my experience with jimson weed

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  1. Ok for those of you who may not know what jimson weed is , I'll clue you in .

    It grows from a plant called the thorn apple another name for it is dutura , its a green

    spikey pod filled with little seeds that are very poisoness and deadly . Well i was 16 , when i had

    my first encounter with the pod , i was standing at a bus stop , when would of my friends

    saw me waiting , and came up to talk to me for a bit . Ok before i contiune on let me tell you

    a little bit about my friend. He thinks he's a "chemist" , and so he makes drugs or grows

    them. So like all his friends are basically his guinea pigs , including me , i know i was

    a freakin dumb ass , but i was young. Any who's I like tried a few things from him and

    none of them ever did nething to me , soo basically i thought he was a fake , and had no

    idea what he was doing . Ok back to the bus stop , well he did'nt really say much and

    then out of no were pulled this green spikey ball out of his pocket , and gave it to me

    i asked him what it was , and he said "jimson weed" , and then told me i had to eat it

    if i wanted to trip balls . I really didn't think much about it , and could see my bus

    comming so i put it in my pocket , and got on the bus . When i got home i examined it

    I remember thinking how the hell am i suppose to eat this , it's got spikes all over

    it . I did'nt have time to ask him questions about it casue of my bus was comming. soo i

    placed it on my dresser , and forgot about it . It was 3 days later i was very bored , when

    i remembered about the pod , at the time my bestfriend was living with me . So i told her

    about it , and that your suppose to eat it and then you will trip. Well we both didnt

    belive it would work , casue of were it came from , casue this dude was seriouly weird

    like i saw him pick a mushroom off the ground and eat it , like it was suppose to make

    him trip, and like how every thing i ever tooken from him never worked , But bordem

    and curiosity got the best of me . So i grabed a knife , and cut it opened inside there

    were hundreds of tiney seeds , soo it made sense now that you gotta eat the seeds.

    So i took all the seeds and put them in my mouth , i thought if i chewed them

    it would hit me faster , so after ingesting all of them about 15 mins go by and i

    went out to have a cigg , as i was smoking i went to go spit , and i couldnt i had cotton

    mouth , but it did'nt really bother me casue i'v had cotton mouth many many times.

    well i think like a hour went by , and nothing happen soo i was'nt really supreised

    considering this was'nt the first time. Well it was getting late , and i was tired so my best

    friend and i decided to call it a night. Well i awoken to the worst cotten mouth ever i was

    acullay crying casue it was soo bad it hurt , i had a beer in my room soo i chugged it

    hopping it would help , it sorta did i was also very drowsy , and passed back out.

    I awoken again this time i felt like i was gunna throw up , so i got up to use the bathroom

    when my legs gave out , now i was scared i knew i od , becasue i had od awile back on

    some pills , and my legs would'nt work . so i know now that the seeds were kicken in , i

    had to drag myself to the bathroom , and then i puked after that i don't remember what

    happen after that , but i woke up again this time i was screaming there were bugs in the

    bed !! my friend jumped up , and turn the lights on , now she had no clue that i was

    trippen , soo shes looking around on the bed , and says " sam theres nothing there" soo

    she turns the lights off , and trys to go back to sleep , all of a sudden the bugs are all

    over me , and there freakin biting soo i strart screamin again , and she turns the light on ,

    and she still dosn't relize that im halluinating , until i point one out to her , and of course

    she can't see it casue theres nothing there haha , so she starts to relize iam tripping , i guess

    she was to tired to even deal with me soo she turns the lights off , and goes back to sleep

    mean while the seeds are kicken in hard , I never halluinaited before soo this was very

    weird for me , it felt soo real i really believed these things were really going on . OK well to

    go back to the story i was sitten on the bed smoking imaginary ciggeretts , and i kept

    dropping them , and i can feel the burn from it , it was so real like , and when i would

    drop one i would freak out and try to look for it so it wouldnt burn my sheets , but they

    were never there. I also was being visted by all my friends , they just kept popping up in

    my room , they were comming out from the closet , or the mirror , one of them were

    sitting on my shelf just chillen , and i was having soo much fun just talking away to

    everyone , and they left just as quickly as they showed up . so then i saw little mice

