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  1. Sooo me and my girl are thinking bout moving to Good Ole Canada this summer, we want to go to college there, she'll study some kind of photography and I'm gonna be a teacher.. anyways! I was watching marijuana nation for the 5th time and I realized: That's where I'm going! So which place is best to toke? which city? which province?
    I wanted to go to Toronto.. just let me know! Thanks!:wave:
  2. ....:(

    Dont let me down GC.
  3. That Marijuana nation was a pretty good documentary, that did a pretty good job of not being biased. Vancouver BC is the spot, hence the term BC sticky buds. Toronto is hot too, and throughout canada the bud is super cheap compared to prices in the states $150-$250 or dank zips.

    Good luck with the Visa though, hopefully it helps you went to school there, but I think it's pretty tough to get a working visa. Not sure though
  4. Thanks a bunch man.. but why do you think it might be difficult to get the working visa?
  5. You should just apply for the college you would like to go to. Then once accepted you should apply for a visa for our northern brothers and sisters.

    Best of luck with your endeavor. Smoke some Canadian Bud for GC.I'm moving to Van-city in 2010. :smoke:
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    If you want to be a teacher I would suggest going to Nunavut. It will take some getting used to but they need teachers and the money is INSANE.

    The unnecessary in life are quite expensive as they have to get flown in but if you font mind that it would be an excellent place to look at.

    Toronto is an awesome city but so is Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton etc...

    Its definitely worth some research. Any questions PM me.

    And watch out for out military in there bright red uniforms and hats. (hahaha CNN)

    EDIT: Not to mention the potential for great photography in Nunavut.
  7. I live like 30 mins from Toronto.

    Good for bud here, usually 160 zips for good canadian bud. 200-240 for White Widow, Kush~, AK-47, named shit thats really good.

    Universities are nice also, come in the summer though.... its cold right now, plus its easier to find bud in the summer lol
  8. quebec city FTW brother

    1-Amazing looking city...of course
    2-150 CANADIAN dollars MAX for a ounce of beasters/dank


  9. You are going to pay extra for college since you are a foreign student. Be ready for something like a 20% increase even at some colleges. If you want the best bud, go to BC man, hands down the best spot in Canada. Ontario (where I live) is good to, lots of land up North that can be used for growing bud. Prices are good too, primo shit is easy to find and usually not that expensive. Laws are not that hardcore either. I never knew anyone that got caught smoking that didn't deserve to. Pretty much everyone blazes here where I live (kitchener). As long as you keep to yourself cops will not fuck with you even if your known for smoking pot. If generally the population is calm, everyone gets a break.

    What area/what colleges were you thinking about attending/moving to?
  10. Hey, firstly welcome to the city!

    Second, there lots of great places to live in Canada, it just depends what your expectations are. Vancouver is a cool place but its pretty expensive to live out there, but its so beautiful there...

    Toronto is a great city, very multicultural, and there are great universities in the Greater Toronto Area...

    Montreal is another great place if you like the french culture, very distinguished there.

    Those are just some of the major cities.

    It is a little harder than normal to get a work visa, especially in a time of recession.
  11. As somebody who has lived in Toronto: You should move to Vancouver.
  12. Well, for what? Peace, prosperity? Scenery? Or traffic/hussle and bussle/crime/etc.

    For peace and prosperity, the Praries Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta) ARE BEAUTIFUL! As well as the Maritime Provinces, Newfoundland, Prince edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.

    For the Big Cities and the like, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, and Vancouver are great places to be up in everything.

    I dont know, it all depends, they all have their good qualities and they all have their bad qualities.

    The Mountains are BEAUTIFUL though.
  13. Oh thanks guys!!! umm well... I was thinkin of movin to the Toronto area.. maybe not in the heart of the city but I do wanna be close.. I live in a hick town right now.. and dont like it.. and do I have to learn french if i go to the english side?? thanks for the help again guys.. you dont know how much of a help ya'll are..
  14. British Columbia is definitely where you want to go if anything.
    Its warmer than the rest of Canada especially Vancouver.

    Plus they are the the main province for weed, with my province of Ontario following behind, then with Quebec riding behind us but they might separate from the chain..

    But seriously, according to the documentary "The Union" 1% of all BC residences are grow-ops.
    BC is known to have some of the best weed in the world, it'd come just after California which would in turn come after Amsterdam.

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