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My experience with ClearChoice Sub-Solution (OCT 2016!!!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr2Happy420, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Why would you open it, knucklehead? Keep it in a cool place until the test and you should be fine.
    The powder will be fine, just practice getting the temperature down. Drug tests are very stressful but 99% of it is in your head. Everything will workout if the temp is right.
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  2. Ikr why did I open it ?! I was freaking out but you made me feel better. Thank you !

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  4. You might want to consider ordering another because in red in the instructions it says “that it is very important NOT to open synthetic sample or heat activator vials prior to use as opening prior to use will significantly decrease products effectiveness and it’s overall shelf life, also voiding its guarantee.” This is the disclaimer so your not eligible for 200% money back guarantee because product was opened prior to use. Probably ok but I’d order another kit just for piece of mind.
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  5. Hey, how long does it take the powder to dissolve? Does it have any foam on the top?
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  6. As soon as you shake it up it dissolves
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  7. I figured it was only right to do a post after reading this forum about 100 times before I took my test.

    I got a call back about a great job I was not expecting to get. After interviewing and getting the job offer i was given 48 hours to complete my drug screen. After lots of reading I decided on Sub-solution because of all its successful reviews.

    I practiced a handful of times to get the method down with a cheaper bottle of synthetic urine from my local head shop. I went with the toe warmer method for heating and the 2 pairs of underwear to keep it secure and maintain warmth. It would get it to 102 after about 40 minutes of the toe warmer being on the bottle and then I would remove the toe warmer from the bottle and put it in my pants between the pairs of tight underwear. It would maintain temperature ofaround 96-98 degrees for about an hour. I did NOT use the heat activator just to be safe.

    Day of the test I mixed the solution about 30 minutes before I left and stuck a toe warmer to it. I monitored the bottle temp on the drive and it was consistent with me practice and got to about 102. (I brought extra warmers just in case). Got to the facility, shoved the bottle in my pants. Waited about 15 minutes after checking in to be called back. Emptied my pockets and washed my hands. Was told to chose a cup and lid and not to flush toilet or use sink. Walked into the bathroom, locked the door. Toilet had blue dye in it. I Quietly took the bottle out of my pants. It read between 96-98 just like my trial runs. Filled the cup up to the marked line and dumped the rest in the toilet on the side of the bowl to reduce noise and slid the bottle back in my pants. Walked out and handed it to the nurse. She verified the temp, had me initial and date the cup and sign to do the test. That was Thursday last week. This Tuesday I followed up with my employer and they brought me in to finish all of the paperwork and they scheduled my orientation and I Got an email saying I PASSED the background and drug screen! I start Monday!

    Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to share my story and confirm to anyone who is worried that THIS STUFF WORKS. Absolutely worth the $85 investment (including shipping). I was skeptical too but like everyone else has said on here, if you get the temperature right everything will be fine. Just follow the instructions and relax. You will be fine!
  8. Well, I just ordered my second kit, came in today.... Bought the first one a little over a year ago to keep on me in case of a surprise's about to expire soon so I got a new one... It will be two years this October since they did a random but I keep this on me which is kinda annoying to do everyday but I deal with it.... It's freaking ridiculous to have to put up with random drug screens for using a plant that grows natural and less harmful then peanuts.... But anyway
    ... I'll just tote this stuff on me everyday incase the dreadful surprise comes.... So to all those that have to go thru the extra bullshit of having to carry this stuff stashed on you everyday just so you can happily use a plant and not loose your job..... Good luck! Lots of good reviews about this stuff so I feel pretty good about it..... Still nervous about it.... Loosing this job would suck..... !
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  9. Does anybody know if Sub Solution will pass a GC-MS test if the heat activator is used. I have a random GC-MS test coming up sometime in the next 2-3 weeks and I like to know if I’m totally screwed or not. I can’t believe the shit one has to go through these days to get a decent education in healthcare!
  10. First, thank you OP for creating this thread and everyone else for the comments that has continued this form over the past two years, I am so thankful I came across this forum as I recently got a new job that is paying big money and would have been crushed if I failed a drug test. My story is going to echo what many users have already shared on here, so you can choose to read if you'd like, but I found the detailed comments many left extremely helpful in the process. For starters, I am not one to make accounts to share reviews whether it's something I bought off of Amazon or any other account, I just don't usually hassle with the time. But I feel like I owe it to myself and you all to share my story to help others in the similar situation. So let me begin...

    From February 2018 - May 2018, I smoked about twice a week, usually a bowl or two. So not too much of a heavy smoker. Starting in June I got a vape pen with 95% THC cartridges and because how convenient it was to smoke on-the-go without it smelling like actual weed whether with family or out in public. So from around the first week of June through the second week of July, I smoked out of that nearly every day to get me feeling comfortably high/relaxed. Around the second week of July is when I started having interviews with this company and knew if the process were to go further, a drug test would be required. So I stopped smoking all together. Three weeks went by and I bought several home drug test kits (one from Walmart that is a 4 panel drug test, and a 10 single panel THC strips I bought off of Amazon). I'm 6'2", male, 210Ibs.

