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My experience with ClearChoice Sub-Solution (OCT 2016!!!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr2Happy420, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. First of all, thanks for all of the info available on this site from everyone. I searched so many damn forums concerning using synthetic piss, because I had a pretty great opportunity at an initial stepping stone for my career, as I just graduated college this summer. Also, if I'm not posting in the appropriate place in the forums or if I happen to violate any rules, it is not intentional, and I'm full willing to adjust my post as necessary to abide by the rules. THIS POST IS INCREDIBLY LONG, for the purpose of going into the most exquisite detail possible about my experience.

    So I'm going to start by saying that if you're here because you are nervous as hell and need to pass a drug test that you know you can't pass normally, or if you already have submitted a sample of Sub-solution and you are frantically awaiting your results from the lab; then you need to take a deep breath and relax. I'm going to attempt to walk you through my experience in as much detail as possible in hopes that I can help a fellow stone-bone out in some way or another.

    I have read countless forums and person accounts from people regarding synthetic urine. I was hesitant to even try it, but as I stated, I needed this job. I don't enjoy paying the most money for a brand of something, but for the most part in life, you get what you pay for. I have read many success stories with other, cheaper (some very cheap) brands, but I have absolutely no clue how valid those anecdotes are or if those brands truly work. Some may have been salespeople for those brands even. And some people may even suggest I am one for ClearChoice. All I can do is provide my person experience though.

    I decided that if I'm going to spend the money and take the risk, that I might as well go all out and get the most expensive, and one of the most allegedly "trusted" brands of fake piss on the market. So I purchased my ClearChoice Sub-Solution kit from, and it arrived within about two days or ordering it. It cost me just under $85 after shipping and handling. The packaging was entirely discreet. Just a small US post office box containing the box with the kit.

    You can easily see on the internet what comes in the package, but to confirm, I received a plastic bottle that was roughly 3 oz, with a temperature strip just above the half way fill point of the bottle, and the cap was a white screw-on cap with a nozzle that flips up to release a stream of liquid out. The package also contained a very small, clear, plastic vial that was sealed with some tan looking powder completely filling it. The other item was a small, roughly 1.5 oz brown glass bottle of white powder. The package also came with very thorough instructions, and tons of extra tips on how to use the kit.

    I bought a package of whitey-tighties, as this was going to be my way to James Bond the piss into the lab. I have read some people just wearing it in a pair, right by their crotch. Others, I have heard wear two pairs, and snug the bottle in between the pairs of drawers. I tried the latter method out, and it honestly did work great. I got a size too small on purpose so that it would be a tight fit (but obviously not too tight to where it can't be worn by me). Even though this method worked great (I was running, jumping, squatting, doing jumping jacks; anything I could do to try and make the bottle fall out to test this methods reliability) I went an insane step further and literally super-glued (yes! super-glued!) two pairs together by the seams, starting down the underwear (right in the center, by the taint) I glued together a part by the taint area to create a pocket down there (glued a non-seam part going from seam to seam), and finished gluing up the seams, almost to the top of the front of the underwear.

    Now people probably won't go that far, and I agree my tactic may have been a little extreme, but I wasn't risking anything at all, and having this bottle fall out while going in to test or something. After drying, it held together flawlessly, and i could literally drop the bottle between the underwear pairs and it wouldn't fall at all, even without me positioning it. I did position it as strategically as possible when I went in for the test though. As in, I wanted it to not move at all, and be completely invisible when sitting or standing, and so I was able to transition from sitting to standing to sitting as many times as possible without the bottle moving and poking any part of my pants as if the lab techs could see it.

    I purchased a package of Hothands adhesive foot warmers from Wal Mart for very cheap. These are perfect, as they are produced to provide heat on the adhesive side, and they are literally the perfect size to fit on the bottle provided with the kit. I literally spent the entire day and the next testing out the foot warmers, testing out how long it takes for them to heat up to the right temp and how long it held the right temp. The warmers start the heating process as soon as you open the packet of 2. I would stick one to the bottle immediately, and allow the other one to heat up just resting on a table, leaving the adhesive sheets on.

