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my favorite smoke, the honey blunt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blazed420, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. here is one of my favorite ways to smoke


    -go pick up a cigar (dutch, philly, optimo anything with an outer skin)

    -remove the outer leaf first

    -crack open the blunt remove the guts

    -add your grass

    -roll it up as you would a normal blunt

    -go to your kitchen and grab some honey, coat the inside of your leaf with a thin layer of honey

    -roll the leaf on your blunt dry it out and light it up

    take a hit for me

    this is a great way to smoke it makes your hits and fingers sweet and delicious and burns slow as hell.

    TRY IT OUT...i gauruntee you'll love it

    post back and tell me what you think
  2. yeh honey dipping is coll but i just buy royal blunt blueberry wraps, in fact ima go get one and roll a blunt...then ill smoke it :D
  3. Mmmmmm, blueberry...:hippie:
  4. thanks luke!
  5. Yeah honey blunts are fun.

    And General, personally I'd rather gut an actual cigar. Smoother smoke usually than wraps.
  6. hey man what about for swishers? can i just roll up the blunt and then dip the whole thing in honey b/c i think it would still work without having an extra leaf like dutches.
  7. so for wraps, we need 2?
  8. 2 what? :confused:
  9. no just coat it with honey lol
  10. Be careful, burnt sugar (caramel) is not good for your lungs.
  11. I tried that yesterday. my GF and I were just chillin' at her pad, We were gonna go out to an after dinner after party, but decided it may be too late.
    Anyway out of the blue we decided that we'd just hang out and chill at her place, and watch a film she rented(The Love Guru), and roll a blunt, since I had a swisher on me. It was an unflavored swisher,so we put around a gram of Indo, mixed with some catnip(for flavor and a more even burn-not to mention to stretch the stash). All the saliva in the world was not gonna close the blunt, so I just decided to use honey, which did the trick, but it was also quite sticky,(which makes an excellent seal). Despite it all, it was worth it, because the blunt did burn more evenly and slowly, plus the pot smell was masked, therefore lessening our paranoia (since we were smoking outside behind her apartment complex).
    We were both blitzed after finishing the blunt together, then we just chilled and watched the movie.
    Overall, it was a great experience, which I hope to repeat some other time, but not for a while, to minimize risk of nicotine addiction.
    Excuse the long post, but I thought I'd share my experience, since we are discussing the honey blunt.
  12. you enjoy catnips taste?
  13. lol man smoking one or two blunts won't make you addicted nicotine.
  14. Found this thread while googling about honey blunts, and all I can say is, NEVER AGAIN! I must have done it wrong or something bc mine had trouble even staying lit. Ended up just tossing the blunt. :mad:
  15. i recently started smoking honey blunts but the outer leaf always stays soggy after and never stays lit. I tried putting it in the freezer and that kind of worked. should i try to put it in the over at 300 for 5-10 minutes? would that work because they definitely last longer but im trying to find the best way to make it taste the best and last the longest. any thoughts?

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