My experiences with friendships/relationships and weed

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  1. Hello, I want to take some time to go ahead and talk about my experience that have happened over the course of my cannabis consuming "career" lol. I will start by saying I started when I was 15 years old. I got a dimebag from another freshman, I don't want to say his name obviously but I smoked it with my friend Collin. This was back in the "emo" days of 2010 lol really cringe but we ended up smoking and it only made me laugh when I got home, I don't remember it getting us high. I gave it up until the last weeks of freshman year, then I picked it up again and got super stoned on the last day of freshman year. That was the most extreme high I have ever had. Legs dragging, eyes drooped kind of high. Fast forward to 2013, I am introduced by being in class with people who smoke weed/sold weed and I bought from them/started chilling with them. Weed was appealing because I was working out a lot at the time/taking supplements and needed to sleep because I was unable too, I turned into a stoner by 2014 and was selling a few bags or more a day before school started. I started dating a girl named Jessica back in 2012 and she didn't know and wasn't around me when I got into the whole weed thing. She hated it once she found out and even went as far as strip searching me to see if I was hiding drugs from her. We broke up in 2013 and I have been on my own since. I have had friends that would act different, such as my old friends Jay and Zac, they would act like straight up dope addicts when it came to weed. Like not robbers or anything like that, but were always cutting me out of sessions even though I smoked them out before and acting sneaky. These were guys that I started in high school with and were skipping school with me. But they turned out to be dope fiends. I also had other friends like Sese, Jake, Doug and others who talked about my weed smoking behind my back to my gf and ruined our relationship (even though they smoked). Not even a pothead, but by my bestfriend Matt went behind my back and messaged my girlfriend saying that I would hurt her and cheat on her.. Literally out of nowhere. I know it is all over the place and rushed, but I will add more details and context later. Thank you for reading.
  2. So which one of them gave you your first enema???
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  3. you need to define your idea of friends more carefully you put your trust in others way too fast,
    not having a GF for 7 years is dysfuntional even fucking wierd,
    as for letting ur GF search you = get alife or forever be the pushover that only we can see
    add some paragraphs to to the above and avoid TDLR

    good luck

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