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My experience and tips using the QuickFix v6.3 belt for drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Missing Iamn2pot, Jan 6, 2023.

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    I have successfully used user Iamn2pot's dilution method for passing drug screenings three times from about 2004 to 2018 when these forums I think maybe used to be located at marijuana (dot) com. This time around I wasn't able to find those sicked posts and was a little worried. I am an every day smoker (like a lot, especially post-2020) for 20 years. Because of that, trying the dilution method with no new updates to it, and only abstaining 1 week I thought was a little risky, so I went with QuickFix Plus v6.3 substitution route. My old batch of QF was out of date (I used to work a job with random tests) where I'd use the bottle in the leg strap, so this time I went with their pre-filled pouch you wear as a belt under your clothes. Here is how it went for me and some tips I learned on the fly.

    You need a solid hour or more to get the temperature right. I didn't want to go overboard with my microwave and stopped using my 1200watt microwave after 10 seconds which still wasn't reading on the temperature strip (confirmed by a forehead thermometer that I didn't overheat it and it was still low). I then used an electric heating pad to heat it up a little more and got the large handwarmer pack going -- while checking often to make sure not overheating and/or melting the kit with the electric heating pad.

    The handwarmer took 30-45 minutes to really get going and still didn't seem that strong/warm. I couldn't really 'shake' the handwarmer like normal handwarmers where the material inside is lose. The stuff inside this seemed very densely packed and I instead gently flexed it in every spot so air could get into it to start the reaction that generates heat.

    I pressed the sticky side of the handwarmer on all over the pouch to make sure it was thoroughly stuck on there and not making plasticy, crinckly noises -- best done when the pouch and handwarmer are both warm for best adhesion. The handwarmer is larger than the liquid pouch, so I had to fold about 1/4" of the handwarmer over on each side of the pouch and really stick those down extra parts down multiple times to get it to stick and stay there. I attached the handwarmer on the same side of the thermometer strip, but not touching the strip. This way the handwarmer wasn't right against my skin, and so I could see the temperature strip as a final check before going into the lions den. You want this because it makes a 'heat sandwich' with your body on one side of pouch and the handwarmer on the other side while still being able to read the temperature strip.

    Understand how to read the temperature strip where, for example, if the green dot is on 96, it if 96F. but if there's a brown dot on 96, that means negative one degree and it's really 95F. A large air bubble in the pouch can also give you a false reading, so give the temperature strip time to adjust to being near the bulk of the liquid before reading it.

    As either the packaging or videos I saw advises, I wore the belt over a teeshirt so it didn't burn my skin -- handwarmers can get really warm and irritate the skin and I've seen it, they're not lying. The only really baggy clothes (which is suggested) I had were a zip-down hoodie, but I had a suspicion that the collection site was going to maybe make me take my hoodie off (and I was right!!!) so I wore a second matching teeshirt (both black and same size) over the first teeshirt so even if I had to take my hoodie off, it wouldn't reveal my kit.

    I've seen some videos where the persons wears the pack in the small of their back and runs the hose under their nether regions to the front, but I wore it in the front as seen on other videos. If in the back, you can't really see it do one last final temp check before heading in for the test and taking it off/messing around with it might lower the temperature and might be more diffcult to get everything set up correctly while in your vehicle in a parking lot. Bringing an instant read thermometer might make the wear on the small of your back more feasible if you'd like to confirm the temperature before going inside. I wore this kit just above my beltline and tightened the kits belt (not my normal belt) just enough to help keep it flat. My inner shirt was tucked tight, and my outer shirt was tucked too, but more loosely so the bulge of the pack wasn't as noticeable above my belt line. If I had my shirt tucked really tight you could clearly see an odd bulge. Also, baggy clothing helps hold more heat in than tight tight clothing. I made sure the hose wasn't dangling down far as the hose and clamps might look suspicious on your inner thigh almost down to my knee. I instead looped the hose back up to under my belt, elastic line of my boxer shorts, and belt line of the kit to use all of them to help hold it in place.

    I am in cold weather environment in the winter, so I made sure to start and warm up my vehicle before I left for the collection site. I should have worn gloves when outside and driving the car as I have poor circulation in my fingers, my hands were cold. I didn't like that because it made it harder to work quickly and silently during the sample collection, and also, I was afraid my cold hands would cool down the collection cup, so I did what I could while I was waiting to be called to warm my hands without looking suspicious.

    I had the temperature strip at about 96F or 97F when I left home, but I think it maybe got up to 98F with my shirts, hoodie, jacket, and heat blasting in the car ride when I last checked it. One in the bathroom of the collection site, it was clearly at 98, nice!

    At the collection site, I was forced to remove my jacket, empty my pockets, and remove my hoodie. I was a little worried and surprised about the hoodie part, but luckily I was smart by wearing a second shirt over the first shirt and the kit. If the collection person noticed I had 2 teeshirts on, I worry I might have had to take the 2nd one off too, but luckily they were the same color (black) and I don't think she noticed. If I need to do this again I'll wear this kit against my bare skin. I don't care about the burn/discomfort if it will only be for a little while.

