My experience with ClearChoice Sub-Solution (OCT 2016!!!)

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Mr2Happy420, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Yeah that sounds about right.... bettering there self at someone else's expense. But thanks for the input.
  2. No problem. Good luck with the test!
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  3. Hello all, just wanted to check in and report another win for sub solution. A big thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread. Stats (for what it's worth) 5'10 and 230 lbs, smoked about a quarter every two weeks. For the past few years, I have been trying to get admitted into a program of study, got put on the "waiting list" for several years and got my inevitable "we're sorry" letter later on. This year was different.

    At the beginning of November, I got a notice that I had been accepted into the program. My acceptance letter said I had to complete a background check which wasn't a big deal, but I also had to pass a 10 panel drug test through LabCorp, so I quit smoking immediately. Tried all the usual bullshit, exercising, drinking water, cranberry juice, and green tea every day and was still failing at home drug tests. I knew I had to do something, and a buddy of mine who is subjected to randoms swore by this product. I purchased two, just in case I needed the other or was called back if my sample got flagged.

    I was very uneasy about the whole thing. I was hopeful that it would pass, but this was my first time subbing and I was an absolute nervous wreck. I was very fortunate that the person administering the test really didn't give a fuck. She marked my temp as good before I even took the test. A day later I got my results from the vendor my school partnered with, negative for all substances. I cannot describe what a huge relief this is.

    A few comments about the product. I did not elect to use the heating powder, instead used some toe warmers. Temp was about 100 when I poured into sample cup, cooled off to about 98 in about a minute, but I had to blow into the cup. Don't count on the toilet being cold enough to drop temperature quickly. It was sickeningly hot in the location I went to. I also tested the warming powder with a bottle of water that I poured into the empty container included in the kit. It definitely warms it up, but there were small bubbles for about a minute and a half that looked reminiscent of a carbonated beverage. Also I had some difficulty with making it bubble like real urine around the edges of the cup, and had to take a finger and swirl it around a bit. Good luck to you if you are facing the same situation. Hopefully you can keep your cool better than I did. I was very fortunate in the fact that my sample collector just didn't care. But it was a learning experience, and I will definitely be using it if the need arises in the future. Take care all.
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  4. I am a new member of the sub club. I've been blazing for 20 years and 30 days ago I got fired from my great job of 10 years due to my own unemploment. I immediately quit smoking but as of yesterday was still failing a home test. This morning I had a drug screen for a job I HAD to get. Knowing I wouldn't pass I threw a hail Mary and tried sub-solution. I was nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf but this shit worked. It passed the quick test, and specimen validity test and was not sent off for a gs/ms screen. Officially start next week. This shit literally prevented my life from falling apart.
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    Feel obligated to share my experience since all of you have helped me with sharing your info. Had a 5 panel DOT test at a major lab last Thursday. Found out about it 4 days prior. No way I was good to go. Could have denied it with out much consequences. I do not drive for a living but where I am working there are people who do so this is what test the company uses. I did hours upon hours of research on the net before I agreed because of all the positive reviews. Ordered overnight shipping and received it next day. Was mildly nervous but nothing terrible. Got to lab and there was two employees and one other person. Waited about 10-15 minutes until they called me another 5-10 minutes in a room while the employee filled out the form. Not really nervous at this point. They shut water off put blue die in toilet and was told empty pockets into a lock box. They removed all chemicals and garbage from bathroom. When the employee walked out I could tell they did not go far from the door because I watched. All of a sudden it was go time and I started shaking like a leaf. Pulled the premixed bottle of sub-solution to put the heating powder in and my hands were shaking 6"s in each direction. Got it to 96 degrees but wanted it higher maybe 98-100 but no fucking way that was happening. So said to myself fuck it Is what it is and unscrewed the top and poured it in cup because during dry run squirt top made way to much noise. Didn't even lock the door behind me because I didn't want to raise suspicion I knew they weren't opening the door. Stashed the stuff back in my jock placed the cup on the back of the bowl as instructed and opened the door to see the employee pretty much standing right there. Felt like I was being peeped hard when they came in. They checked temp poured it into two viles and they put some tape around the two jars which I initialed and they filled out some more things on computer gave me back my ID and I sweated it out till I got my new ID for my new job location today. Another win for Sub-solution. Legalize this shit already I felt like a criminal because I relax with 420. It's BS. Thanks to all the people before me with their reviews. Also heating powder does work
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  6. Yet another win for Sub-Solution! I’m now truly a believer. I purchased this product after I received a hefty corporate job offer that required a LabCorp urine drug screen prior to starting the position. I had only 48 hours to take the test and immediately began researching online to find an option that worked. After reading literally hundreds of reviews on different products and methods, I settled on Sub-Solution.

