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  1. Well, it seems that me enjoying the herb we all know and love is starting to become between me and 2 very close friends. Basically, it's the weed or them. So, it looks like I'm done with weed. :wave: I was really hoping they wouldn't mind, but apparently it bothers them that I enjoy smoking the ganj.
  2. that sucks. get some new friends :smoke:

    lol j/k that does suck though.
  3. Why are they so against it? Have they ever even tried it?
    Why cant you just smoke yourself and not be high around them?

    that just sounds retarded... "Joe, it really bothers me that you inhale mary hoo ahnna. Your hurting all your friends. Please stop this madness!"

    what gives?
  4. It seems like you're a much better friend to them than they are to you.

    If marijuana is dragging you down, or has you feeling bad, quitting is A.O.K.

    Also, what about is is turning them off so much? Are the close-minded? Have you tried speaking to them rationally?

  5. i wouldn't be tight with people so blindly illogical (if this is whats up)

    mary J will never turn her back, or raise her fist, or spread an unkind word, man....
  6. The one is against it because some of her relatives were junkies and weren't responsible at all and neglected their children. The Children got taken away, and now she has this HORRIBLE impression of weed. The other used to smoke with me and my bud all time, until he attemped suicide, and while at the shrink they told him all the anti-weed propaganda you could think of. They both think it's changed me. If it has, it's been for the better.

    I also don't smoke around them, and I even make it a point to avoid them when I'm high.
  7. there are a lot of girls out there, but there's only one mary jane.
    she never asks you to change; that's true love.
  8. By the looks of ur sig its probably not weed that has changed you but perscription drugs :(
  9. Wow seems like theyve been brainwashed. People that are ignorant about weed are just about the most annoying people to me. Its funny because if you tell me you dont smoke, im cool. But if you tell me to stop or that it ruined too many peoples lives, I wanna knock you out. fuck those self righteous pricks.
  10. Ahhh, those are just the drugs I've tried. I'm not a regular on vicodin or kpins.
  11. Thats probably a good choice. If weed is keeping you from anything you want to do, cut it out.
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    No one can speak for you or your situation becasue they are all different with different circumstances.

    I have a friend who I do consider to be my best friend. We've been friends since freshman year (about 8 years now). He's expressed his displeasure with me smoking weed a few times. And each time I told him that I do it becasue I enjoy it, it hasn't changed me in the least, and if he did a little research and tried it for himself that he would probably change his tune.

    Well he hasn't researched or tried it and I haven't quit. I know he doesn't necessarily approve but he tolerates it because we're bros and I jsut don't do it around him. That's how I know we're tight. It's give and take jsut like any relationship you'll have with anyone for the ret of your life. Once people start issuing ultimatums in relationships that's when they start to get strained, feelings get hurt, and more often than not, do not work out as originally intended.

    I know for a 1000% fact that if he came to me one day and said, "Sparticus (totally my real name, lol), I want you to stop smoking pot right now otherwise we can't be friends anymore." I'd say, "Sorry, PoPo McBuzzkill but I can't be friends with someone who can't accept me for as I am. Take it easy."

    Cuz you see, it should be devestatingly evident to anyone that in a relationship, when one person tries to change will never work out. Sure, it may for a little while but in the end it will catch up.

    And really...why the fuck would you want to be friends with someone who can't accept you for what you are??? Just cuz they had some fucked up shit happen in their lives they must insist that your life cater to theirs??? FUUUUUUUUUCK that.
  13. Quitting due to your best friends not liking it is a very bold move. Unless you live or are with these friends all the time, I wouldnt consider quititng. It would be one thing to respect that they dislike it, and not do it when they are around. But fuck that.. You do what you gotta do man but juts keep in mind that if you ask any marijuana user.. NOBODY regrets the good that mary has done for them. Idonno wtf..
    I just woke up and my new roommate is moving in. Im about to say fuck it and just smoke anyways =p
  14. I kinda know how you feel, my former best friend for years won't talk to me any longer bc I choose to smoke
  15. The herb will miss you man:(
    Maby the friends can eventualy change there mind.
    Verry wise of you though.
    Most people would say "ok. I'll quit", and just smoke behind there friends back.
    You actualy made a choice. Maby not the choice some people would have made, But you made one.
    Thats IS something to be proud of in todays world.
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    Of course I never regret what sweet Mary Jane has done for me. She's never harmed me, but I would rather keep my friends. I'll still take a toke every now and then but even still it'll be a rare occurance. I officially quit. Tomorrow's my last day smoking, let's hope it's a pleasant one. :cool:
  17. If they cannot respect your decisions than they are not your friends.

  18. I kinda feel for you that same situation kinda happened to me but I realized I wanted friends who accepted me..weed and all
  19. my friend was like that, but my herb use didnt really challenge our friendship.. but it got irritating after while, and hes never been high. one night though we all got pretty bombed and he gave into it, he tried it, and he said sorry for ever doubting me that weed is better then alchohal. haha whata night.
  20. My advice would be to smoke on the side, make it a part of your night or something. It's fun to be high at night and not have anyone notice during the day.

    Years before I met my best friend, his boyfriend overdosed on pills, he had mental problems. My friend busted his bf smoking once and thought his boyfriend stopped doing it, and I guess after he died my friend had a negative opinion of it. After I met him, he knew I smoked weed since I was so high when we met. Well after we became friends he eventually got annoyed that I smoked weed and wanted me to quit, and told me it was a waste of money. I agreed and I quit for about 11 months. But I got hooked up last Wednesday and now I'm stoned and tripping.

    Make it your personal business that you like to get high. Nobody in my family except my cousin knows I smoke weed or do any other drugs.

    It's so fun to type when you're tripping balls on DXM. I want to watch Neil Patrick Harris cry when he sees the unicorn in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

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