my father is in the DEA

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  1. I will start by saying my father has never remotely not looked out for me. Is is an awesome dad and i love him very much. But our relationship is turning to shit. After a numerous times finding out i drink and just recently that i smoke. Tensions are fried. And it is slowly pulling my family apart and it is mostly my fault. My parents are so far up my ass it is unbearable. I do not see how we can have a healthy relationship when our beliefs differ so much. I am an avid smoker and smoke pretty much everyday. I met my best friend through marijuana and my relationship with him is frayed due to my parents knowing i smoke with him. I am completely sick of it and don't know how long our relationship will be like this. I don't know how to deal with it and if i ever will. I have 20 more months of living with him and hate it more everyday. I was recently caught by him and he didn't tell my mom to avoid upsetting her. That shit can ruin relationships and its all my fault. I don't know what to do. I don't want to quit smoking or if my quality of life would improve without smoking. Because i am so inlove with it. I am writing this now but would like to keep you guys daily updated with the day to day life of a stoner living with the enemy. One love gentleman.
  2. maybe even cut back? from what it sounds like, despite how much you may hate not smoking, id either cut back alot, or stop for the time being untill things cool gotta earn trust back......Ya smoking weed may be amazing but then again its nothing to ruin a relationship with your parents.......there trying to look out for you, despite how illogical it may be......i went through the same thing (dad's not a DEA agent), but still............ Either cut back, Stop for the time being and gain trust back, or contiune doing what your doing and see what happens (which i do not reccomend), It's your life man.
  3. Take a long ass t-break.
  4. I am trying man but its going to far. I can not happily live in a house where my beliefs are so far off from what they are expected to be
  5. You probly just got to deal my dads a cop my mom and him got divorced 2 years ago and I moved with hers she's chill about weed he isn't wicked bad about it now but still is against it.
  6. Don't like where you live?

    move out.

    neither one of my parents condones the life style i have embarked on, so i dont live with them.
  7. i would just stop till ur out. U said 20 more days right? Im sure u can quit till then. It will be worth it
  8. same here, man. my parents and i believe completely different things. it's frustrating sometimes
  9. Well I actually use for medical reason and when I sat down and explained exactly why I do it with my parents and they were cool after that. I am in my mid twenties and just recently did this. They stopped breaking my balls at 18 and would make a comment every now and then when they knew I was stoned so finally one day I laid it all out after one of those comments.

    If you are just using for pleasure this probably won't help you much, because it will be hard for them to see the reasoning behind your decision. You might just have to bite the bullet man. If your parents are fine otherwise and provide for you, just give them the respect and keep it out from under their roof.
  10. I have recently made a promise to myself as well as my friends that i will go to next Friday consuming marijuana in anyway
  11. It is not your fault man. The weed is only bad to them because it is illegal. They only see it as harmful because it is classified as a drug which is stupid. But, maybe you should take a t-break or something.
  12. So where's the part about the DEA? I say scout em out a&just help some n|gg@$ out!
  13. To roughly quote iwien, it boggles my mind what some people say on here. He specifically said 20 months.. How can you confuse days with months, they don't even begin with the same letter.
  14. What you should do.

    1. Spy on your dad. Set cameras/audio bugs.
    2. Find out the huge dealers they are monitoring/about to bust.
    3. Tell them what's going on.
    4. They will be so glad they will reward you with mountains of bud and free accommodation.
  15. Go to work with him and have him show you all the weed they confiscate.

    Grab some while you're at it.
  16. Damn hope all goes well man! I am so lucky to have a tolerate mom and a dad I can smoke a fatty with...too bad my step father doesn't agree and doesn't need to know xD Great man though I am blessed
  17. You can buy weed any day of your life. But if you fuck up your relationships with the people your closest too, theres no going back. Stop for now, and start again when its absolutely safe
  18. It probably won't help matters much, but before you move out, you should try and educate him on the safety of pot, the harm created by the black market that prohibition maintains, and even though he may personally be a great guy, all the immoral consequences created by his organization.
  19. You most likely won't be able to alter his thoughts on marijuana. Just let him know that you respect him and your family enough to keep it away and out of the house.
  20. Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble but not your getting through to a DEA agent.

    Good luck OP!

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