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My favorite pickup picks from the last year----@

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. And I jizzed in my pants.. Lulz

  2. thanks i could only imagine how big the trichs are before this shit is vacum sealed twice and compacted before it gets to me

    im from boston and i have a pretty shitty camera to be honest its hard to get still pics and all the pics dont really do justice for the trichs because my hands are so shaky.

    and i wouldnt doubt it if these buds came from norcal :rolleyes:

    lol....its the postseason that matters :D

    but now that football and hockey started up i dont really watch baseball now that my boy moss is back in town :D....brady to moss ...brady to moss ... its something you hear alot :p
  3. lol Jeter has 4 rings, how many do your boys have? :smoke:

    where was Moss in the SuperBowl my man? talking all that junk and lost.
  4. I think I came :eek:
  5. Well damn. Thats some nice shit man.

  6. not much u can do with tripple coverage .... u cant throw the deep ball like it worked all seasno...people catch on thats why wes welker was so valuble for going across the midle and picking up 10 - 15 yards after catch

    we got 2 plus another one this year
  7. LOL LOL Yankees baby, Yankees.
  8. bomb ass nugs man. which was better, the moroccan or the italian hash?
  9. #29 evanjelos420, Sep 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2009
    that quick mist has my nipples so hard i'll have to iron out the imprints
  10. These are some of my favorite pictures on GC, the ssh and the piff look like they were grown awesome.
  11. damn, damn.... damn...

    all that bud looked tasty as hell
  12. That quick mist looks fucking amazing! how did it smoke?
  13. damn nice collection of pick ups +rep
  14. very nice brotha. +gray rep
  15. italian was much stronger, morrocan is more of a weak hash but nice tasting and nice meloow high not to stoney.

    the italian was stronger but the strongest i had this year was the afghanistan gold stamp hash it was black and much softer than these two. these were bricks but they were not soap thats for sure.

    a nice blunt of it
    and a few more pics





    thanks man they where both from two seperate people. the ssh was not as strong as the one i got from my old connect which was what i believe the cat piss pheno it reeked to hell. i got a few things comeing soon that will make u shit your pants when i get it :D might be a little to stinky to take pics of indoors:confused:


    lol we will seee care to make it interesting :smoke:

    like wholy shit:eek:....this stuff hits you and it reminds me alot like diesel...very stinky very just the way i like it :yummy:
  16. nice lookin buds
    i really liked the piff
    trichs were literally drippin off the mother fucker

  17. i got some more shit coming from this piff guy....once he takes the trip for me.... im paying 475 per ounce and im getting an hp of it just for myself of 3 different types of piff :D....and im not going to ruin the surprise but lets say one of these strains are extrememly rare and almost unheardof ;)

  18. Your a lucky man!! :D
  19. lets see this new stuff! :D
  20. wont be coming for a few weeks or so...i have to wait for my connect to go for the ride when he wants to. but i got other stuff from my other connects ill take pics of either today 2m or thursday maybe friday if im that busy. :D...i havent had my camera with me either ive been at my other place...maybe ill take a nice blunt cruise tonight to go get the camera

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