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My experience with ClearChoice Sub-Solution (OCT 2016!!!)

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Mr2Happy420, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Thank you to all who have contributed with their experiences to this thread!!! You have all been valuable resources for me as I decided to go with Sub Solution a little over 2 weeks ago. I read this thread 8 months or so go, and remembered Sub Solution. Fast forward to mid September and I get a job offer from the company i've been working at as a temp for about 8 months. Of course, as fate would have it, I had to take a drug screen, and I smoke pretty much daily multiple times... I really wanted to keep this job (it's in healthcare) and remembered Sub Solution. I googled it and instantly found the forums. I read the older posts, as well as all the newer ones. I felt quite confident in Sub Solution after reading this thread several times over several days. I then ordered Sub Solution on 9/20 and it arrived on 9/22. I knew I would need to practice getting the temp right as I figured this would be the biggest hurdle. My method was - filling up the bottle with luke warm water, and then warming it in the microwave for 5 seconds. Temp would reach between 100-102. I bought 2 pairs of compression shorts (under armour) and then would place the bottle down underneath my balls/around the taint, with temp strip facing away from my body. I tested this at least 7-8 times, usually in 45 min intervals, and also 1 hour. (testing place is only 8 min drive, and figured with 15-20 min wait, a solid 45 mins should be all I need). The temp would only drop usually between 2.5 - 3 degrees of what it was at coming out of the microwave. I used the temp strip on the bottle, which was fairly accurate, and also used a digital thermometer to check temp when I was done.

    My test date was 9/28 (LabCorp, 10 panel), and I arrived there at 10:40. Prior to arriving, I poured water in the temp bottle first, and then added the synthetic pee mixture into it. I shook this for about 1 min or so, and there were no clumps at all. Then, I heated the bottle up to 98-100 range via microwave, (temp was 99.5 when using digital thermometer). I then placed the bottle under my balls/taint and inside the first pair of compression shorts, and then put on the second pair. Again, temp strip was facing away from my body. I wore dress pants and a button up shirt. Bottle fit in there perfectly and no one would assume anything. I signed in, waited about 12 mins or so, then went to the bathroom to do this damn thing.
    Prior to going to the bathroom, they had me wash my hands, set my cell phone / keys / wallet in a little box outside the bathroom, and then shut it and instructed me to go pee.
    When I entered the bathroom, there was fan noise running (very helpful), no sink, and the toilet had the blue dye in it. I shut the door and locked it, and set the cup on the back of the toilet.

    I then immediately pulled out the bottle, checked the temp on the temp strip, and it read 98 solid green. I grabbed the pee cup, poured the Sub Solution into the cup until the necessary amount was reached. As soon as this was done, I poured the rest of the Sub Solution onto the side of the bowl of the toilet as so it wouldn't make any noise. This whole process took about 40 seconds (maybe?). As soon as I was finished, I put the bottle back in its spot, and immediately headed outside to hand the tech my pee. The temp strip on the pee cup was 96, and she accepted it. I washed my hands, told the tech thanks, and walked out. (signed a form also prior to leaving, basically the release form, had my pee temp on there, where it was being sent to via LabCorp Courier, etc).

    I reached out to HR on Monday morning (10/2) to see when my start date would be, and they said they were waiting for my Drug Screen results. Not gonna lie, I was slightly nervous at this point.
    About 5 hours later, my HR rep calls me and lets me know I PASSED, and then extends their formal offer with handbook, etc etc!!!!! Needless to say, I was AMPED.

    This stuff DEFINITELY WORKS, and I will use it any time in the future I need to take a Drug Screen.
    Excellent product that bailed me out, as I would have been SOL without this. I promised myself that if I got this job, I would come and write a review for others who have/will be going thru the same thing I did and the others who have already posted here / shared their experiences.

