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My experiences with hemp oil

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PositiveAttitudeMachine, Aug 6, 2012.

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    After conversing with another blade on another thread, I have decided to make a thread about my experiences with hemp oil. There may be many threads like it, but this one is mine :smoke: (;)) Hopefully it isnt too big of an issue.

    First and foremost, I do not have cancer (that I am aware of) or any other "serious" condition. I have been studying hemp oil and its benefits for some time now and decided I would try to make it and see what kind of effect it would have on the conditions I do have.

    A background on the medical issues I do have: I have severe back/body pains. The doctor suspects fibromyalgia, but we are still waiting for test results etc so it isnt official yet. For arguments sake we will just call it severe pain (this is the reason I got my pink slip to begin with). I also have intestinal issues (wont go into detail, but lots of pain, bowel issues, bleeding etc) which I am also waiting to hear back from tests, it could also be related to the fibro, so I hear. I also have severe depression/anxiety (I have been dealing with that with cannabis for years and it has done wonders, much more than any meds I took for it. I have come to terms with a lot of things and whatnot and feel like my depression/anxiety has subsided dramatically. I still get my down days and get anxious now and then but nothing like I used to). I am mostly going to take the oil to stay in good health, as well as treat those few things.

    I have only made the oil a couple times, once I used raw bud and the most recent time I used abv I was saving up. I decided to use 99%iso as my solvent as I feel it is the safest. I hadn't planned on making this thread so I didnt take any pics along the way, but I will outline my process and then update the thread with pics on my next batch. (currently awaiting Health Canada to approve my grower so that I can get plant material for true compassionate prices, instead of the so called "compassion clubs" I have dealt with).

    Here are the materials you will need:
    1) Plant material(I used abv recently so it was already decarbed. I dont use heat with my method so decarbing should be done first.)
    2) 99% iso alcohol (I used just enough to cover what little bud I had, but a general rule of thumb is 500ml/oz of flowers)
    3) Mason jar
    4) Coffee filter/very fine strainer
    5) Glass baking dish/bowl/plate
    6) Fan

    Here is the process I use:

    1) Put your bud in the mason jar. Dont grind it, break it up a bit. It should be decarbed at this point and very dry. This is very important!
    2)Cover bud in iso, just enough to cover and then a wee bit. Reference:500ml/oz of bud
    3) Shake the shit out of the mason jar. Make sure it is covered, of course. Shake for 3-5 mins.
    4) Strain into glass container. Pour the mixture from the mason jar into the coffee filter and drain into glass containter. Squeeze bud to drain liquid soaked into said bud. Some people save this bud and do a second round with it. I do not, the choice is yours, it will be less effective
    5) Leave sit to evaporate. This can vary in time depending on location of the dish, amount of iso used etc. A fan can be pointed towards the dish to speed up the process, but is not necessary. Make sure the fan isn't blowing the fumes towards any heat sources or enclosed areas

    The attached pic is what you should be left with when the iso evaps (note:There was a tiny bit of iso left at the time of this pic)

    Once all the iso evaporates, stick the glass dish in the freezer for an hour or so. This will make it easier to round up the super sticky grease-like oil (The sticky part got me thinking of adding a little flour to make it easier to handle. Since this product is meant to be taken orally, not by way of inhalation, I don't think the flour would be a bad idea, but have yet to try it.)

    At this point, you can take as small or large of a dose as your heart desires. The higher the dose, the more you will feel it.. be forewarned. Since I dont have cancer to combat, I just take a couple rice sized pieces a couple times a day, as needed.

    Feel free to comment, ask questions, voice concerns, share stories etc. I will update periodically with results and a step by step tutorial with pics. I would really like to hear from others who use hemp oil, or beginners just starting to use the oil like myself.

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  2. welcome to the club.

  3. I usually shake the jar for only 30 seconds and I do the decarb step after the iso has evaporated (I always put it outside), this also gets rid of any residual iso, but I make sure the oven door is slightly open just in case it goes wooooooof. I smoke it - it's a butt kicker.
  4. is this essentially the same as rick simpsons hemp oil? I have a small mole ive had my whole life that the doctor told me to keep an eye on. Meaning its a good chance it could develop into skin cancer when i get older and shit.
    If i could make it dissappear with weed oil and a bandaid id literally shit myself in astonishment. Its hard to believe that it works
  5. Paul man wow I'm so glad another Canadian is going down this route! In subbed and I'm planning on supplying others wot this other to see what it an do also.

