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  1. Where do you buy your nutrients, fans, scrubbers online? (apart from ebay)
    I recently found a great offer for a gallon of nutrients.
    It costs $20. Sounds good right? Well the shipping is $55 :mad:
    I think that's fuckin retarded and I'd never pay such a price.
    So I turn to you my fellow europeans :D
    Which site offers good product prices and REASONABLE shipping?

    THANK YOU! :smoke:
  2. Come on don't be shy... :hippie:
  3. I can't believe this... Sorry for bumping still need the answer :wave:
  4. So wich site did you buy from?
    Come on guys :( I don't think everybody's too wasted to answer :smoke:
  5. I am not europen but those nutes are so I thought that it may be of some help. I haved them with great success
  6. Basement Lighting Hydroponics and Grow Lights UK
    just ordered a light and some others
    the prices of the hardware isnt too bad duno bout the rest
    seems pretty reliable
    read a good lot of reviews on internet that were all positive
    happy hunting dooooode :smoking:
  7. that's a great site. i've known it from before but haven't ordered yet. how pricey was the shipping?

  8. weeeell i would say it was cheap but for small/medium items its not too bad

    for large items its £12
    still, it seems to be the cheapest
  9. You might want to take a look here:

    Hydroponics Online Store

    Looks like an interesting site - haven't bought anything yet, but I do have a few things in mind for later on.
  10. That's another site i'm considering :)
    I've ordered only from
    They have some great liquid bat guano that put some crystals on my buds.

    Keep them coming guys
  11. Also try googling Hydroponics and then hit the map option I was surprised to find like 8 stores in my area.Just a thought

  12. Do you still buy from them? I'm thinking of buying a digital ballast from them, but I've seen some bad reviews...Do you recommend it?

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