    The warmer not connected to the bottle would heat up much faster (around 30-45 mins), and the one on the bottle would take anywhere from 45mins-1hour15mins. While it may seem like leaving the pad off is the way to go until you're ready, I also found that if those are allowed to heat up, and they are stuck on the bottle afterwards, the temp of the water i was using inside the bottle was going beyond 102 degrees F (not in the acceptable 90-100F range that labs accept). If I allowed the warmers that I initially stuck on the bottle to heat up all the way, it would literally stay perfectly at 98-100F for almost 2 hours.

    I started doing more time experiments, but allowing the bottle to be warmed up with a warmer while resting inside my James Bond undies, and allowing it to stay in the undies for the duration of how long it help the temps for. Doing this only made the temp of the water (warmed with a foot warmed that was stuck on the bottle immediately after opening) go up to 102 max. And while this IS out of the acceptable range, lowering the liquid 2 degrees won't be any issue. Not only is the cup they provide you to pee in only at room temp, so that will cool down the liquid somewhat, but one can even place the cup on a cold ceramic surface for a brief period of time, such as the back of the toilet, and the liquid will drop into the acceptable range.

    So after doing loads of testing for two days straight, and even waking up early the day of my testing to ensure the warmers work in the amount of time I tested, I was finally ready to give this a shot. The day of the test, i could have gone in at any time, had a 48 hour window, no appointment necessary.

    ****Something I would like to add here is that I had to also take a physical for this job. Now, I personally believe I got incredibly lucky, as I was going through a temp agency to get the job, and one location found me the job, but another, closer location for the temp agency to my home actually did my orientation. So the first location scheduled me a physical, and the closer location scheduled me a drug test at an entirely separate location. *****I am going to assume this was just a result of multiple locations scheduling me for different things, and that if I was being tested directly by a big company to go work for, the physical and drug test would be at the same facility, at the same time. ***Some places require you to get into a gown. If they don't provide you with disposable shorts and/or allow you to keep on your underwear, then I have no idea how to help you smuggle in fake pee unless they allow you to take the drug test first, before stripping down for the physical, and even if they do allow underwear with a gown, I'm not sure it will be easy to conceal a bottle. Maybe stuff it up your ass if this is the case, I really don't know, and was worried shitless before I knew I would be taking them at separate facilities. ***Also would like to say my physical was at Concentra, and they did have me get into disposable shorts, but I got to keep my underwear on, and I never had to pull the shorts down and do the whole "turn your head and cough" routine.

    So considering a testing facility will never make you wait longer than 20-30 (unless they're really suspicious of you, and are willing to waste someone's time so badly), and the warmers hold the right temp for roughly an hour and a half and can take almost an hour and 15 to heat up, I planned on having the piss mixed and a hand warmer opened and on the bottle by right around 10:20 am.

    I followed the directions to a T. I filled the water to where it suggested in the directions (some people claim powder goes in first, I'm telling you for sure the directions said water first for me, but it shouldn't make a difference either way.) I used luke-warm water as suggested, and then CAREFULLY dumped the powder into the bottle, doing it over a dry surface that would have been easy to collect the powder, had i accidentally spilled some. I gently shook the bottle for almost a minute to ensure the powder had fully dissolved and that there were no clumps in the solution. I screwed the cap on tightly, but not so tight that I might break the thread marks. I immediately opened a pack of warmers and stuck one onto the bottle. This was completed at exactly 10:20am.

    So, being the stoner I am, I ripped a few bongs to calm my nerves and prepare for the test. I dressed business casual (dress pants, button up shirt, but no tie), and I left for the facility at around 11. It takes about 15 minutes to get there, but I wanted to pull into a parking lot near the place to get myself situated and ensure proper temperatures. Due to my extreme bad luck in this world, the ONE hand warmer I chose that time happened to be sort of weak. The temp was juuuust getting around 98, and even then, I was skeptical because I had the bottle in my James Bond undies the whole time, and it may have just been reading the temp of my body. Luckily I had the other warmer from the same pack, and held it close to the bottle and allowed it to get to about 100. I held the second pack on there and finished my drive to the facility. The facility was called ArcPoint labs (and they claim to be the leading part of their industry and claim no substituted/adultered/synthetic samples can get past their screening tests...haha)

    I walked in, and as usual, the people were not very friendly, and pretty much are trained to treat you as if you are trying to cheat and are a drug user (I'm sure this happens more to young men, and even more so to young men of color, than any other demographic, but I'm just stating my experience, I'm sure not all drug testing lab techs are jerks). I walked up and was told I had a test, and handed her the form my employer handed me. She didn't even take it or look at it. She said, "sign in, and we will call you up." So I sat there for about 15 minutes, waiting with another dude in the room. He went in eventually, and the other lab tech said she would take my sheet and ID to get me started.

