My Final trip to Home Depot(light leaks)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mrtwomuchskill, May 22, 2006.

  1. was up board this will be my last trip to home depot Im finally almost done shopping for my first grow here is what im buying 1 449 cm drill bit for my inline duct fan to use as my intake fan 1 150 watt reflector to continue my vegging im probally gonna get 5 1 gallon pots cause im tired of using the 26 oz cups so here is the real question what will I need to place around the intake and outake holes to prevent light leaks and where would I find it and how much does it cost thx in advance :hello:

  2. Home depot for the drill bit and buckets? I'm not really sure on the price try searching As for the reflector- head to your nearest hydroponics store or pick one up online. is a good place to start if you can't find a store locally
  3. He wants to know where to get a light trap.. Search light trap and youll find a pic of one .its easy to make out of a cardboard box.
  4. I heard theres something called chaulk some type of rubbery material they use for plumbing or some shit like that I really dont know
  5. You can use pvc pipe and elbows to create a light trap. Put an elbow on the inside and the outside so you have two 90 curves, and spray paint the insides of all these pieces flat black. Cover one end with some nylon stocking to keep critters out.

    Oh, and don't kid yourself. No one has ever made a final trip to Home Depot. There's always something else... ; -)
  6. so does anydody know what material I can use to place around my aluminum ducting to prevent light leaks also Toasty I like your idea but I wanna put the inline duct as my intake in to increase airflow FYI im getting a vortex fan before I turn on my 400 watt HPS
  7. Mylar works great and is bendable.
  8. I might get some clay or putty type substance you know the one they use in plumbing
  9. You can still use the inline fan, just use sheet metal vent pipe pieces instead of the pvc pipe.

    To prevent air and light leaks around ducting use HVAC tape. Not duct tape, HVAC tape is a thick foil and sticks much better than duct tape.
  10. Use brown multi-purpose anti-fungal silicon sealant. You might need a caulking gun.

    If you're using drywall to build your grow box, you can just cut a nice 6in hole with a knife and the ducting should fit snug.
  11. thx everybody for helping me out but I think I will go with the HVAC tape one question though where in the store would I find it what section
  12. I would try the, ummm......HVAC section. Same area that has the vent pipes, furnace filters, etc. try there.

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