my experience with grow bright carbon filters

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  1. well it worked up until the 5th week of flower now some smell is getting through. i bought a can filter problem solved. just figured i'd let u all know. i was trying to save a few buck with the grow bright but it just isn't worth it because i had to go buy the can filter anyway. just as an added bit of info the can filter uses granulated carbon where the grow bright used pellets.
  2. What size growbright did you have?

    I have the 4" and Im on my first week of flowering and this thing is already letting out too much smell. It has been installed for less than two weeks total.

    What a serious piece of crap.... Im gonna have to go out and drop some more coin on a CAN filter this weekend as well. Wish I didnt have to do this twice.....I didnt know any better,lesson learned.

    If youre considering one of these....stay away.
  3. i have the growbright 4" with 2 AK47's in flower and no smell. I have a 4" intake and a 6" exhaust. I have no smell. Did you guy's try the fan speed controller?
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  5. Foothill filters work for a reasonable price. They use the really good granular carbon to. I bought one and used it on a room I painted since my plants arnt in flower yet and it cleared it of all paint smell in mins. Of course it came back when turned off but damn it worked fast. Very quiet to on the model with a fan already installed in the flange.

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