    P.S. I did NOT use the heating powder at all, as i've read others on here who mentioned it could be considered an adulterant, and definitely didn't want to risk it.
  2. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! Thank you Sub Solution! I was nervous as hell, took my test on Monday, followed OP’s post to a T, got the results today, Wednesday, I passed and scored the job of my dreams. I’m still in shock!
  3. Wanted to thank everybody for all the info as i passed with sub solution for high paying job. Was very nervous but walked in there followed what everyone said and passed no problem easy in and out. What i did was microwave the piss for 10 secs then tied hot hands 2 of em around the bottle and down the pants it went. Was a little hot when took it out about 102 so had to wait a sec and then poured the piss in the sample cup and the temp strip on that read perfect 98 walked out and gave it to her no problem everything checked out. Thanks everyone
  4. 10-16-2017 just got word i passed labcorp pre employment test using sub solution. As long as temp is right you will pass. Ps bring a digital thermometer. Mine was way hot had to lett cool.
  5. Used sub-solution today, which btw is no longer backed by the 200% money back guarantee. It says it is on the website but also says, "if not stated on the item when received that it is no longer guaranteed". My box did not have that guarantee. Anyway, just an FYI not really that important.
    The job I was applying for is at a pretty big hospital. I had talked to some people about the drug screen process and was told it is sent off to the lab to be tested. So I was pretty nervous because I'm a daily smoker. I once quit for 30 days and still failed a piss test. So started doing my research. Two people I know have recently within the past three months used UPass and Synthetic 5 for LabCorp tests and both passed. In the same breath I know someone who has recently failed with synthetic 5 and the story was a little sketchy so I didn't want to risk it either way. This was for a job making the most money I've ever made. So I saw this review and many others I researched and it seemed pretty legit.
    Like others, I tested the method using hand warmers, I had to tape it on the bottle because it didn't have adhesive, but it was the perfect fit for the bottle. The method that worked best for me was after taking it out of the package I immediately put it on the bottle instead of letting it heat up first. I'm female but I wore two pairs of underwear and put it in between the pairs. At 1 hour and 15 mins it was the perfect temp at 98. 1 hour 30 it was at 100 and 1 hour and 45 it was at 102. Which to me isn't too big of a deal. It seemed to cool down within a minute and a half at the most. I figured it would cool down even faster after pouring it in the test cup and putting it on the sink.
    So today was the day and 1 hour before my appointment I had the urine mixed. I used tap water that was warmer than I expected. When I put it in there the temp went right up to 98, it says room temp but that's if you decide to use the heat activator (which I did not use) so I wasn't too concerned about the temp at that point. Attached the hand warmer and put it down in my area, making sure the temp strip was facing down so it didn't touch my skin and give me a fake reading, seeing as getting the right temp is the biggest hurdle. I had practiced the day before walking around a lot. It was honestly a lot harder than I thought, maybe because I'm female? I don't know but it was super uncomfortable and felt like I was waddling. The bottle would flip on it's side sometimes and the temp strip would be touching my skin and I would have to readjust, which was going to be a big no no the day off.
    So needless to say, I was pretty fucking nervous. Just so happens I talked to someone the night before saying they know they monitor the test. So I was like I'm screwed and practiced just incase someone was in there. On the way there I realized I was going to be super early so I stopped and checked the temp strip and it was at 96. Probably arrived 15 minutes after that. At this point it had been 50 minutes since mixing and applying the hand warmer. So I stopped by the bathroom and checked one last time, it was at 98 and figured within the time I got in there and took the test it would be just right. 1 hour and 10 minutes was approximately when I took the test. Everyone I talked to lied. It was a cup that had the tester on the lid and unsupervised. Go in pull it out it's at 98 still so pour it in. Still had half the bottle, was going to try to save it but couldn't risk it after I heard how much it would slosh around. So I dumped it on the side of the bowl into the toilet. Was nervous I was taking too long because I was so jumpy and scared lol so I hurried up put some toilet paper in the toilet and went out the door. It had a weird temp strip on the side and didn't even really check it I was so nervous. Just prayed the one on the side of the bottle was correct. Pretty sure it was one that only measured to make sure it was in between 90-100. Once I was out they checked the box on the sheet that the temp was right and we waited for the results. Even though it was a "dipstick" test and not one sent to the lab, it still had four boxes on the bottom that also turned a certain color. Assuming it was checking for something along the lines of urea, uric acid, and pH possibly? They also had strips in a bottle that they could use to test for certain things but didn't use it on mine. Pee was a good color, had the right amount of bubbles, didn't smell it so don't know if it actually smelled like urine. And I PASSED! I wanted to be more help with it being sent to a lab like I was originally told but glad it wasn't to be honest and glad I passed. So I can guarantee it passes for dipstick test. Better safe than sorry.

    Few more details:

    I ordered on Oct. 13th. Did two day FedEx shipping and it arrived on the 16th.

    Also, the powder for the urine was a little hard to get out of the bottle so be careful. I put the lid back on and tapped it against the sink and then dumped it in and shook gently for about 1 minute.

    A good way to stop the slosh noise is to squeeze the bottle so the liquid goes almost all the way to the top and apply the lid. Gets all the air out, but be careful to not spill any!

    If you're not sure about whether it will be supervised or not for pre-employment, check your state laws. In mine it says they need to respect your privacy and every test I've had for employment was always unsupervised. Don't always believe what everyone tells you about the test but it is always good if you know someone who has previously worked there and knows the policies and procedures they use.