    After going three weeks, I was still testing positive. I bought Rescue Ice Detox as I figured that was going to be the only thing to help me the day of the test. I had full intentions of using that, drinking lots of water, some gatorade, as well as taking Vitamin B Complex pills to help pass. However, I became more weary after reading on other forums that some were still failing their test, and the success rate didn't seem that high. I started browsing online again on other ways to cheat the test. I then saw Quickfix and Clear Choice - Sub Solution as a pretty accurate way for synthetic urine to pass your test. After reading literally hundreds of comments/reviews, I was narrowing my choice down to SS as I was reading some comments that Quickfix didn't have all the ingredients and that it could possibly be picked up on a test that it was fake urine. Then my nerves calmed down when I came across this thread and I read every single comment everyone has left. Took me a few days to go through them all, but once I did, I went ahead and bought SS from testnegative. I was hesitant buying a product that was $75, but was feeling pretty stressed and nervous I wouldn't pass on my own, and dropping over a $100 (with shipping) felt worth it in the long run if I ended up passing.

    I ordered SS on Tuesday afternoon and purchased one day shipping, and was delivered by 3PM the next day (Wednesday). I spent Thursday evening and all day Friday preparing myself on how to sneak the bottle into the testing facility. In addition, I went to Walmart and bought a 10-pack of Hotpad hand warmers as a backup incase the heat pads that came with the box didn't get hot enough. I also bought a digital thermometer so I could have a more accurate reading of the temperature.

    Below are my results of what I did so I could feel prepared when I went in for my test on Saturday (today):
    *Note - this is what I wore on all three days and how I covered it up. I put on two pairs of compression shorts/underwear. The first pair were a bit tighter than what I usually wear, but wanted it to be that way since I heard others on here say that is what they did. I filled the clear bottle with warm water, and put it underneath my nuts, between my ass, as that was a nice pocket to store it in. I then put on a second pair of compression shorts/underwear over that to keep it in place. I then put on a pair of my comfortable blue jeans. I walked around, jumped up and down a little and of course sat down to make sure I got it in a comfortable position. The results are as follows -

    Thursday evening (8/23):
    10:35pm: 98F (used tap water, obviously a bit more than lukewarm)
    11:35pm: 97.2F
    *Note - temperature dropped about a degree, I was in the comfort of my own home, laying on my bed reading the comments on this forum to kill the time before I went to bed. My house temperature was around 76F, so heat was able to retain fairly well. I did NOT use any hot pads though. I wanted to test it with just the bottle itself.

    Friday morning (8/24) while at work:
    *Note - filled bottle up with faucet water, temp was only about 78F. So put it in the microwave until it got to desired temperature.
    9:00am: 98.5F
    9:35am: 96F
    9:55am: 95.1F
    *Note - my current job is freezing in my room, not as warm as my house was, so I figured this was the reason of the quicker temperature drop compared to when I tested it last night. Again, I did NOT use a hot pad. Wanted to test it on its own. I then decided to put it in the microwave a bit longer (in about 3-5 second intervals). I took it out and temperature read 104.7F.
    10:00am: 104.7F
    10:50am: 98.3F
    *Note - obviously I was getting a bit concerned with how quick the temperature was dropping, but tried not to stress too much about it due to it being so cold at my work, and not using any hot pads. I then decided to try out the hot pads. I put one of them on the back of the bottle (not on the temperature scale side) and rubber banned it around the bottle. Put it between my two pairs of underwear and results are as follows -
    1:35pm: 98.3F
    2:05pm: 98.9F
    *Note - It was nice to see the temperature rise nearly a degree within 30 minutes. I then put two hot pads on the bottle. Still kept the one on the back of the bottle, and then one on the front side, but below the temperature scale. Rubber banned both of them and stuck back between underwear. Results are as follows -
    2:05pm: 98.9F
    3:00pm: 102.5F
    *Note - I definitely felt more comfortable with those temperature readings. I then had to go do some work activities, so took the bottle out of my underwear, left it in my office with both hot pads on, and wrapped it around my jacket to keep the heat retained. At 4:15pm I got back to my office and uncovered my jacket and took the temperature. Digital thermometer was reading "Hi" as in it was too hot to read. So I'm assuming it was over 110F which I was surprised by. I took both the hot pads off, and put the bottle alone back in between my two pairs of underwear. I then left work and got home around 4:45pm and the temperature read 98.6F. So cooled down fairly quickly in that 30 or so minutes with the hot pads off of the bottle. Now it was just waiting till testing day (next day) to be completely ready for it.