    popping there heads out from my dressers , and also notice the floor was covered in frogs

    but then they would disapear , and then come right back , I don't know why but all i

    kept seeing were animals through out my tripp , it was pretty lame like i was hoping

    for somethin fucked up like a tripp to hell , with deamons and devils somthing that would

    scare me to death but no haha . but yea there was a whole in my ceiling and flying

    squirrels kept gliding out from it soo i decided i needed to catch one soo i grabbed

    a t-shirt . and when one would land on the floor i would throw my t-shirt over it ,

    and i remember being soo exiceid that i acaully caught one , but as soon as i lift the

    shirt up there was nothing there i was getting really angry , and decided to do something

    else , i remember talking on the phone a bunch , but really i was just talking to my hand.

    It was morning out , soo i decided to do my makeup , and kept seeing one of my old

    friends through the mirror ,and he kept asking me for a cigg soo i sat there for awile

    wondering how to put it through the mirror . by now my best friend was up i was telling her

    about the things i was seeing , and she just kept saying " go tell your mom"

    she was soo annoyed with me casue i kept her up all night will all my talking , so she

    was trying to get me to leave the room . the next memory i had was being up stairs

    and crawling into bed with my little sister , all of a sudden the room turned into the bus

    stop , and there was this bald headed guy complety naked and covered in tattoos curled

    up in the fetal potion lying on concrete at the bus stop , and there were people all around

    pointing and laughing at him , i then told my little sister not to stare at him, and then i

    got up and left the room , i then crawled in bed with my mom , and began telling her

    the things i saw , she knew i was tripping and was also being annoyed and kept telling me

    "go tell heather" ( my best friend) so i was going back and forth from my moms room

    to my room . well it was in the middle of the afternoon , and i was hanging out in the

    living room , my trip was coming in and out one minute i be fine the next i would start

    halluinating again , and theres alot i dont remember , the tripp lasted for 2 days , and i

    didnt sleep , but i only remember a few things , i also remember haveing a conversation

    with a chair i thougt it was my brother , and my sister walked in and ask me who i was

    taking to , i turned back to the chair and my brother was no longer there . yea it was a

    strange tripp it felt complety real , and lasted for 2 days but it was in and out .

    Well 2 years later i found out just how poisness the seeds were and how many people

    have died from it , that freak me out and if i were to know that before hand i

    would never even consider trying it , but i was lucky and survied . if there is

    any of you out there that wants to try it , the trip is'nt worth your life

    and for those of you who disregard the warnings and try it any way i hope you well...

    and peoples do ur reserch before you try something new , i didnt have internet avaiable
    but i should of waited to find out info from friends and such , tht could've of cost me my life . also i never took another drug from that guy again i guess i learned my lesson:)


    shit sounds crazy as hell.... I would prolly never try it, but a little part of me wants to try it:devious:
  3. I have one experience with Datura. Never ever ever ever ever again, if anyone is interested in trying this i suggest RESEARCH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN before doing it. About three years ago me and two friends wanted to get high off something, after failing to find anything in the house she remembered that she had this plant that made you trip out in her backyard called Datura. So we went to get some seeds, i think we each had about 30 seeds each, half in a tea half via swallowing them with water. After taking them I didn't remember anything for the first 7 and a half hours, it was like I woke up and I was in another world. All i remember doing was arguing with what I thought were Albino people with only top teeth and no bottom teeth, I also remember some girl with a vacuum for legs asking if I wanted to shower with her. Eventually I found all the stuff i came with (bag i-pod, headphones) and left her house. I remember walking to the bus station tripping total balls, I would see friends on lamp posts talking to me, seeing people come from out of nowhere and then disappearing the next second. It just looked so real, it was insane. Somehow I made it home safe and sound, and then crashed hard. When I spoke to the girl the following day she told me that her room was destroyed. Guess I was responsible for that ( thank god her parents were away for the weekend ) Datura is a very dangerous thing that I'll never ever touch again. Again if your thinking about doing it I suggest read some trips and research the fuck out of it. Very poisonous to, we were lucky that us three were all okay.
  4. woow man , this is probably gunna sound odd but i wish i had a trip like urs , like how everything u were seeing was warped , like i wish i saw things like that , casue eveytime i do halluinagenics i always hope that i see some fucked up stuff soo i can be inspired and put those images into art but i always have lame ones , wishful thinking i guess , but yea were lucky we survied
  5. haha dude a little part of me wants to try it again , i must be crazy but i always think tht im super man n i can do ne drug n live to tell the experiance , but i dont think i will iv been spared once i might not me tht lucky the 2nd time
  6. Seriously. I'm so happy I didn't get stopped by the cops or anything while going to the station. I wonder if they'd even look like cops? My friend said that when he was going home while on it he was looking into a house from the road and then it just got up on two legs and ran away. I also remember seeing some person biking beside me then he just started biking through the ground and disappeared into the ground.
  7. Sounds like a good trip many end in hospital or jail. A extremly toxic plant.

