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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bendah!, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. A buddy and I decided to get blazed after class, so we headed down to a covered area to toke up. I busted out my pipe and packed a bowl and took the first hit, I passed it over to my buddy. He took a hit, passed it back and I took three, lol. I passed it to him again, he took a hit, he passed it back, and I took three. He took another hit, and I took three more.

    We started to walk and he was complaining that his last hit was too big and his lung was hurting. We decided to smoke more because he needed it to get ripped. So we went down to a school I know of, found a nice covered spot out of the rain and blazed up again. This time I didn't smoke any as I didn't need to, but I gave him a small bowl. He finished smoking when the bud was like half burned, but I made him finish the whole bowl and he was so FUCKED!

    He started to dance! He danced and danced, while giggling like a buffoon! He then started singing. I thought he'd officially became a retard and I was to blame for giving him THC lol. By the time he stopped he thought he'd been doing it for 8 hours straight. Shit, what a night man.

    Other than that we just sat there and discussed life and other stuff, it was cool.
  2. I cant believe you took three and only gave him one. thats not very nice.

    I find that when i pack a bowl i like to give everyone an even amount, including me, its just good karma
  3. I'm a selfish stoner =/

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