    Before I get to my test day results, I would like to add that I was still hesitant on using synthetic urine at a testing facility in case something were to go wrong. So a week prior, I have been drinking about 2 gallons of water a day, a diet pill, and one Super B Vitamin Complex pill to help detox my system. On Tuesday (8/21) I was getting a positive result on my home drug test. Same for Wednesday (8/22). On Thursday (8/23) I had a very faint line, which would be considered negative. Friday afternoon (8/24) when I got home from work I tested again and my line was much darker, so I was feeling pretty confident I could possibly pass without using SS. I didn't drink any water for about 4 hours as I wanted a more 'dirty' urine sample instead of my samples being diluted with water. I did that and there was no line, indicating I was still positive for THC. My worries and stress came back knowing I was going to have to use the synthetic urine.

    TEST DAY, Saturday (8/25):
    My test was at 11:00am through Labcorp. I got up around 8:30am, continued to take one diet pill and a Super B Complex Vitamin pill and drank a bottle of water. Immediately after I took another home drug test since my urine would be 'dirty'. Again, no line showed, so I knew there was no way I could use my own urine. Between 9am - 10am I continued to drink lots of water, and had a light breakfast to get something in my stomach. I also opened up both hot pads I bought from Walmart. I then begun the process of filling the bottle with lukewarm water, put the clear vial ingredients in and shook it for about 30-45 seconds until I didn't see any clumps in the water. I will say, it took me off guard as I was expecting the water to be a bit more yellow, but it looked decent enough so didn't stress too much about it. I then put the bottle in the microwave a bit longer than I should have (about 8 seconds) and used the digital thermometer where the temperature read 104.6F - this was done right at 10:00am. I went ahead and put one hot pad on the back of the bottle and let it sit on my on my table for about 30 minutes.
    10:35am: 105.9F
    Since it was way warmer than I needed it to be, I decided to not stash the bottle between my underwear on the way to the facility, as I just put it in the cup holder in my car, AC on low and kept the hot pad on the back of the bottle. I brought a second hot pad with my as a 'just in case'. Facility was about 20 minutes away, but made pretty good timing and had five minutes to spare. Thankfully there was a gas station next to the facility, and I pulled over to use the restroom due to all the water I drank that morning and to also get another temperature reading of bottle.
    10:55am: 104.1F
    I took off the hot pad, went into the gas station restroom and tucked the bottle between the two pairs of my underwear as it was now or nothing.
    Walked into facility at 11:00am, and signed in. About 6-7 people in waiting room, so I became a bit worried I might be there for a while and temperature would fall quickly as waiting room was cold. I kept calm and had my legs close together to retain the heat. I was actually called back pretty quickly, ahead of some people that were there before me, but figured they must have been there for other reasons besides a UA drug test.

    Similar to what others have stated, they made me wash my hands, empty out all my pockets and take off my hat and put in a lock box. Thankfully the lady was very nice and carried on a conversation on how my day was going and just made small talk. That made me feel so much more relaxed as it calmed my nerves. She brought me a cup with a line to fill up to. Went in the bathroom that only had a toilet with blue dye in it. Was told not to flush toilet when done. Immediately unzipped my pants and pulled out the bottle. The temperature scale on the bottle read between 98F - 100F. So that quickly calmed my nerves as the temperature was spot on. I was still a bit nervous, so I quietly unscrewed the cap, emptied the bottle into cup to the required line and poured the rest of it on the side of the toilet. Put bottle back in underwear and then actually had to pee, so peed in the toilet. Halfway through my pee I stopped as to make it sound like I was filling up the cup, then after about 5 seconds continued to finish my piss in toilet. Cleaned up and walked out of restroom and handed her my cup where I was required to wash my hands again. I never saw her use a laser gun or temp gauge to read the temperature of my pee, but she then told me to go back to room and I did, so I couldn't see what she was doing, but I was only out of her sight for about about 5-10 seconds, so it is possible she could have done the temperature then. While this really doesn't mean much as every facility will probably have different experiences, but the AC in the restroom was on and did make a distraction noise, so it wasn't dead quiet. When I opened the door, she wasn't standing next to the bathroom door, she was probably 10ft away by another room.

    She finished my paperwork and I had to sign my initials on two bottles (my test was a split test) and then had to sign three other documents and she thanked me and told me to have a good day. I left, got in my car and read the paperwork that said "was temperature between 90F - 100F?" where she said "yes".

    Now this was all just a few hours ago, and told myself I would share my experience once I was back at home. Many on here said as long as temperature was within the desired range, you'll pass and be fine. So I sure hope that is the case. My background check won't be completed probably for another week, so hopefully I will know something late next week whether I passed or not. I will be sure to pass on my results when I know something.
    One last thing to note, I did NOT use the heat activator that came in the 1.5oz brown bottle as I was too skeptical since some said they failed using it, and some said they passed. I just didn't want to take that chance.