    After another 5 minutes, she called me back, had me empty my pockets, wash my hands, grab a cup from the shelf, and told me to go into the bathroom and not flush the toilet or turn on the sink at all. I went into the bathroom, there was no fan unfortunately to distract the noise, but I locked the door, and unbottoned and unzipped my pants in normal fashion. I pulled the bottle out of my undies, and it read at 98, pushing back to 96. Perfect temp. I took the cap off and put it in my pocket. I then whipped out James Bond Jr and proceeded to piss into the toilet (supposed to provide piss from mid-stream for a drug test). I then ACTUALLY pissed in the test cup in order to make the legit sound of piss going into the cup (even if, by some miracle, a tiny amount of THC from a tiny drop of pee remained on the side of the cup after dumping it, it would be diluted more than enough to be entirely undetectable, so as long as you pour it allll out, peeing in the cup for the sound is a good idea). Not all lab techs give a fuck, but they are trained to give a fuck and stand directly outside the door to actually hear if you are peeing and peeing in a cup. I then directed my stream back to the toilet, and bent over carefully as to keep my piss aimed at the water, and quietly poured my real pee on the side of the bowl, and right after that quietly poured my synthetic pee into the fill amount (while still peeing in the toilet for noise) and poured the rest on the side of the toilet, just like my real pee. The reason I did this was because I screwed the cap back on and was putting it back in my undies just in case they made me empty my pockets again upon coming out of the bathroom. Even if everything was in my undies though, and there was still some liquid left in the bottle, it would make a swishing sound when I walked, which was clearly audible (take note of this when practicing the position you put the bottle in at home as well). The pouring and peeing procedure has to be done relatively quickly, or in the amount of time it takes you to pee. Some people say they don't even bother peeing in the toilet and just pour it and don't care. I wouldn't risk that.

    I came out, placed the cup on the counter, and she immediately took a laser temp gun and temped the pee. It beeped, she put the gun down, and did everything else as what seemed like standard procedure. Put the lid on, had me initial and date it, and then put the sample cup into a machine, and had me write my full signature on an electronic signing pad. She said the test is being done now, and the results would be faxed to my employer within a couple of hours.

    The test was on a Thursday, and I was freaking out the ENTIRE weekend worried, reading different forums and everything I could. I made this post and wasted all the time writing this novel to let others in my position know YOU WILL BE OK!!! If the temp was right, and you used sub-solution, you will pass. The only thing I cannot confirm is if the heating powder than comes in the brown bottle works as designated. I did not even use it in normal water, so I cannot attest to how quickly/efficiently it heats up the solution, or how long it maintains that heat. Hand warmers do take much longer to heat up, but if you have that time to spare, I suggest going that route, since hand warmers can maintain the proper temp for well over a full hour. I also read on a different thread that apparently it is possible for them to either test for that powder (highly highly doubt that) or that they can tell there was some type of adulterant in it if you use the powder (seems more plausible, but I'd probably only see that happening if it was clumped in the pee, and you didn't actually get the powder to dissolve entirely before submitting your sample.

