My fan leaves are all drooping

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  1. [​IMG] My amnesia haze autoflower is about 5 to 6 weeks old today and all the fan leaves on it are drooping the ph is perfect the humidity is at 40 i was told it should be 45% right now my temp is 27c idk what I’m doing wrong mind you I know that the plant probably looks hideous I would atleast like to attempt to save this plant as much as I can
  2. The pic didn't work......
  3. I’m so sorry about that I’m new to the sight I posted the pic in the growing gallery because I do not know how to add it to this post like I said I’m sorry for being such a dunce but if you’d take the time to look at the pic and give feed back it would be greatly appreciated because I need it
  4. Just click the 'Upload a File' button below, and find the file to upload...
  5. If you're too lazy to upload a pic (an 8 year old could), I won't be helping.
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  6. I just sprayed my whisky on the keyboard . :jump:
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  7. I’m sorry about that like I said I’m new to the sight and don’t really know how to upload anything ofc I was not looking below the text bubble I was looking at all the little buttons at the top again sorry about being slow I mentioned I was a dunce for doing so

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  8. Those look like they are under or over watered. What are you using to feed?
  9. I’m feeding it a couple of canna brand neuts I was told they were a good choice but anyway onto what they are I use 4.5ml of terra Vega 1.9ml of rhizotonic and 2.4ml of cannazym I also have been using a supplement for canna boost (bud candy) I put 1.9 ml in a 2 liter of water the in my house has a perfect ph level already I do make sure to purify the water if it’s tap just in case I am always checking ph so I don’t think it’s that but thank you for your feed back I’d like to get to the bottom of it but I’m sure that might be the start to my problems
  10. CANNA has a feeding schedule for their neuts and It’s for photoperiod so I cut the amount I use in half because I was told it’s a good start for a autoflower and then I cut that in half because I only make a 2 L batch instead of the amount on the schedule(1 gal) but ofc like I said it’s a schedule for a photoperiod
  11. So everytime you water you only give it 2L?
  12. Yes I thought it would be a good amount of water to make for one plant it’s at day 35 and I feed it as much water out of that two liters till it seems like the soil is wet enough without it drowning the plant i am making sure to be careful to overwater them All at once I think the problem is I overwater them over the week I don’t know if I should give a 2 or 3 day break in between watering I was told if the soil is dry underneath the surface by 1 inch that it means it’s time to water the plant but tell me if that’s wrong id like to get to know more efficient and effective ways to grow
  13. Yes I thought it would be a good amount of water to make for one plant it’s at 35 days in
  14. Dont know if you are watering everyday but you shouldnt be in soil. Im thinking thats the case based on you wondering if you should give breaks in between.
    You should not be watering everyday
    When you water you should be watering to runoff(water leaking out the bottom) always. 2L in my opinion is not enough.
    Are those 5gallon fabric pots?
    If so I use the same and hand water with at least 4L(20% of pot volume) each time. It usually takes 3-4 days to dry out the pot so I water twice a week normally. Every other watering is with nutrients.
    Get used to the weight of the pot when its dry pick it up and it youll get the feel for when they need water. You could also get yourself a hygrometer, they are pretty cheap. I used one the first couple weeks to help me gauge things.
  15. Thank you and no i give a 2 day break after every watering so I guess I should do what you’re saying it sounds very helpful

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