My favorite tracker (Demonoid) got DDoS

Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. So yeah my favorite tracker to download from got DDoS.

    Sucks I use Demonoid pretty regularly.

  2. Damn I was hoping it was just updating or something.
  3. Damn, that sucks. I had an account, but didn't really use it much. I preferred pirate bay. I just had the demonoid account in case SOPA and such bills passed and all the other torrenting sites were taken down.
  4. That's fuckin shitty. I didn't use it but I know how it feels when a good site goes down. RIP
  5. sucks. haven't used torrents in a while, but hope it gets back online.
  6. That sucks good thing I use another invite only site that also does the job.
  7. That would weird if the movie and music entertainers hired kickass hackers to do some damage to their money drain.

    The Pirate Bay is my first love!
  8. did cispa end up passing?
  9. No,

    Most likely some hackers (anti pirate or not) brought the site down.
  10. Man, that avatar is a fucking jewel! I kinda fit that description myself! :eek:

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