    Bottom line, this stuff has worked for thousands, and it 100% worked for me, like a fucking charm. The only thing I will say I don't agree with that the company claims is that it smells like pee (another good reason to put your real piss in the cup prior to the fake shit). My smell may have been off that morning, but I'm sure everyone's piss smells different, so idk. I also am pretty sure they aren't allowed to reject a sample based on smell, but I could be wrong.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has, and I really hope typing this novel out relieved someone's stress who is waiting for that phone call to see if they passed. If you used sub-solution and followed the temp procedure, you passed. guarantee it. I literally am always going to have a bottle on hand at all times for future employment opportunities or for random drug testing any company may do. Never quitting again for a job.
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  2. I just wanted to thank you for writing all that out. I have bought some sub-solution and am wearing an incognito belt from the same company currently, trying to practice for my test tomorrow. Your right the hand warmer thing is my biggest problem and wanted to say you calmed me down and got me focused on preparing. Good job on writing it all out, the detail was exactly what I needed.
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  3. What kind of test did they run?
  4. Non-DOT 10-panel test for me. Passed with flying colors.
  5. No problem, my dude. I read through tons, and none were really specific to my situation or anything, so I figured if adding could help someone else who felt the same way, then it's totally worth it.
  6. Alright. Thank you man!! I have a test for nursing school and I was really apprehensive using Sub Solution. Appreciate it.
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  7. Did you pass your test w/sub solution?
  8. What job position were you applying for?
  9. Do you know if the test included a nitrate screen?
  10. Thank you for posting this! I have a piss test that I have to take 1 week from today. I am a daily smoker and am fat (lol but true). There is no way I can clean my piss before then. I do have to get a physical before the piss test though. They are being done in the same facility. Since I am a female, how do you think it would work if I shoved it up my whoohaa? Wouldn't that probably make the temperature good with no heating pad? This would allow me to do the physical with no one seeing it.
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  11. Being male I don't have the ol hot pocket myself. However I would still recommend using the kit. I used synthetic urine without fail for a long ass time.

    It is this simple....
    Buy the kit, assemble the kit the morning of said test, just before you leave out the door use the microwave at 5 second intervals to get the temp of the kit to 100 to 105 degrees F, shove it into the front of your panties and secure it with duct tape (a thong is a bad idea for this.... So I hear), remember that the hand warmer will last about 2 hours if you preheat the synthetic urine to 100 to 105 F, go to the facility and relax with no shady antics, when called go in the restroom, check the temp as it needs to be 91 to 99 degrees F to pass and they check, if to hot then leave the cap off and let it cool to 98 or 99 degrees F and cap it off in the piss container they provide, take it to them and then moonwalk the fuck outta there because you just passed your piss test.

    One more thing, if the temp is under 90 degrees F you'll fail immediately. So drink the fuck out of some water to dilute your piss incase you actually have to piss incase of some problem. You'll still fail but get to retake it. Just say they told you to drink water until you could go. This was my foot method and never one time was an issue for me.

    Hope it works out and good luck.
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  12. Thank you! I found some female advice. It's good to stick it in your bra apparently. When doing the physical I should put it in my pocket and then back to my bra for the piss test. I think I got this!
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  13. I'm not really sure. I do know clear choice actually does put in very specific chemicals at very specific concentration to pass almost all screenings they do for piss. I just don't want to make claims I'm not sure are 100% true and tell you one way or another. However, i have to admit, they've won my trust, and I'd still use it if there was a nitrate screening. The place i took my test literally strictly does drug tests, so it's their job to be on top of the game with people trying to cheat, and they didn't even question my sample. Passed with flying colors. I'd trust it to pass a nitrate test
  14. Research position at a very large company.
  15. Ajroxit pretty much nailed what my response should be. You can try your hooha as your concealment tactic, but i personally would stick to the hand warmer method with 2 pairs of undies. I have heard success stories of using the pooter to hide it, but I have no experience with it "obviously", and wouldn't recommend it, as i cannot vouche for it's success or not. Let us know what you decide to do.

    And make sure you moon walk the fuck out of there after your test as suggested.
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  16. That should work if given privacy. I personally would just keep it in the bra the whole time, because I've heard of people putting it in the pocket, and then being told at random to empty pockets because it's time for the drug screen, and then they have to empty their shit out, and never got a chance to put it in the bra. Just be safe and don't act nervous though, and you should be fine. Best of luck.
  17. Good idea! I think I will sew a little pocket in an old bra so I can just leave it in there and not worry about. It will help with the nerves since this is my first time. I will report back when I hear from them on my results. Thanks for the advice!
  18. you should read this guy
  19. What about it? Very unlinkely he will pass. First of all, supplements or anything won't detox anything. That's what your liver does. Secondly, if he smokes that much, it's next to impossible to just hide it unless you dilute like crazy, and supplement the other chemicals you're diluting to make up for it. Just from sweating/working out, he will not clear his system that fast. He either needs someone's pee, or to use a synthetic kit.
  20. Hey guys thanks for all the help in getting me prepped. Read so many blogs and comments, each one making me more worried then the last. I tested today with Sub-solution and it was for a lab test. It was accepted and temp was fine as indicated on my reciept. Do you think I can finally relax now or do I still need to worry about the lab results coming back invalid?
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