my expierience with the volcano vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by tonster0161, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. volcano will probly be one of the first smoking devices i buy once im able to keep one in my house. Ive never smoked one before but ive heard good things
  2. well about .3 would fill the bag up 2 good times then one OK one. but if i was smoking on this thing by myself i would only need one bag to get nice and high so it does help with conserving weed
  3. there nice i would definitely suggest getting one if you have the money.
  4. only 2, 3 bags? really? I get like a solid 3-4 real good bags, and a few that taper off a bit. but if i stretched it all out, its 8 bags or so. Its a VAPORizer.. NOT A BURNERizer.. if its thick white and stuff, it too high up or too little herb in the container and its all used up.

    alos, after each bag, mix up the herb inside, so all of it browns evenly. dont want side sorta green and the other brown.
  5. your probably right, we were probably vaping at to high of a temp. from what i remember those two first bags would be so dense and thick with vapor. but then again my friend who brought this over did just get it a week prior to him bringing it so he probably was still getting the hang of using it,and ive never used a volcano so pretty much all of us were fairly new with vaporizing. but man i thought the thing conserved weed when we were using it improperly, now im just imagining how much more weed this thing conserves if used properly and efficiently.
  6. Good to know. I always figured if I was gonna get a Volcano that Digital is the way to go but its nice to know that the Classic is probably the better option. I've seen a lot of them decently priced on ebay
  7. ^ Thats a cool guide. What does your vaped weed look like after 8 bags? Still usuable in edibles or pretty much spent?
  8. thanks.
    i haven't really done much with the leftovers... too lazy... most likely little return...
    the leftovers are brown. i usually stop vaping right before/right after it get's this 'toasted' taste. usually around bag 5.
  9. Is it a burnt popcorn taste? If you're stopping at that point then theres most likely still some goodness left in that bud. Save it and use it for edibles!
  10. I'll definitely have to try that out. Just wondering btw, how much do you think you smoked and how much weed does it take for a good hit?
  11. we smoked around .6 to .8 between 4 people with daily smoking habits and all of us got very high. to your last question i don't really know how to answer that, try rephrasing the question and ill help best i can.
  12. i wonder how fire crackers would taste with vaped bud?

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