    Go to Erowid and read the Datura Train Wrecks and Disasters in Trip reports.

    I know I should not laugh at others but the reports are Hilarious.

    I watched my teenage friend kissing the wall of a convience store. The cops asked him what he was doing he said "leave me alone I am with my girlfriend"
    Of course the cops werent buying that so they straped him down and took him off to the Mental Hospital were he spent the next two weeks.

    Another guy I knew did not speak for three weeks he was in hospital over a month.

    Me I done plenty of tripping on many exotic things and I will never trip from Datura. Nastie side effects like inability to urinate. Vision proublems that prevent on from reading of seeing small details for days after the trip.

    Last but not least many do not even know they are tripping and will do all kinds of dangerous things.

    If you want to try Datura forget it and go over dose on benadryl or unisom sleep gels its got lots of nastie effects to but likely it wont kill you like Datura can.

  8. That was kind of hard to get through all of that, but it was a good read. You took a whole damn pod? Jesus...
  9. wow thts soo crazy , dude u r lucky not to get stoped my cops u would've been soo screwed , i had a friend who was trippen on the seed and he was walken down the street and was stoped by a cop , well my friend wigged out a kick the cop in the balls haha they arressted him , and threw him in the car while they were driving he kept telling them he was gunna kill himself he was then sent to a mental hospital , he was released when the hospital found out he was on drugs n he wasnt serious about killing himself but he was commited to a rehab

  10. Ding ding! You get the worst advice of the day award! :hello:
  11. Compared to taking Jimson weed or any other Datura species its much, much safer of course all are a pretty nastie way to try to get a buzz.

    Delirium is not fun avoid all such drugs in my opinion. Most people have no ideal how toxic Jimson weed really is. It can easily kill you.

    Please dont interpit my sarcasm as advice. Thanks for pointing that out so i could clarify.

  12. yea iv been reading around about datura storys , alot of people ended up in the hospital
    god im thnkful none of tht happen to me , yea my friends told me storys of what happen to them 2 of them were commited to a mental hospital , and another almost had his hand cut off i saw a pic of it . tht shit was nasty , he did somethin stupid i forget what it was but whatever was going on with him , he thouht it was real . its deffeinly number one on my list of weirdest drugs it was just soo real . i didnt have any side effects with it , i know for the 2 days it felt kinda like a dream or sumthin like i felt souless it just didnt feel like me idk it was weird shit man
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    I am glad your trip was not to bad. Please pardon my negative viewpoint when it come to Datura. Its just that many are not aware of the great danger when using this plant.

    There are highly advanced shamans who use the plant but it is mainly used as a add mixture to Aya brews to reduce stomach and GI track discomfort.

    The few that use it alone always have enough people (sitters) on hand to physically restrain them if necessary.

    It was also used by Amazonian tribes to discipline children (yeah child abuse)

    Thanx for posting your story you may save others from some hard lessions:)

    On a lighter note its great for Asthmatic people in a pinch the vapor from burning plant material will relieve a attach. It is also eases stomach discomfort and releives motion and sea sickness in Low non psychoactive doses. A very nice plant to look at with medicinal uses. I got me one but no tripping from it.:D

    Lots of plants in my garden

  14. hah, i understand how you didnt realise what it was at the time, but ya shoudlve researched.
    im sure youve learned your lesson though lol :)

    but to everyone who eats a toxic and deadly plant willingly? dumb as fuck.

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