My family is so miserable...

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    Ok so the past year i've gotten quite into raising my vibration to bring about positivity, success and happiness into my life. its affected me in so many ways. i can feel this rush of energy pulse in me all the time and it feels like im at peace and everythings great. when i leave the house, people seem to notice me and i get smiles and respect everywhere. i love it. i love everyone. i love everythingWays i've gone about doing this are meditation, having a mindset focused on letting go of negatives, living in the moment, bringing about conversation with close ones that create joy, laughter etc. The problem i face is that im 19 and live with family and they are all at such a low vibration that they live day-to-day feeling helpless, like life means nothing, like what they see on the news is happening all the time everywhere. the only time youll hear any conversation brought up other than me, it will be about feeling sick or going to the doctor or anything thats wrong in general. they will not leave the house to enjoy what life has to offer. they will wake up and watch sad documentaries on tv all day and night. i have a hard time sitting with them for 10 minutes, i can feel the energy being sucked right out of me. i feel like an ass leaving the house and living my life laughing, while they are still at home dieing in front of the box in the corner of the room it creates a progress block for higher awareness, because i live with all my family and i have to deal with them being downer all day everyday. ive tried talking to some of them, like my grandm and grandpa, telling them how negative their thinking is and they should stop feeling like life is meant to be horrible. none of them will change, its like theyre hypnotised or someshit. half the time i catch them staring at the floor just zoning out , probably thinking about how shitty there lives are.oh and btw, my family is hinduism and we are brown. im 100% canadian born, my grandparents never had a real education, and moved to this country young around world war 2 times. they are totally brainwashed by society. anyone know what i can do to get them out of this? our family could be out having fun and shit, we would be a much more loving group. instead its like they are ready to lay in a casket at any given momentSent from my iPhone.
  2. I think what you have said is quite honest, and I appreciate you bringing this up here. Higher vibrations is something to be proud of. But with that being said, I think there is a small lack of empathy for your kin. They are infected with negativity. That is all they have known for so long that that's their comfort. Knowing this, approach them more softly. Don't preach whatever you do- do not do it. Show them how happy you are and lead by example. Not by words. That was what I had to do in my family situation. I had to separate myself fully in the end because the toxicity reached physical violence. Mentally, they are stuck in their ways. Spiritually they are each on their own journey. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force her to drink. You can offer someone all the tools in the world to fix themselves, but it is up to Them to pick up and use said tools. I <3 hobbit weed
  3. Hey it sounds like I'm not alone. My fams Polish and Roman Catholic however. I've tried to help them by getting a huge black tourmaline gemstone and stuck it right in the middle of our "great" room. Dad has yet to comment on its existence...I also got them a Polish version of the Eckhart Tolle book The Power of Now. Which my dad said tell mom to read it first then I will. My mom hasn't started it yet but says she will. My moms an absolute gem of a mother though, does so much for us and shes not as much of a burden as the others. It's as if they are oblivious to what negative energy can do, they very well know of negative energy and that its not good and I remind them often that your thoughts are SO important so don't waste it on bad things. 
    The reality is you can only meditate for you, you can only self-improve yourself. I plan to get myself to a state where they realize my energy is very different from all others and maybe then they would ask me what I'm doing. Meh...Id need advice to man lol
  4. I have to say that you seem to be similar to me in many ways. Except I'm kind of like a positive beacon for my family. They think i'm being to optimistic, but I always end up proving the reason for my optimism.
    I think you should try to be like a guide. Try to show you parents what life is really about. Being high vibration means you're living a more enlightened life, although it doesn't particularly mean you can becoming more enlightened.
  5. Try to pass on your attitude...keep up the good work..Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Sounds like you have the right motivation already....
    Also your family sounds like alot of people in our modern day....

    I personally don't own a television.... don't watch or follow the news...

    As many have already said... you can't fix them....
    Yet you can continue to become yourself...and set .sn example...
    What you do will always have more impact than what you say....

    And then some people.... just don't want to be helped....
    There comes a time when you have to move on... as you already seem to see...

    My parents suck....
    I have spoken to my mother maybe 3times in the last 20yrs.... only because she showed up someplace i was....
    My father.. i have tried to speak to more... yet eventually gave that up as well...