    Anyway good luck to everyone! I start the 30th and smoking a bowl to celebrate it!
  6. I understand how stories on here will sound similar as far as being nervous and getting the right temp and everything else that comes with trying o pass a drug screen with some powder and water which sounds sketchy to begin with..... but the thing that concerns me about 90% of all these post is they all seem to be applying for a job at "a big hospital"..... just seems a bit odd all these success stories are from people applying for the same job..... wtf
  7. I quit smoking and have passed every single time guaranteed. lol @ the 'big hospitals' you don't like your health care professional to be high? strangest thing. Wanna know what I find even funnier every single person I've talked to that works in the banking industry one a very close friend who is in HR all say they don't test at all not even a pre-employment screen. This is for big banks like Well Fargo down to small local credit unions.

  8. Well then don't trust the info? Idk what to tell you :huh:

    I'm the OP, and mine wasn't at a hospital. Happens that a lot using of specific thread are. Don't see anything wrong with that. If a company would go so far out of their way to submit multiple anecdotes confirming success, i highly doubt the entirety of their language and stories would be so different, buy they'd keep using hospital jobs as the job they're attempting to get.

    Make your best judgement i guess. But if synthetic urine is your only real shot, you don't have much of a choice honestly. Good luck to you
  9. Deesman, seriously, stop with the fucking spam, man. Get the hell out with that shit
  10. I'm just nervous I guess.... unlike most on here that use it for pre employment, i purchased it to keep on me for surprise randoms. That said i do enjoy hearing success stories..... i guess it just seemed a bit odd that most of the success stories I read about are about someone getting a health care job..... coincidence.... sure maybe so.... but like all of use on here our jobs are are lively hood and losing it over something as simple as catching a buzz a few times a week would be catastrophe for me.... and sure most or all people that will read this are probably thinking..... well don't smoke then..... sure that's a option, but I just can't except a company or a law stopping me from enjoying this wonderful creation of a plant a few times a week.... so after much research and investigation I purchased this product and walk around work all day with it in my pocket in case HR comes out and pulls me into a random drug test..... randoms suck!
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  11. Randoms are the absolute worst drug testing policy there is. It's assuming that all of your employees are guilty until proven innocent, ALL THE TIME! Even when you pass the random you are eligible for another one and assumed just as guilty. I agree with drug testing but in this day and age with marijuana legalization sweeping the nation and the technology to be able to run an instant test on a person right there to tell down to the hour when the last time someone used was it's inexcusable that companies are still using this archaic method.
  12. Hate that my post sounded so similar to others. I promised myself I would write my experience once it was over and done with. I've been a daily smoker for 15+ years and most of the time I give myself adequate amount of time to quit but I quit my shitty ass job and needed something quick to get a new one. To each their own, sorry all of us Health Care professionals all sound the same lol. Hopefully I'm not your nurse next go around. lol jk about that. But honestly the powder and water thing was super freaking sketchy to me but I could only find two bad reviews and most of the time those reviews weren't valid to begin with. The synthetic 5 or synthetix 5, not sure of the exact spelling and don't feel like looking it up, which I spoke of my husband actually used at labcorp and passed. His friend said she used the same thing on a random and said she failed for weed. That's why I said her story was sketchy to begin with, like you used synthetic urine and failed for weed? Doubtful but okay. But his was actually a lab test that was sent off. So just pick which one you want to go with and be done. I know for sure if I ever have another I will most definitely use this kind, my husband said he'd stick with the other which is like $30 most places.
  13. Guys,

    I took my piss test on Tuesday afternoon of last week at an urgent care. It was shipped to a lab, I still haven’t seen the results. I did everything perfect and it temp. Should I not be worried????
  14. According to everything I've read on here you should be good..... but don't be like some people on here and make a worried post about your drug screen and then not come back and post ur results..... that said u will be fine but keep us posted.... thanks and good luck!
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  15. I’m waiting haven’t slept worth shit. Have a back up gig just Incase but I really like this one. I work in construction and not applying at a hospital. Lab is quest and I will let everyone know ASAP!!
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  16. Lol..... ok good luck and thanks
  17. Did you use sub-solution?

    Please let us know the end result
  18. I did. The temp was perfect and checked off as such. Just dying to know why it’s taking forever. I took it Tuesday afternoon so with shipping it should have been there by Wednesday.
  19. Well those that are decent enough to let us know the results are all successful so I'm sure you will be fine. Most do not use the heat activator and use hand warmers instead which is my plan if a random drug test pops up on me..... how did u get urs to temp?
  20. I used the activation powder. It worked perfect. I called the 1800 number before I walked in and after to discuss.

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