    I know this was an extremely long post, all for not even knowing my results yet, but I wanted to give as much detail as I could since that helped me incredibly when many others did that. I'm scheduled to begin my new job on Monday, September 10th... so hope to give you all some results soon. Hope this thread continues to live on so others down the road will see all the success rates with Clear Choice Sub Solution. While others said they were going to light up a big fat one now that they did their drug test, I'm going to go on the side of caution and wait till I hear back. I haven't smoked now in about a month, so if I do have to retest, I fear it may be observed if something comes back fishy with the results, and I will probably use my own urine at that time. So I will continue drinking lots of water and will roll up one when I am given the all clear.
    IF I pass, I will definitely buy me another bottle as a backup.

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  11. Hello all,

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to post about their experience / success. It has been quite anxiety relieving to know how simple the process really is.

    I use cannabis (flowers/cartridges/edibles) daily for quite a few health issues and detoxing was not an option for me for an upcoming drug test. I purchased the sub-solution and it arrived today and have a few questions, hopefully a few of you are still active here!

    Clear choice was kind enough to include two disposable heat-pads with my order. I attached one to the bottle filled with water only (to practice) about an hour ago and have been stashing/removing it from different parts of my underwear (double briefed). So far, the temperature has not exceeded 96 degrees, although the 98 degree mark has turned a dark yellow after remaining in my briefs for about 20 minutes.

    Should I be concerned about this? The heat pack supposedly retains heat for up to 10 hours, but 96 degrees seems on the low end. I do intend to use the heat activator if necessary but would prefer not to for peace of mind.

    This job opportunity is extremely important to me and it would be devastating to lose it over a drug test. Any advice / input would be much appreciated.
  12. Just received an email a few hours ago that I passed my UA drug test using SS. Quite fast since I just had it a few days ago (Saturday). I feel like saying I'm relieved is an understatement. Will definitely be buying another one as a back-up.

    Hermes333 - I never did use the heat pads that came in the box... so I can't give you much info about how hot they get. I strictly used the hot pads from Walmart. Those worked like a charm! I'd also say to warm the water in the bottle up to 96-100 degrees then use the heatpads. If use water in the upper 70s or low 80 range, it may not get up to that 98-100 degree mark.

    Smoke on y'all! :)
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  13. I'm going to be taking a test tomorrow (if i get the offer) using the clear choice incognito belt. I feel so reassured after reading all the posts on his thread. My main concern is getting the correct temp at this point & i plan on practicing with that tonight. Does any one have any experience with the premixed solution, or any tips on getting that temp correct? I'll be posting my results asap!
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  14. Yoooo! Thank you to all the pot smokers who have teamed up to endorse the "bulletproof" vest of subs. I JUST took my test and got the temp right. I have my fingers crossed and hope that I am yet another success story. Currently doing my physical and can't wait to get out of here as I'm still nervous as shit! I'll update with results as soon as I'm aware.

    Thanks guys and gals!
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  15. I am an advocate of this product!! We have regular tests in my job! It's such a backward country!! Please smoke dope in your free time we won't put you in jail for it now..... but you WILL lose your job if we find out??? So since my very first test i have been using clear choice sub solution! I honestly prefer to use it only with the heating powder, less hassle. The other thing that kinda bugged me was having to mix it myself. the first time I did I was so worried, I know its ridiculous it couldn't be easier but i just would have felt much better if it was premixed.......then
    I JUST SAW they have an upgraded version and Thank the good Lord it's PREMIXED!!! No more fiddling and hassle. Perfect they do read their mail after all haha!!!
    So, I found it while looking at this site. This site also has loads of info I have found helpful in the past! Especially my first test, I was so so nervous.

    NEW 2018 Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit - Quick Luck by Clear Choice

    boom amigos!!! Cheers to getting high! Cheers to Clear choice :hola:
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  16. has anyone had luck with the new pre mixed "quick luck" solution. Im nervous to use because I cant find any reviews on it!
  17. ANOTHER WIN for Sub Solution!!! Just did the onboarding for my new job!!!! If you are skeptical.... DONT BE, this shit just helped ya boy tremendously!

    Points of emphasis:

    1. Get the temp right

    2. I didn't use the heating solution. (I brought it as a "just in case" but got the temp right so no use for it)

    Other than that, shipping came the next day and even 30 mins earlier than predicted. FedEx's shipping tracker shows you the date and approx time you will receive your package which is pretty cool.

    I got my kit from

    Not tryna promote to much just want you all to know my exact steps.

    Lastly, mine was a 10 panel drug test.

    Happy Smoking Smokers!!!
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  18. Does this stuff have a expiration date?

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  19. Yes, it does.... I'll check the expiration on mine when I get a chance.
  20. The expiration is a year and a few months
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