My family - ZOB Bong and Pipe

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  1. I picked up this bong from a buddy for $50...and I'm really happy with the purchase. I've only taken a couple of hits but it has absolutely destroyed me. Two diffusers with a splash guard and it has almost zero drag.

    The pipe I picked up from the local convenience store for $15. It's a straight draw pipe but it hits remarkably well.

    It's not much compared to some of the other collections on the board but it serves all the need of a college student.

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  2. nice bong man:smoke:, and interesting looking pipe you got there haha.
  3. $50!? Thats amazing! Mine baby ZOB cost x3 that. Def hits like a champ. Nice purchase.
  4. Holy shit you got a perc'd ZOB for 50 bucks? You are fuckin lucky, enjoy that glass man and take care of it because I doubt you will ever find a other deal like that
  5. nice buy
  6. wutta deal on that bong i have a rasta zob also double 8 arm percs i love it:hello: paid 250 for mine tho :(

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