    It was sent overnight and arrived the next afternoon. Though I was very nervous about substituting my pee, especially at LabCorp, as a daily smoker I really didn’t have any other choice and went for it. I followed the directions and went in and provided my “sample”. Almost week went by while I sat at home, biting my nails waiting for my results. Then it happened. I received the call from my potential employer, congratulating me and welcoming me to the team! I can say from first hand experience that this stuff actually works! I just received my second order which I’ll be keeping on hand just in case I’m popped with a random test.

    Worth noting: I highly recommend you bring a digital thermometer (one like you put under your tongue and take your temp with when sick) and the vial of warming additive along with you to test and adjust the temp of your “sample” just before going in so that you can ensure the mixture is within the proper temperature range when you provide it to the lab. That worked wonders for me, as the temp strip isn’t nearly as accurate as the lab will be when you hand it to them. I used the stash belt they sell on their site as well, and wore it under my boxers to hide the fake pee when I went in for the test, which worked like a charm and kept it concealed and nestled nicely up under my junk. Do the same and there will be no need to worry.

    Also, I’d recommend quietly unscrewing the cap off of the bottle and pouring it into the sample jar instead of trying to squirt it out of the little pop out spout they provide. When I used the spout, it made some funny vacuum noises while I was trying to fill the cup in the very quiet room. That could have been disastrous if I hadn’t coughed to cover the gurgle from the tech that was standing at the door listening and waiting. Haha! In any case, if they accept the sample, you’re sure to pass!

    Happy toking, everyone!
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  7. Hey guys!

    Wow this post is what I've been looking for. Like many of you, I was just offered a position, but my excitement was quickly quelled when they informed me of a drug test.

    I smoke every day and since the holidays are coming up, they want me to get the drug test ASAP so I can start January 1st. Theres no chance I will pass this so last night I purchased SS. The idea that I am going to do this has my stomach in shambles, but I really do not have any other choice. I'll be sure to give updates on how I do. In the meantime, I am going to keep reading up on these posts. Give a brother some support and love. I'm scared shitless.
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  8. Has anyone had any experience testing from Quest Diagnostics in Strafford CT? This will be where I will be bringing the synthetic urine.
  9. Hey Guys....I have my test in 8 hours. I took a piss test and there is a faint line in the "test" area... very faint. Is this still considered a negative test? I need opinions fast!!!! Otherwise i'll be taking the risk with the fake piss. see the attach photo

    P.S. Im a chronic smoker. 5.5 about 170 lbs. I've been clean for like...11 days which is why this is so surprising.

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  10. I have heard even if it's just the faintest line they have to pass you..... but that is extremely faint..... I think I would plan to use synthetic urine.... sub solution has proven to be successful..... I think u would be taking a huge chance using ur own pee.....
  11. How did ur test go? Did u decide to sub or try ur luck with your own piss?
  12. Another success story here! Many thanks for your very helpful tips. I had my ecup test yesterday and got the email that I was officially hired a few hours later. I used hand warmers but was afraid they were getting too hot (was at 102) so took them off before going in. I had to wait 15-20 min before going back and temp was down to 96 even in my crotch. Added some heat activator (but not enough to really raise the temp) but it was SO quiet in the bathroom I felt like she could hear the glass bottle clinking against the container and was getting paranoid I was taking too long so figured it was close enough. Temperature was about 95 when submitted and I was a little nervous but after reading all these experiences, felt good when it was accepted and I signed off on it.

