hadn't moved yet and my neck sorta snapped like when you fall asleep and wake up really fast. And we start going down, everything turns sorta darker and i heard screams and a tunnel sorta came around me. Then there was sorta like a strobe effect where I couldn't control myself. There was 'saw-like' noises and the screams were still edging in and out. My vision was doing weird stuff but mentally i felt like i was going to die or i wanted to die at least. I completely forgot i was on the drug and thought that i had died and was going to hell. never take acid and ride a rollercoaster! its not fun, its scary as hell

    I still get like flashbacks and can't sleep half the time i try to go. The previous trips i've had were great though.

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