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my face gets red after i smoke

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jimboob, May 20, 2009.

  1. i've been smoking a while now, and every time i smoke i notice my face gets red, like as if i was embarresed or something. my friends notice it too so its not just me...it doesnt concern me too much, but this porky kid in one of my classes has dead blood cells in his face (i dont think its from smoking), so his face is red like mine all the time...i really dont want that happening lol...

    does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Never heard of it from smoking. Used to happen to me when I used to drink though. My face, arms and chest would get real red. I wonder if their are any similarites in what happens with blood flow between drinking and smoking? Someone else on here would probably know.
  3. From what I was told, if you're drinking alcohol and you turn red or whatever..it generally means you are allergic to alcohol. I get the same way. My face gets hot, and my cheeks turn red. blah blah blah. I was told this by my sister, and my step-dad's girlfriend. They both work at bars.

    Never heard about the redness from smoking unless you cough your ass off.
  4. well as long as its nothing permanent i dnt care...but once in a while my face does look kinda red, but i think thats acne scars from back in the day....puberty pretty much rocked my world
  5. I just read something that says marijuana increases your blood pressure. If true (which I don't know for a fact myself) then it could explain why your face is turning red.
  6. jimboob and supermonkey, im not racist or anything, but are any of you two asian? My friend who is japanese can tell when other asians are drunk because he says they have the 'asian glow'.. he says asians turn reddish when they drink, i never knew that til he told me a couple days ago
  7. Nope, Irish and Cherokee here. Look like a typical white person.
  8. I get red, and im pretty white.
  9. my face gets red as hell when im drinking, and im white btw.
    it happens once in a while when i smoke but im usually concerned about how fuckin red my eyes get
  10. no ideas for the redness after smoking but my face gets red as hell when I drink hard for a week or so, lay off a couple days, then drink a lot again. im pretty sure its a mix of alcoholism and genetic background, i.e. Irish, Scottish, and Indian (Native American) get red in the face sometimes
    I'm personally scotch-irish
  11. Yes that's true.
    im asian and im still light as fuck when i drink. only a few unfortunate ones have that glow.. i know some friends that actually take pills before drinking to prevent that
    but i think your tolerance is just low. or try smoking different strains.
  13. Sounds like you're jolly...
  14. my eyes get red after i smoke

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