My female plant is growing cannabis sprouts

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  1. My first and only plant, I've noticed has started growing little cannabis sprouts. My plant is a female and from all the information I've read, I know that it almost impossible for a female plant to generate seeds without being pollinated by a male. I've had 2 sprouts in the soil that my plant is in. I believe it could be due to stress as I planted her in the wrong season and she's experienced the doings of winter autumn spring and is finally getting what she needs as it's now summer. Can anybody give me an explanation as to how the sprouts have popped up. I can't find any information on it anywhere

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  2. I've seen mothers clone themselves on occasion.. but usually it's spotted early on.
    In this case I'm guessing it's connected to the same root, or you somehow dropped a seed in the pot without realizing it.
  3. Thats gotta be pretty cool . I think something like this happened to me to. I had a pot outdoors but I think the cold water stunted it, it was after harvest and when i checked out the pot I saw what looked like a seedling.
  4. Errant seeds, nothing more.
    Cannabis does not reproduce this way.
    The fact that the "little cannabis sprouts" have cotyledons proves that these new plants are from SEED.
    Yep, the cotyledons are a dead giveaway.
    Good eye, Wak.
  6. I don't know where the seeds would have come from though.
  7. Where's the mulch in pictures 1 & 3 that is clearly evident in picture 2?

    Why does the full plant picture 3 not exhibit the obvious leaf burning that is evident in pictures 1 and 2?

    Being that it's your "first and only plant"...

    The glaze on the pots in pic's 2 & 3 don't even look the same, nor do the shapes of the top of the rims.

    Meh. Smells trollish to me...
  8. I apologise for not telling you. Image 3 is the oldest photo of my plant. Taken just before I noticed the first cannabis shoot (image 1). The first shoot, i carelessly pulled out and repotted but it died in less than a day. The second shoot (image 2) is the most recent photograph which was taken 2 weeks after image 1. Inbetween that time period I layed down hemp stalk compost to prevent water from evaporating as its nearing summer and the heat can become unbearable here.
    This is a photograph I took not even a minute ago. Since the last pictures, I've trimmed the leaves off the plant due to discolouring and prevention of light getting to some buds. I promise you all I'm not a troll. I don't waste my time making up fake stories. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413606456.002212.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413606496.485441.jpg
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    My apologies for the "troll" labeling.
    The content in post #4 still applies.
    Those new sprouts are from errant seed, regardless of how they got there.
    They DID NOT originate from the mature female in the pot...
  10. Unless -

    The flowered plant perhaps dropped a seed.

    I thought about that.
    Highly unlikely.  How do you figure it's possible for that plant to grow to a mature enough age to be pollenated, get pollenated, AND produce and drop VIABLE seed  before it's even ready to harvest?  Seeds take time to mature, just like the flowers that they grow in.
    abzy, have you checked those buds for seed pods?
  12. I have seen cannabis reseed itself, but by that time the mother plant was all brown and dried-up, we called it "hemp tobacco" because it seemed as if much of the cannabinoids had degraded and the plant material was tobacco-brown.
    One of our fields had a magical "2nd harvest" from seeds dropping from plants when we were harvesting. But, again, the plant was much more mature and into the faze of senescence than what's seen in this plant.
    So I 2nd what Wak's saying about all this, OP must have dropped some extra seeds at one point or another.
    Not only that, but from observation (not mj), I have plants that have dropped seeds and even with the weather warm enough, they didn't sprout till the next spring. Needed some sort of dormancy it seems. Plants were fennel, dill and tomatoes, all outside, in the ground and containers.
    Equatorial stuff may play by different rules. stevebomb, was this second harvest plant heavy sativa by any chance? Fresh seeds from my indica don't work for squat. Dried well, and some time in the fridge, the germination is close to 100%.
  14. I can only assume they were indica dominant because of how tall and straight they grew, this could also have been to how closely together the crop was sown. These were medicinal hemp seeds from a source in France, that's all the information I got on the genetics :confused_2: . This farmer wasn't exactly concerned with quantifiable things/science.
    We also had a problem with flocks of birds coming and picking the mature plants clean of their seeds; this hemp cooperative was concerned with collecting the seeds, too, for their superfood qualities.
  15. "How do you figure it's possible for that plant to grow to a mature enough age to be pollenated, get pollenated, AND produce and drop VIABLE seed  before it's even ready to harvest?"

    I see it as completely & entirely possible for an outdoor plant in the middle of October to have dropped a viable seat which sprouted. If OP did you plant it then there are only two possibilities - A. The seedling came from A seed dropped from the cannabis plant, or B. It's not a cannabis seedling.

    I know how long it takes for cannabis seeds to mature.

    VIABLE seeds dropped BEFORE the plant has reached full maturity and is ready for harvest?  :confused_2:
    What do I know?  I'm an indoor grower...  :D
  17. A female plant can 'hermie' and pop balls in the undergrowth at nodes right next to the female preflower calyx and drop pollen impregnating the single lone calyx - three/ weeks later boom you have a mature seed that can easily fall out and sprout. All before the 4th week flowering. VOE
  18. Those look like runners, they're part of the large plant, when they get large enough you can cut the tiny running root and have an entire plant.
    Was the whole plant a herm, or just an exclusive bud? I've only see it happen to the entire plant.
  20. There are a number of ways plants can express their 'hermit traits.' The most common like you've mentioned are male pollen sacs scattered to varying degrees amongst the larger female flowers. Sometimes even before flowering and much more aggressively in the first week or two of flowering clusters of 'balls' will grow out of the nodes in the same location you see the preflowers, most often in the lower parts of the plant. A much different scenario than the typical "nanners in the buds."

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