My first 600w hps Critical kush scrog :)

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    Hey as a newbie to the forum I would like to show you my 2plant scrog

    It's my first crack at it and so far so good" it's been great fun also!
    if there's any pro scrogers out there who has any advice please feel free..... :) image.jpg
  2. Welcome, looks good are you switched to flower already?
  3. Thanks :) yeh it's been switched just over a week now
  4. you have a nice even canopy, could of maybe switched a littel sooner could get crowded on the stretch but i never grew that strain keep me posted.
  5. Cheers for the feedback :) Yeh I that what I thought was going to switch it Xmas but being a busy time I left on 24 but sofar so good this strain is not that bad to control :) question: do you know of any other big yielder strain as I fancy a change etc lol
  6. looks great make sure to get some of those clip on fans for top and bottom for airflow
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  7. Update on my 600w crit kush scrog 2nd week of flower :)
    Controlling the stretch quite well and pistols are forming nice sofar so good :)

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  8. trim the leaves under the screen that should boost the growth on top
  9. Thanks for the feed bk dude :) I started to trim away took my cuttings, lolly popped last week of veg.the leaves in the screen or just below should I trim?
  10. just below
  11. Looking good, no advice from me looks like you have it well under control. :)
  12. Incredible, excellent work.
    What are the details on your setup?
  13. Hey thanks guys :) 600w duel spec hps 2plant scrog critical kush 2gen) in 3x3ft x6ft jardin tent.using 2"x2" bird netting and the rest of my kit 4inch mixed flow fan& filter with to vko intake one constant the other on timer.i have one big fan and a small fan below the canopy. It's been good fun and a learning curve! much easier than growing Xmas tree style lol just more hands on a good break from the wife i suppose lol
  14. I have just started my first scrog in the same size tent. I have went with 3 plants on a dwc drip feed just be vegging for a shorter time to fill net. What hight is your net from the pot??Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. My last SCROG i did OG kush from HSO 4x4 scrog 400 watts i pulled 15z also blue dream did a little better than that. My current grow is sour D hoping to pull 16z this time.
  16. Cool man :) just over a ft above the pots :) keep me posted on your grow dude sounds great :)
  17. That's sound awesome great yields keep up the good work and keep me posted :)
  18. Will do not much happening just now but let you no once it takes off. Running 2 G-force and a white widow X big bud. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. Here's another photo of my scrog it's making steady progress :D

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    Hey here's some update pics end of week 2 :)

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