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  1. hey GC,this is pretty much my review on the volcano.let me start off by saying this was the FIRST time ive ever used a volcano and it was a nice was so easy to use,easy on the lungs, and it saves weed while giving you a very good and different kind of high that you dont really get when you just smoke.let me explain how the high was,it was incredible,i dont think ive ever had such a nice high before unless using edibles.the high was so clean not like a really sleepy high but definitely a really good head high i couldn't figure out if i wanted to stand up or sit down.from there the high progressed to non stop laughter at the t.v for about 20 mins.then the munchies oh god the MUNCHIES kicked in and me and my buddy pretty much cleaned out his fridge and his pantry haha.
    My conclusion on the volcano vaporizer:WORTH every penny,my buddy payed 450 for his.but IMO if this thing was 1000 dollars i would still get one it is well worth the money and you may be saying before you hit the thing "man this thing is so expensive i dont know if its worth it" but trust me after hitting that bag 3 times you will not have the same opinion on it.
    tell me what your take on the volcano vaporizer is

    peace and stay high GC:smoke::wave:

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  2. I love Volcano Vaprizers sooo smooth. They also get me extremely high.
  3. hell ya i loved it im definitely going to get one when the money is right
  4. Ive had one for over 4 years now.. just bought a 2nd one, for my other place. Both are the classics. 7.25 temp rocks!

    which one did you get? Classic or digital?
  5. i dont have one i used my buddys yesterday but it was the classic one
  6. How is the smell? Does it cut down on it a lot or is it still pretty noticeable?
  7. the smell wasn't to bad but it reeked after about 6 bags but the first couple bags didn't stink up the room to bad and it didn't get clam baked what so ever
  8. Would you say this could be used as a way to keep one's habit on the DL?
  9. ^^^ if you mean on the DL from other people who you would rather not find out you smoke, than yes it helps. Its not the most ideal way, but it cuts back on the smell. As stated after a few good bags, there will be some smell in the air, but more wispy like, it wont be a thick cloud that hits you. I would use a sploof to cover up any unwanted smell. Also, it depends on what level of temperature your using. If you use mid levels 4-7, then your ok mostly. If you use lower, not much will happen but there will be vapor, so maybe it gives off a smell of some sort. As for the higher levels, it will be apparent, b/c now the temp is getting that much hotter as well as vaping the herb more. I never need to use a sploof when I'm at home using the volcano. But if I don't want it leaving my room or soemthing, I just shut my door.
  10. I've been using a sploof I made from a 2L coke bottle stuffed full of dryer sheets but it's not doing the job because some people dropped by about 15 minutes after I smoked (in a bathroom with the door shut and window open while using the sploof and febreezing afterward) and they commented that there was a strong skunk smell in the house. lol

  11. Wiser words have never been spoken. Very true! You either decide to enjoy the very best or you decide not too.
  12. Digital vs. Classic? Do it really matter?

  13. Best when it comes to vapes is a very relative term...I have hit a volcano and would by no means say it's the's all preference and what you want a vape to do...I wanted a nice whip vape that could hit thru my bong and got a vaporbros which is abot 300 cheaper than a cano and I love it...congrats tho op canoz are deffinitely awesome and get you nice and ripped

  14. The warranty on the digital is a year shorter, there is more shit to go wrong (button sticking is a big problem), it takes longer to heat up, and it's $120 more expensive.

    Go for the classic.
  15. OK since there's a lot to answer i'll break it up.
    1. the classic in my eyes is better, because the digital isn't always exact, as well as having some more technical issues. the classic is cheaper, easier to use I believe, and has a longer warranty if needed. The digital has the upside of telling you the (somewhat ) mostly accurate reading for temp. The classic does not, hence why you play around wit hit and get used to it. Could always use a temp reader to find the temps for the numbers.

    2. Maybe the sploof was badly made, or maybe need new dryer sheets? How thick of a white cloud did you get. IF it was very thick and hard to see through the other side, its too high a temp and needs to come down. At that your point your almost combusting the herb. If its low and only a little bit of cloud smoke and stuff, sorta whispy like, and you used a sploof, AND febreeze, with doors shut, and window open AND 15 minutes went by... there is something wrong with your house, location, air flow soemthing. Did you by any chance put a towel under the door to prevent it form leaving through there?

    Idk, never needed to hide my smoking from people in my own home. I have had people over, but what I do works fine, and they never know. different for other people I guess.
  16. yes somewhat as far as the smell goes it helps but hiding the volcano is a task in itself.and its kinda noisy

  17. when i get one im going with the classic, just seems more reliable and simple and im pretty sure its cheaper
  18. ya i cant really comment on if the volcano is the best vape because its the only vape ive used but i definitely enjoyed it. and i definitely got really blazed, it was such a nice different high. it was a very different high that you dont really get from smoking. hopefully i get the chance to use a whip style vape so i can compare the two
  19. Trick #1 with getting a sploof to work effectively...Training yourself not to breathe out of your nose. consciously force all of the smoke out of your mouth.

    i wish i had a volcano...How much bud does it take to fill a bag?
  20. Well hmm..1 bag, no clue.. I know that I can get a solid 4-8 bags, depending on bud, amount, and temp out of one packing of herb. then i dump and reload. Hmm, I say about halfway up the cylinder piece, which is roughly a gram or so i think.. it really does conserve bud a lot. as for the high... i noticed originally it was different, but now im not sure. I think I need ot spend one night getting blazed off the volcano and either wait out the day, or wait till the next night and smoke out of my toro bubbler or toro gong.. then compare.

    i now want to get a whip vape.. like vapor bro. much easier to do vapor bong hits with that, then to mcgyver it with the volcano bag over the fixed stem on the toro.

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