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  1. so this happens to me today at work but let me give you a little history on my relationship with this girl. i work with a bunch of guys who would always talk about sex. i was a virgin at the time lol, but i really didnt give a shit if i laid or not. so one day i decide to prove it to them that i could get laid. i meet a girl who works where i work and split game, the girl gives me number, then we meet for a date. i went out with her just to experience what every virgin wants to experience, which is sex. about 3 dys later i take the chick to the mountains and finally get what i am looking for... But for some strange reason i dont climax, i went at it for 20 minutes and didnt cum. now i felt like shit after that. i asked my self why i didnt climax. anyways i keep on going out with the girl, i started having some feelings for her. i also wanted to see if i could do my THING better on my bed than in a car. after 2 weeks of boning for the first time i decide to meet the chick at my house. one thing let to another and we started doing our thing. 5 minutes into the thing and i decide to just quit, i dont know why but i wasnt enjoying it so i give up. i explain to her that i didnt know why it was happening. later i just decide to let her go, i was depressed all the time, because i couldnt understand why couldnt have sex. my libido plummeted to the point where she wouldnt turn me on:(, i felt like shit so i told her that i wanted a break to think about things. i go into work one day and the workers smirk and ask me if i am gay :confused:. wtf.. they explained that my ex had told them that i was lame in the sack and that she questioned my sexuality. this really angered me :mad:. why would she tell everyone about the shit that we did. that was 1 month ago from today.
    today i was at work when she shows up around where i work with a new boyfriend, i ignore them but then they look at me and my ex says something to the guy that i cant hear, then the motherfucker looks at me giggles. i am fucking stunned by this bullshit but at the same time i feel like shit because its the truth. i cant enjoy sex for some reason and it doesnt come natural to me. but that doesnt mean that i am a homosexual. what this girl did today left me a depressed state of mind. i never ever disrespected her and never talked shit behind her back. i dont hate her matter of fact i just wished for her to have something better, i didnt feel worthy enough for her. but today she slapped me across the face and laughed while i looked like a fucking chump.
    im sorry for that long story i just wanted to get shit of my chest before i go to sleep. i really wish i knew why people hate on things they dont understand, then they make a mockery of them.
  2. Get your rocks off!

    What's a person's heart anyway?
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    Come on bro, the guy feels like crap... lets not bash on him some more about grammar and all that.

    Tough luck man, take it easy... maybe you weren't relaxed enough for you to actually enjoy the experience? Thus you were too tense to get off?
  4. sorry if this is kind of an intruding question.. but can you cum while jacking off ?

    And you might not have been able to cum because the chick might've been super loose.. it happens.

    Try sleeping with another chick, if she's tighter and it still doesn't feel good + you can't finish from jacking off, maybe you have some disorder that doesn't let you finish?

    Idk, just a stoned theory.. My bad if that sounded dumb :/
  5. well fight back, say she couldnt even turn you on. make her look bad at work. but on the personal note, maybe it really was her maybe u just didnt like her enough plus you were a virgin sometimes men dont just come in 20 minutes i mean come on there are no timers on those things.

    dont worry about people saying you are gay, i hate when men worry about that crap its so unattractive. i would say do things with a close girlfriend of yours that is possibly a virgin also?
  6. Man sounds like a ruthless bitch. But really, this is one girl....maybe try having sex with another might work out better? Think of it like a pair of pants, not all pants fit very good right?
  7. u might have a point. i do shoot when i jerk off but i have done it with 3 chicks already and no luck. that has left me feeling even more shittier.
  8. Sometimes you just gotta aim for the face.
  9. Shoulda just asked for a BJ and lit one up during... you gotta like that.
  10. oh well, fuck her. no not literally, but seriously, if someones gonna talk shit about you behind your back, they're not worth worrying about.
    and .. you're the one that didn't cum, and she's calling you 'lame in the sack'? if she can't make you cum, she's the one whose shit in bed, alright...
  11. Go see a doctor if you say you've done 3 chicks and still don't cum
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    lol. sorry. okay just let your hand and wrist relax for a month and youll probly be good to go. you prolly are just use to gettin exactly what you want from your hand. so u just gotta wait awhile let it build up and rail a bitch full force lol. thats the best i can/will do for you. lol im sorry for that last sentnce but i had to let it out:D

    P.S. if i were you be like "it was her fault like 3 mins before we got into it she was fistin her self" cause if you can get a fist in there you gotta be pretty damn loose lol
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    Tell everyone at work that her pussy stanks and she makes weird faces when having sex. She fucked you over so you might as well fuck her over. If you have to, just tell everyone she gave u an STD and you had to go to the doctor. Just divert the attention if you don't want it.

    Don't worry you were probably just nervous. Just think about it tho, who gives a shit bout her, shes a slut and will always be. Just tell her to her face shes a slut and not to ever mention your name from her cock sucking mouth. Seriously throw some personal shit into it and I promise she will quit/leave you alone. Just tell all your coworkers that she was so motionless in the bed that you thought you were fucking a dead body and got creeped out haha. Make em laugh

    Sorry if that was a little harsh, I just hate girls like that and the attention they get for their bullshit. One thing I learned about girls, is that they cannot keep up with shit as well as most guys. They are a lot more likely to break down in tears or worry about what people think. Use that to your advantage. If it bothers you, do something about it. If not, move on.
  14. F that. man last thing i would want floatin around is that i have an STD:rolleyes:
  15. fuck it. girls always try to say some shit, regardless. if they got nothing to complain about, its the sex. i never had that problem but im bound to run into a ho thats going to say something. a girl once told a group of girls i had a tiny dick and i proved she was a lying trick, i showed my dick to all of em lol.

    what she thinks doesnt matter one bit. fuck more ho's and enjoy your life bro. get money, fuck bitches.
  16. And be open-minded about sex. You may be "hard-headed", but you said yourself you have ejaculated, just have your ladyfriend use a technique that works after you have satisfied her...ain't nuthin wrong with that...
  17. Um, its obvious...

    I myself was a "late" bloomer, didn't hit puberty till i was late 17 years old (yes, it sucked, but what can you do? its nature) and didn't lose my virginity till i was 19.

    Now, for those 2 years, my hand was a best friend. When I lost my virginity, I had to jack off to cum, because I was so used to it... was the woman pleasurable? Heck ya, did I end up lasting alot longer than most virgins? heck ya, and did she enjoy that fact also? heck ya.... however I was in your boat, kinda.

    What you need to do, is just quit masterbating. Give that tool of yours a little while to cool down and get those nerve endings to freshing up. give it 5 days rest(dont even think about it, keep busy), and have sex.. you better take it easy cause you might blow out of no where.

    Thats what I do to keep myself from "over" hand'ing it. Or find a chick that rocks with her mouth.... my current can suck me off faster then I can jack off..

    your normal. quit being a emo kid, and stop getting depressed, its lame and a huge turn off for everyone.
  18. Yeah, you're homo.
  19. :hello:do porn
  20. So what? She's a bitch, and the other dudes are a-holes. They are going to live their lives knowing that. That sucks for them, so don't let it get on you.

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