    I failed the last test I took using a masking product and didn’t have enough time to detox. I had my doubts about using this but am a true believer now and will never do another horrible detox or risk masking again. Just practice getting the temperature in range and your hiding and pouring techniques and you should be good to go.
  13. Has anyone tried the oral clear gum for saliva drug testing or any good products that could work for random saliva drug testing
  14. Hello,

    Like many others, I have got a job offer for a lot more money, but surprisingly the recruiter explained to me that I have to take a drug test. I'm a programmer not working in the health industry. So I am planning on buying sub-solution as it seems like many others have success. I smoke everyday to take the edge off from a long day of work. I cannot afford to pass up this opportunity. I have a second job offer for 10k less, but I like the second company much more.

    I would like to document my experience with this product with hope that someone finds this helpful. I would also to get encouragement.
  15. Your documentation will be appreciated. Good luck and be just be cool man :)
  16. Hello everyone, thanks for all your contributions!
    I came across this thread a few months ago and just recently gave it a good read after accepting the reality that I may indeed be subjected to some lousy D and A testing in the near future. I have had to do a test once before when working for a "high-profile" client. Back then I was fortunate enough to be going through a voluntary bud break, such an idea seems completely ridiculous to me at the moment.

    Should I be required to submit another cup of drugfree pee I plan on subbing using SubSolution. When it comes to things like this I tend to get rather worked up and anxious so I have questioned every last detail of the tests and best way of beating them when subbing or detoxing. I have done a substantial amount of research. There is one thing that I have not managed to find out though....

    This might well be a silly question but one thing that I have been concerned by recently is what kind of water, i.e. distilled / tap water / mineral / bottled, should we use to mix with the pee powder? I have assumed most people are using tap water?

    My order should be arriving soon and I am hoping to keep it as an indomitable ace up the sleeve. I am so relieved by everything I have read that I am considering the possibility that I will never have to worry about detoxing for work again!

    Once again thanks everyone for this very impressive thread. Its been incredibly useful.
  17. [QUOTE="mr840, post: 23915311, member: 1040264

    This might well be a silly question but one thing that I have been concerned by recently is what kind of water, i.e. distilled / tap water / mineral / bottled, should we use to mix with the pee powder? I have assumed most people are using tap water? [/QUOTE]

    I used spring water from a bottle - Deer Park, specifically
  18. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. I am subject to randoms done at the work place (NOT at a hospital haha), so need to be ready to go at a moments notice. I typically carry quickfix on me for when my day of reckoning comes. The primary advantage to it is that it's premixed... so i could just go in the bathroom, pop a hand warmer on it, say i cant pee, and wait 30 min for it to get up to temperature. However, i am now reading more stories of quickfix failures (i suspect due to high nitrites when they test for adulterants). After reading all of these sub solution success stories I am considering abandoning the quickfix for the sub solution, but i have a few questions.

    1) Does sub solution look like real pee and smell like real pee? Others have said it bubbles which is good. Quickfix is rather flat/devoid of bubbles, and I have heard that is something that can tip off that it's synthetic pee.

    2) Do you guys think sub solution would work in my situation where I have true randoms that require me to immediately submit a sample without any prior notice or prep time? I was thinking I could stash the kit in my undies with a pocket everyday like I do with quickfix. Im just concerned sub solution might be cumbersome, requiring me to store a bottle of water, the dry pee, etc in my undies. Nevermind having to mix it in the bathroom like im conducting a science experiment. What do you guys think... is sub solution an easy/realistic solution for someone in my situation?

    Thank you in advance to everyone who responds!
  19. First off, there is NO smell test. Or taste test for that matter. LOL. Nobody smells your pee...

    Second the kit comes with a powdered heat activator that you sprinkle into the urine sample. You might want to buy two of these kits and use one just for practice. Just so that you can get the timing And procedure down at home. They are sort of expensive but nothing compared to losing your job.

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