    He eventually came to me via email looking for contact... i gave him a link to this forum and told him this was were he could find me....
    Unless he is hiding.... he isn't here.. that was a couple years ago...

    Some people we just have to let go....
    And hope that without us trying to help them...
    They learn for themselves....

    This doesn't mean you have to stop caring.. or that your situation will be like mine....
    Just that you may have to leave them to their misery... and hope the best for them....
    Hope they see how you choose to live and maybe make something new for themselves..
  7. See how much better your posts sound when they are your words/thoughts/feelings ;-)
  8. i agree with pickledpie in that, in a way im a beacon for positivity in the family. i probably look like an overly optimistic ass trying to bring laughter and positivity all the time when everyone else is like "ughhhh everything is going wrong"the hardest part for me is knowing all this stuff about mind/body health and utilizing the potential of my energy, and seeing my family remain in there miserable states, while i feel like im on top of the world. in a way i feel like im the one responsible for guiding the much needed positivity into my family, i just wish i knew how to. being optimistic and positive and telling them to not think negative doesnt do anything long lasting. all i know is when i start a family, i will bring them up with lessons of how to love and how to live.Sent from my iPhone.
  9. Honestly sounds like you have the right idea to me...
    Just need to let go if feeling responsible for how they live....
    You do not....can not make their choices for them...
    Tho you can continue to set a positive example... which is really the best you can do....

