My Experience With Attitude

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by wtfmang, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Well I placed my order on the 17th for some Fem GHS White Widow and got em on the 23rd! Great Stealth Fast Shipping and the freebies and the shirt are nice! I recommend them to everyone :D
  2. I used the Attitude seed bank. I ordered GHS WW and Dutch Passion Frisian Dew on Friday the 13th. The order came in the mail yesterday, the 23rd. 10 days , including weekends, is great to recieve an order originated in Europe.

    The package came with great stealth and protected well also. They messed up a little bit on my freebies though. I was supposed to get a femmed WW and also a femmed Purple Lady and instead they only sent me one femmed Skunk #1. Oh well, it is not a big loss to me, at least I got what I ordered and a sweet shirt of some crazy ass band in Sweden.
  3. Sorry to here that you didnt get your Femmed i got a sick shirt of a shop in amsterdam :smoking:

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