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  1. I just got an email today that my percolated Zumo Roor was sent back to me. I think I sent it to them 7 weeks ago today. They sent me a bottle of Grunge Off Super Soaker and a Roor poster for taking so long. Has any one else dealt with and had them take this long?
  2. Haha I like how you still have that big ass a/c on with the broken joint, tokin' away.

    Anyway, I've never had to deal with 420repair, but 7 weeks is a long ass time!!! Especially if that was your daily driver. Let us know how it looks when you get it back!
  3. Its scheduled to come back next wednesday, so I'll definitely post some pics when it comes in. It wont have the ashcatcher though, that got robbed from me a week ago.

  4. DOOD is that ashcather worth it? i was going to buy the 18mm (sticker price was 179) but i think he will go down to 155ish. I think for the 14mm it was like 149$ sticker. sorry if i got the mm's wrong
  5. The shop I went to was selling the 14 for $170, and I got him to sell it to me for $150. It was kinda steep, but its a great ashcatcher, it makes the smoke unbelievably smooth with the 4 diffused tubes. If you could talk the guy down to $120-$130, I think it would be well worth it.
  6. thats sick you got a Roor poster can we see a pic
  7. Here it is again...
    random 003.jpg

    And the guy emailed me again and said he have me a free male and bowl also, so I guess I didn't make out that badly...
  8. i meant a pic of the poster lol
  9. that repair looks pretty shitty...
  10. I'll send it nest week, haven't gotten the piece back yet.

    Haha, thats before it was repaired, i just stuck the ashcatcher into the broken joint.
  11. hey man I just send one out to them on Saturday so I was looking for some reviews on experiences people had too. You should let us know how it turns out man!
  12. Most definitely. I looked a few weeks ago, and I couldn't find a testimonial from anyone who used 420repair, so I kind of want to let everyone know the kind of work they do.
  13. So I checked the tracking number, and my piece will be at my house in a few hours. In the meantime, I have to go to work until noon, during which time I will go FUCKING INSANE because its been 8 weeks and I am sick of waiting.......Anyway, pics of the repair and free shit in a few hours.
  14. Here it is, with the fixed joint and brand new, complimentary diffuser...

    random 336.jpg

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  15. Sorry, heres the poster too...

  16. Damn that looks legit from what I can see. That's good to hear because I checked shipping on mine and it was delivered to their shop today, now I hope i don't have to wait 7 weeks to get mine back man! +rep
  17. Piece looks good, better than trashing it as most do when they inevitably get broken.

    Love the poster, nothing crazy or flashy IMO but still cool to check out.
  18. Yea, aside from the wait, I have no complaints. The repair was beautiful, It was packaged so there was NO chance of it being broken, and it even came in a nice little Roor box. And with the free diffuser, bowl, and posters, the repair was almost free.

    Hell no, I wouldn't even think about throwing it away if it was as repairable as it was. And yea, I really like the poster, I was really curious about what it would look like.
  19. If you don't mind, how much did it run you? I want to send my Little Sista in to get the joint repaired.
  20. I paid 80 bucks for an 18, I think the 14 is the same price. It goes up a little bit for bistabil(sp?) joints(which is just a little thicker.) But check

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