My Family is so uptight

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  1. Today I woke up this morning to the ringing of my phone. I pick it up, it's my Dad, he says he has some questions about a recent bill from a gardening store and asks me what I bought soil for. I said my roommates and I invested in some thyme, mint, and basil seedlings a while back and finally got to repot them recently. He said, half jokingly, half seriously, "Well, as long as they're not marijuana plants." and I can't tell whether or not I'm supposed to laugh so I just say, "naw."

    So we shoot the breeze for a while about other stuff and ganja doesn't reoccur during the conversation. So then he puts my mom on and she brings up my sister (she lives a couple towns away from me) and is like "yeh, her new roommate and her are having some problems."

    And I'm like, "oh really? Like what?" So she tells me that my sister's new roomie had a friend over and all three of them (my sister, her roomie, her roomie's friend) were all having a good ol' conversation and having lots of fun and then all of a sudden her roomie and the friend get up and walk into the roomie's room and shut the door on my sister's face without saying a word (she was following them into her room I guess). So later she asks what the fuck that was about cuz she thought they didn't like her or something. The roomie says "oh . . . uh, look, sorry about that it's just . . . well, to be honest you seem a bit uptight, and . . . well, me and my friend went to smoke a joint in my room."

    My sister blew up and said she didn't know if she could live with a stoner and was apparently very angry. My parents said that she should move out as 99 percnet of my entire family (both mom and dad's sides) are adamantly anti-drugs, marijuana being a specific hatred of my father.

    Now, keep in mind that I am a 23 year old Ganja ENTHUSIAST and all that that entails. That soil was NOT for thyme, and yes, that IS what my family is like whenever marijuana has EVER come up in my lifetime. The fact that I ever did drugs is somewhat of a mystery even to me, but here I am, daily toker for the past year with no intention of stopping any time soon but I still have to deal with all this shit because I'm still in college and I still rely on them for alot of shit.

    Despite this, on every other aspect of life, me and my family more or less get along, we disagree on alot of things, marijuana aside, but on MOST things, I'm more or less on good terms with my parents. I love them with all my heart and will seriously do anything for them within the restraints of my conscience. But this is something that will most DEFINATELY come up in the near to distant future and I just can't even figure out a way that would not screw up my family relationship with me for good.

    It sucks because I seriously don't think they could accept me as their son if they knew that I smoked pot, but I have already resolved that I won't have any regrets about my decision to smoke daily, no matter what! I don't know even how to feel about this, but I am a little depressed and angry and confused at the same time by this and it's gotten me very concerned about the future of my familial relations.
  2. Damn bro, Sticky situation.

    I wish you the best.

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