My Final Verdict on Blunts, Among Other Things..

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    So, lately I have been rolling blunts with the natural leaf Garcia y Vegas and I have also tried White Owl and Dutch Master, along with some falvored blunt wraps. I had begun to fall in love with the natural leaf, because it made the burn so much slower, and you had a great feeling of pride after rolling a perfect one, because it's pretty hard.

    But today, I just got one of my old Grape Swisher Sweets and it is definitely my favorite. That awesome grape smell always gets me pumped to roll the blunt, especially with some Lil Wyte on in the background. I love rolling blunts, it's such an involved way of smoking.

    Plus, stores always have fresh Grape Swishers, but a lot of the time you will get a stale natural leaf which is like a nightmare to roll, and you have to lick it a ton.

    Oh, and I just downed a 4oz. bottle of Robitussin. A little lighter than most of my DXM trips, but I've got some Trainwreck to smoke with it.


  2. try Games, they're really nice
  3. Yeah, I tried those too, but they fall under the Garcia Y Vega category lol.

    One thing I loved is they came with 2 in a foil package, so they were always super fresh. and only $1.69!
  4. What in the hell?

    But yeah swishers are nice but,
    dutch palma... supreme.
  5. u gotta use the green leaf games bro...they are always fresh when they come in the green packaging and it is the slowest burning shit like its ridiculous....and its green and its prtty cool
  6. Im liking the swisher sweets too, but i stick with the peach. had a watermelon philly once which was quite tastefull too.
  7. Dude you have no idea what you are smoking... Garcia y Vega and all those other brands use the shittiest Maduro leaf known to man.

    If you want a REALLY satisfying blunt, roll with real cigar brands like Cohiba, Ghurka, Romeo y Julieta, Helix, and Arturo Fuente.

    The cigars you listed use the worst tobacco also. Tobacco from a nice cigar is a treat, its very tasty. Only downside to real cigars is that there pricey.
  8. I've never heard of any of the blunt wraps your talking about except swisher sweets, and those are my favorite. But I usually get like Double Platinums.
  9. I haven't smoked too many blunts, but I'm a fan of blunt wraps. easier to roll, usually delicious and smooth with less tobacco I think.

  10. this is true but most brands we roll our green up in are shitty cigar brands. but out of them all green garcia y vegas aka games fucking burn the slowest from my experience. grape or honey dutches maybe have the best taste though. but green games burn slow, smooth, and minty.
  11. don't robo trip

  12. I see nothing wrong with the occasional robo-trip.

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