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  1. I'm an experienced gardener and have had my success growing indoors with soil. About a month ago I gave Clonex a first try. I didn't like the product given its gel consistency but I used it anyways having read positive reviews online.

    Here's my experience with Clonex. 100% of all the clones with Clonex died, that is 15 plants dead as all rotted away in the area where the Clonex gel was applied. After that I cloned again without clonex or any other rooting agent and I had again a nearly 100% success ratio.

    That is my experience so I went to the shop where I bought it from but I didn't get a refund. The people there don't like Clonex either. So I contacted Clonex by email and provided them with the batch number. No response in over a month.

    I'm not one that negatively talks about a product online. However, the shop doesn't provide a refund and the company doesn't take the time to respond. I therefore took my time to share my personal experience with the Clonex product with others. I hope that this honest review helps some people avoid the mistake I made.

    And no, I do not work for any competitor. I tried to contact Clonex by phone but that didn't work. I then wrote them an email at and that was on February response since then.

    Be aware...
  2. That sucks man I've been using clonex for almost ten years dude. I lightley score the bottom of the stalk then dip in clonex gel. Then I put them in rockwool cubes. I start all my clones and seedlings on a heat matt. I rarely have a clone die. I think its a great product. First one I ever tried and never had to try something else. What do/did you use to start clones?

  3. That's what I heard and I therefore gave it a try. I would never just post what I posted on a forum without trying to contact the vendor first. But when the store doesn't stand behind the product they sell and the company behind the product ignores your email...

    Hopefully this negative review will give them the incentive to actually respond to my email.

    Glad that my post-Clonex clones are back to rooting. I was just hoping that Clonex would help develop stronger roots at a faster rate.
  4. I also have had nothing but sucess with clon-ex. That sucks that they never contacted you. I would also be pissed, and letting people know what happened.
  5. Same here. Been using it for years. I have no problems and great success !!
  6. Sounds like somebody can't clone ..

  7. not with the clonex that I purchased. Without it nearly a 100% success rate.

    Somebody can't communicate with their customers...
  8. Yea man. I guess just don't use clonex.

  9. Sounds like your stem rot is from your inability to clone. I think clone-x is not the issue here sir.
  10. Dude I have to agree with like every person on this thread clonex is the shiznit! I use to use Rootech and it sucks way hard compared to clonex. I've also tried Dutch Masters replicator and it sucked. And I even tried Advanced Nutrients Juicy Roots which is the worse rooting gel ever! Honestly bro, clonex does the trick every time but cloning is more than just gel you know. You have to have heat stimulation to the root zone, I use a heating mat. Then you need a tray with a dome so you can create humidity. On top of all of that you need to cut your clones with a clean sterilized pair of scissors or razor blade and instantly dip into your clonex which should be in a separate container since you don't want to be dipping your freshly cut clones into the actual jar of clonex or else you'll contaminate the whole jar. Then plant your clone in either bark rooters which are rapid rooter cubes or use rockwool. Either way you need to feed the clone something. The gel alone won't make the clone root. You need to water the bark rooter or rockwool cubes with clonex solution at 80ml per gal or use some Thrive Alive and Bloom at 1tsp per gal then water your clones. You'll have crazy roots within days. If you want even crazier roots get yourself some voodoo juice and add 2tbsp per gal into that above formula and use RO water.
  11. Clonex is the best. I've never seen roots so fast.
  12. I bought it tried it, had my first clone ever die. Bought Olivia's again, and back to 100%. I just bought this jar a couple 3 weeks ago, maybe it is a batch thing?
  13. Actually, cloning over the years Ive always had great success rates with clonex. I did have a bad batch once...I had a container that I purchased, that 6 out of 6 clones died. When I took it back, got another, and my success rate went back up to 100%

    My local store told me they have had that before with clonex, they make a great product, but hearing the stories of "bad batches" are not uncommon.
  14. I'm sure bad batches do exist, but they probably do with any product from any company. They should have responded though. Bad customer service.
  15. I have been using it for almost 3 years and it's always had 100% success rate. The only time I have ever killed clones was trying something other than clonex. MX cloning gell Is trash FYI every1
  16. [quote name='"Lay Low"']I'm sure bad batches do exist, but they probably do with any product from any company. They should have responded though. Bad customer service.[/quote]

    And yea that's very shitty of them not to respond I thought that stuff had a satisfaction guarantee?
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    Dont have a big gob of it on the clone.

    One of the cloning videos I saw said cake the clone with gel a couple inches up the stem.Thats why I used to do it.

    I now scrape excess because I to have had issues with clonex.Well maybe just gel in general.The guy at my local hydro said my soil was to wet,and if there to much gel it can in also inhibit oxygen getting to the stem which the roots need.
  18. Try organic Aloe Vera juice instead.

    Here is a very effective and simple recipe from Lumperdawgz that will blow any commercial rooting product out of the water -


    Yes on the Buddhism

    RE: Cloning Gel

    Here are the components and why they're used:

    1. Aloe Vera: Salicylic acid is a plant compound which has been used as a rooting agent for over 120 years in the nursery industry. This is the compound that's found in Willow trees which you might have run across in posts on rooting a cutting

    2. Kelp: Kelp contains the natural forms of rooting compounds that you find in commercial products, compounds like Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), 4-Chloroindole-3-acetic acid and Phenylacetic acid which are auxins (hormones - all auxins are hormones but not all hormones are auxins). These compounds perform different functions as far as facilitating root development, i.e. IAA creates the actual root sites on the cutting's shaft whereas IBA causes root elongation. All of these are in soluble form and are in an organic form vs. the versions found in Clonex, Dip-n-Grow, Olivia's, whatever.

    3. Honey: Honey contains a slew of enzymes, amino acids and also contain compounds which function as a biofungicide exactly like Aloe Vera extracts.

    So there's the basic mix but you'll need to go one step further to get this into a gel. For that you can go to Dip-n-Grow and purchase a product that they call Dip Gel which is simply an inert carboxmethly cellulose product. When it's mixed with water it becomes very thick, i.e. a gel.

    The price was around $16.00 for a pound and you mixed it something like 10 grams to a quart of water and shake it and then let it sit overnight and the next morning you have gel.

    So you would use the kelp, aloe vera to create a rooting compound to the strength you want, add the Dip Gel powder and the next morning you'll have a quart of organic, effective rooting compound. The versions used in some of the commercial rooting compounds are registered pesticides (NAA in particular which is the one in Clonex if I remember correctly).

    Add some BioAg Fulvic Acid and increase the effectiveness even more.



    To hell with giving your hard earned money continuously to the Grow Stores!


  19. Wow that's a wealth of information if it works. A lot of work if it doesn't.
  20. Oh - it works.

    The gentleman that wrote the original post hasn't been here at GC for some time now but at the time was either “Lumperdawgz” or “Clackamus Coot”, Coot is a literal genius when it came to organic gardening methods; and he would not just coach folks on what to do for any given situation, but he would take the time to explain WHY it would work.

    Any posts you can find around the GC Organics sub-forum written by either of the 2 names above would be gold and well worth taking the time to search for his posts. There are also severL “Sticky's in the Organics forum dedicated to Coots brilliant gardening knowledge.


    Ps - seriously - take the time and youll see why i am advocating his knowledge.


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