  6. Essentially, yes, it is rso. Funny you should mention, I also have a mole that I decided to experiment on. I put some oil on it yesterday and covered it with a band aid. I will check on it in a few days and report with results.
  7. sweet, its also funny the last person i asked who had cbd/hemp oil said they were putting some on with a bandaid as well. Do you plan on re-applying daily for a few days at least? I could see it taking a couple weeks or something as with trying to heal any kind of scab or whatnot.
  8. Well I heard you are supposed to put one application on, cover it and leave it for 3-4 days then reapply if necessary. If it doesnt work that way, I will try a daily application.
  9. Awesome write up, so simple yet so effective.
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    I have already noticed some differences in the way my body feels for sure. The bowel issues seem... less intense. I think they would go away completely if I could get on a steady dose. I still have a but to keep me going for a few days, after that I am done til HC gets the ball rolling.
  11. So I tried adding some flour to the mix. It went from you see in the pic in the first post, a thick oil/grease, to a little ball resembling hash (pic). This has made it much easier to handle and take doses. It tastes like shit, but it works perfect.

    If you try this, do NOT smoke it. This is for oral administration only.

    Also, I haven't checked under my bandage yet to check that mole, but it is very very itchy. If you have ever had a tattoo, or even just a cut, itchyness is often a sign of healing, so we will see soon.

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  12. Yeah I think that's why when Rick did his he uses the syringe trick easier to handle the product that way. How are the let's say 'high' off this?
  13. #13 PositiveAttitudeMachine, Aug 8, 2012
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    If you take a lot, you feel it more (in my experience anyway, also seems like it makes sense haha). I tend to get very giddy, then very sleepy. I do not feel 'inebriated' or 'high', just good then tired. Keep in mind, everyones tolerance levels are different. What works for me may be too strong, or not strong enough, for others

    I heard someone say they take it a few hours before bed, so I have been doing that lately so that I don't end up falling asleep and wasting my day away.

    ..If that makes sense.

    I also tried the syringe method at one point, but it was still just too messy. so I decided to play with the flour method.
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    My experience is that the bad taste is concentrated plant tannins. (tea) There are almost as many answers to getting rid of the bad taste as there are ways to make Hash Oil. If you have the time one simple answer that I use is to make sun tea using water with your leaf or bud until the water comes clear out clear. I wash with cold water and don't actually put it out in the sun. I wash my input 6 times changing the water every 12 Hrs. (takes 3 days) You could then re-dry your input and use the recipe you published at the beginning of this thread. Your RSO should then taste more like the bud you started with. Other people use other methods most revolving around reducing the contact time of the solvent with the leaf and or attempting to work with frozen input and solvent.

    my 2 cents

  15. Thats awesome, I will give this a go next time I make it. I appreciate the input, this thread isnt necessarily just about me and my trials and tribulations, I like to think other people can use it as a reference as well. I welcome all comments, methods or criticism :smoke:
  16. Makes lots of sense haha. My dad is one of those x stoners who blame the green being the gateway drug (no point in arguing about it anymore) but if he's not really getting stonned he'd be down.
  17. So an update on the mole experiment:

    It is still there with no noticable difference. I had put two applications on it, with 3-4 days in between each application/bandage removal. I am thinking it might have something to do with the fact that I used abv in this batch (which was also ground up, I have heard grinding material when making the oil can significantly reduce potancy for some reason), so I will try some more applications when I make my next batch with fresh flowers (I am also thinking of tweaking the method I used, instead of decarbing I might make the iso mixture and then put it in a rice cooker on a very low setting to add some heat to activate cannabinoids/speed up evaporation of the iso). I cant write it off as a failed experiment until I try the new method.

    As for the actual oil (which is now a solid ball for easier application):

    Since I am still new to the oil, I am still take a small piece a few hours before bed each night. I find it slightly difficult to wake up in the morning when my alarm goes off/slightly hard to get out of 'zombie mode'. However, I have noticed a reduction in constant nausea/pains in my abdomin. I have also noticed an increase my appetite, which gives me hope of gaining some weight back (Lost about 30-35lbs in the last few months, not by choice).

    So the topical application has been a dud, but the oral administration seems to have had some positive impacts thus far.
  18. How much green are you using per batch?
  19. I have only used a few grams per batch so far because thats all I can afford. Once Health Canada approves my grower I can get ounces for cheap.

    Once that happens I am going to try a batch with a full oz (so that I dont waste 3 oz at once) and see how it goes, then if it goes well I will be making batches using 3 oz.
  20. Hemp Oil or Hash Oil? I thought Hemp was the plant without very low amounts of psychoactive materials.

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