    After my pockets were empty she wanted me to pat down my front and back pants pockets. On the collection cup, she marked a line with a sharpie which I think was about 2.5 to 3 OZ based on how much QuickFix I had left in the pouch and being good at visualizing 3D volumes. That makes sense as I know many tests are requiring more than 2 OZ, which was more common in the 2000's and early 2010's. I understand that asking for 3 oz is a way of making it more difficult to smuggle in substitution samples by requiring more volume and more volume to hide. Women really have the advantage here, I am jealous.

    My kit had two, white, plastic clamps on the hose and a small red plug/stopper/cork-like thing at the end of the hose. The stopper was in really hard and I had a difficult time taking it off which burned about 10-15 seconds at the start of the sample collection. I suggest making sure the stopper isn't super-tight as the two clamps seem to do their jobs. For the clamps, I suggest you practice with one clamp -- the one farthest from the pouch (so no liquid comes out) to learn to both open and close it silently, especially in a small room that echos. That's something I didn't think about, and when both opening one and closing one of two clamps I inadvertently made a small little button-snapping sound. Also, in a practice run, I learned to be careful inserting the hose into the sample cup as that can make sound if you're not careful or rushing. Know that the collection person is outside the door being nosy and listening to your every move.

    Holding the hose in cup with one hand and undoing the camps with the other, the cup started to fill. I was able to carefully close the clamps at the desired level and then put the stopper back in to prevent any remaining dribble coming out. I then re-coiled the hose back up under my belt line. Closing the clamps can make noise too, so again be careful, but they can also be closed silently. Practice this.

    Just as I was wrapping it up, I heard a knock on the door and she was asking how it was going. WTF, I had only be in there 60 or 70 seconds tops. I was moving efficiently and had practiced this the night before -- only without draining out the liquid from the pouch.

    I filled well above the required line on the collection cup with the idea of in case the temperature of the synthetic urine in the pouch was kinda low, say only 90F to 94F and the only room temperature cup lowed the liquids' temperature, that filling the cup with more liquid would take more time to cool down the liquid and more apt to stay within the 90F to 100F required range.

    The color of the sample, me only needing about 60-70 seconds, having the temperature spot on, and the color matching a typical person's urine early in the AM (about 9 in the morning) I think helped make the sample appear legit even though I was nervous AF. The collector said something like 'good' when noticing the temperature strip on the cup. I unfortunately didn't see the exact temperature on the cup, but knew it was good as I was seeing colors on the strip which also goes from 90 to 100 just like on the QuickFix pouch.

    I am anxiously awaiting the test results results, but I'm trusting the quick fix.

    I almost got caught if you're only allowed one layer of shirt on your body and I don't think the collection person noticed I had two black teeshirts on. Again, if I were to do it again, I would wear a thicker, baggier shirt which you can easily prove that it is the only shirt you're wearing, maybe by stretching the neckline to show that you have no other shirt under it -- and where the style of shirt makes sense to tuck in. Maybe a really thick, high quality, thick teeshirt under a sweater or hoodie that you'd take off. By wearing both a hoodie and a jacket and them making me take them both off, I think it made the collection person feel like they're doing their due diligence and made them think they would have exposed me if I were were hiding something there -- luckily I was hiding it one layer below that.

    One other note, where the hose connects to the pouch I assume is the weakest part of the kit and I made sure that when testing it, handing it, warming it, etc I always kept the hose nice and perpendicular to the pouch to keep stress off that joint.

    Hope this helps everyone. Make sure you practice practice practice (without actually draining the liquid) and time yourself to keep it to a short, reasonable time as I was getting the door knocked on 60 seconds in.

    As a side note, know how to control/manage your stress and anxiety. It can be very nervwracking waiting there and doing the whole process. If it goes wrong it can be embarrasing, hurt your carrer, word gets to your peers, etc. Either know what your mind and body or capable of, or if you don't, practice putting yourself in the most stressful or embarrassing situations you can think of as a way to train yourself that "yes this situation is uncomfortable, but it's only temporary, and it'll be fine soon"

    Hope this helps!

    PS: If anyone knows if "IamN2pot" is around anywhere on the internet, please let me know! I'd love to know if there's an updated/current dilution method out there somewhere.
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  2. I appear to have passed. Thank you QuickFix!
  3. I just got two bottles (2 oz) of quick fix. Unfortunately I don't have the hose contraption but I've successfully subbed drug tests like four times by popping it in the microwave a few seconds and storing it between by thigh and balls with some good boxer briefs. It's nerve wracking each time I sub because as you know you only get one shot.

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  4. Ive have been ready with, buy never had to use quickfix from bottles/leg strap/in underware, etc. I think both ways have pros/cons. The belt would be more comfortable for longer use. I remember the leg strap or in my underwear very annoying and more difficult to do physical work. The belt is more complicate/moving parts and might not be possible to use (keep at temp) without a heating pack. The belt might work though if you were being observed from behind.

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