    That and like you already said... doing things differently with your own family when the time comes... who knows... maybe it will be then.... when they see you with your children.... living the way you feel is right... maybe it will be then that they see/learn what you have been trying so long to show....
    You don't have to carry them.... eventually doing so will drag you down... yet you don't have to stop caring either
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    Hon, this may not help, but it is worth a try! Get them on Omega 3!  Flax seed oil is vegetarian and a very good source of Omega 3. Omega 3, after about a month or so of use, can help lift depression! This is on the fish oil variety of Omega 3, but fish or flax, you can get the same effects!
    How Long Before Fish Oil Works on Depression to Lift Your Mood?
    Now I know you are NOT going to tell them, "I think you are all a bunch of depressives- take this pill!" So here are some very good reasons for them (and all of you reading this) to use Omega 3-
    It helps to prevent Alzheimer's! :yay:
    Eating More Foods Rich in Omega-3s May Lower Alzheimer's Risk: Study;_ylt=AsJH9r54fmLseRBNGzifY4is0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNpODM1NDMyBG1pdAMEcGtnAzc3MDA5OTYwLTk4YTctMzE4OC04OGVmLTk2YWZlZjRmYzY5YQRwb3MDOARzZWMDbG5fTGF0ZXN0TmV3c19nYWwEdmVyAzdlMTIxNGMxLTk0ZDMtMTFlMS1iZGJmLWM1NTU5OGQ0ZjhmMg--;_ylv=3
    Alzheimer's: Diet 'can stop brain shrinking'
    Omega 3 slows arthritis! :hello:  
    [SIZE=11pt]Omega-3 Fatty Acids Shown to Prevent or Slow Progression of Osteoarthritis[/SIZE]
    1 in every 8 women will get breast cancer-
    Omega-3 fats demonstrate ability to slow or stop breast cancer proliferation
    Omega -3 fatty acids prevent the medical complications of obesity, study suggests
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Against Parkinson's, Study Says
    And a couple overviews- just to rub it in!
    O-6 to O-3 ratio- Discover the Shocking Reality That Ruins Your Health More than You Think! [SIZE=10pt][/SIZE]
    How too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 is making us sick
    And a simple chart to help Mom choose healthier Omega 3-rich oils.
    Good Oils and Fatty Substances
    Hon, everything that I have posted is real and backed by PubMed studies, but I have absolutely no doubt that your parents would not understand them. :confused: :confused_2:
    Now for the fun part! What those articles DON'T tell you! Omega 3 is absolutely necessary to make the little CB1 receptors that THC (and certain bodily compounds, the endocannabinoids) activates to get you high and/or fight depression. :smoke:  A lack of Omega 3 creates "dud receptors" that can't fight depression, or get you high.  :cry:
    After about a month or so of your taking Omega 3 on a daily basis, the quality of your highs will improve! More of your CB receptors will be functional and that equals a better high! :smoking:
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    Glad I'm not alone, though I wish no one else had to experience this.
    Work... News... Eat... Hockey... Crime shows... Sleep... Rinse and repeat...
    How do you get your dad to stop drinking after he's done so for decades?  Even just a few beers, alcohol is complete poison and he doesn't seem to realize he's drinking ethanol, which is used as fuel.  And even if he realizes that, he's basically committing slow suicide which is just as sad.
    It's hard to debate things with them without my mom instinctively denying things and my dad side stepping and answering with something totally irrelevant.
    Has anybody had parents like this that later awakened?
    And thank you for the idea granny <3
  12. Long story short, sounds very similar to my family + loads and loads of arguing for the past 20 something years. Low vibrations + verbally violent.Everything they talk about is depressing, so I hang out in my room all day either sleep, playing video games or smoking weed.Best thing you can do is move out. I did it for two years and you really do start to change into a very happy person. I can't wait to move out again, it's just so hard to find motivation to make money being in such a negative environment where you just want to sleep all day.
  13. I have a similar problem in my household and from a psychological perspective its rare for a full grown adult who has lived their whole life on their own set of ideals and lifestyle to change that dramatically. Its happened, but it depends on the person. What i would do if i were you is SHOW them (if you can) what positivity can do for you. When someone is negative its hard to convince them
  14. Sounds like depression has hit home.. and there could be a million different factors. The biggest factor would probably be their diet. As tin foil hat as it sounds, if you're missing a key component in your diet, it could start a chain reaction that'll lead to a depressed state of health. Omega 3's like Granny said and vitamin D are common deficiencies that can lead into depression.. They're even saying that your microbe environments have a huge part to play in your mental state. If your family came from a family that was born in other country where generation after generation ate close to the same thing, it becomes part of you. Your family's biological construction could rely on a specific food source to provide a specific microbe population that they would only really get in levels they need in their home country. Seems like maybe your grandparents never got used to the move, possibly both physically and mentally.. which probably carried over somewhat to your parents. Being a generation out, you're better situated for life in Canada.
    Try bringing some aspects of their old life and culture into the new one as well. If they feel like they can't express themselves (their spirituality) how they'd prefer, it'll put a damper on their spirits same as it would you.
  15. Damn, that was some real talk.  Thanks for sharing OP.  Could you possibly try to bring some positive energy into their lives?  Maybe find a fun common ground?  Go out to a show together?  Family game (cheesy but social and fun)?  If not man, gotta be happy and remember everyone is free to try to improve their attitude.
  16. depression has hit home. and guess what they all do? they go to the doctor to get presciptions for prozac... i can tell them not to a thousand times and inform them about the dependance and chemical imbalances they lead to, but they think these drugs are the only fix. interesting post, granny, i personally use Omega 3 pills. 1500mg daily. they really make an incredible difference in terms of having a clear head, and allowing natural cannabinoids to make us feel good. excellent stuff. the fish tasting burps suck once the pills are dissolved though lolSent from my iPhone.
  17. Here's a trick that may work for you- store the fish oil caps in the fridge and wash them down with cold water! This keeps the gel cap from dissolving so rapidly, and lessens the "fishy burps"! :yay:
  18. Wow, allow me to extend my apologies concerning your family. On the flip side, congrats on expanding your consciousness !
    By the way, you would be right, this would be them transferring their energy to you. The lower vibrations feed off of your light.
    But anyhow.
    I suggest you have a real, sit down talk with them? Genuinely express how their negativity is affecting you, and how you would like to see your family in a state of love, light, and unity. Best of luck to you my friend
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    There is something else that might help. I'm sure as this thread goes on there'll be more and more people telling exactly the same story as you - I can myself. We all, or 99% of us, go through the same phase where we feel held back by our parents and have a hard time living with them. They seem old-fashioned and negative and hell-bent on their own destruction. Part of it is the fact that you are an adult, stuck in a situation where you are still treated like a child. They can't let go of old perceptions about who you used to be when you were four and it is frustrating and insulting, but they can't help it. Every generation feels that way at some point, and in fact it's what drives many to do better for themselves, and try to not end up like their parents. Don't judge them too harshly, we all go through feeling as you do at some point, it's a part of us wanting to establish our own character and boundaries as adults.

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