My ex is wildin

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  1. Aight guys i need some advice

    Me and my girl were going out for like a year it was pretty serious she loved me so much i could tell just by everything things were going sideways because i was going through depression for god knows why. Basically we werent clicking i initiated the night where she broke up with me i basically told her things arent going well i just want her to be happy with whatever she wants to do she said no she doesnt wanna break up we keep talking and eventually she says i just dont think i can be in a committed relationship right now she was with her ex since she was 17 for 4 years and then me for the 1 year she wants to experience being single .Anyway we broke up about 3 weeks ago , and my girlfriends ex who cheated on her ,basically it was a toxic relationship she met him for coffee and fucked him basically I know we single and shit but that shit hit my heart HIGHKEY i know i shouldnt feel like this but it does hurt and i just wanted anybodys opinion and thoughts on how i should get over this because i have this hate feeling in my heart that i know i shouldnt have because,well we are both single you know :(
  2. If you use more punctuation marks you’ll immediately feel better about the relationship.

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  3. You have hate for whom? Your FORMER girlfriend (not wife) has moved on since you pushed her away?
    If you’re depressed please talk to someone.
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  4. Just write her off, don't talk to her in any fashion, block her on social media and go try to fuck someone, Best advice I can give after getting cheated on after a 5 year relationship before I started dating my wife.
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  5. If you had ANY feelings for her.....OF COURSE that is gonna hit close to home.....that's what happens when someone you have feelings for...."moves on"

    TIME seems to be the key for me......TIME and DISTANCE from anything regarding (it) your case....her
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  6. Careful what you wish's rough.
  7. The term these women are using today is "Ethically Non-monogamous" You are going to start seeing that term pop up more and more.
  8. I'll just say hoe, thanks for the knowledge tho

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  9. Man up and move on.
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  10. Easier said than done, I know......ESP when YOU are the one going through it at the time......but he is right.....IMO
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  11. this
  12. Hopefully OP took some good pictures before the breakup that will sustain him until he finds another girlfriend. All of you young guys should do that, when you're old and tired they will help you remember. I've had girlfriends I thought I was in love with and today I can't even remember some of their names. The pictures remind me in ways my memory can't and I should have taken more. And don't just keep them in a thumb drive hidden away in your workshop where your wife can't find them, hide the actual pictures.
  13. You broke up...she's none of your business anymore. She can fk whoever she wants to. Do you want her getting all up in your business?
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  14. I could’ve but i really didn’t care much for it i was super down at the time and punctuation Was the last of my worries
  15. I feel that but i already said that in the post to begin with i was just looking for other advice. I know we both single now but Its just how i feel ‍♂️
  16. I feel that , i knkw my life still has so much more to live through i was just feeling down about it all and needed some type of talk from anyone i appreciate everyone on this post :)
  17. Dude, no joke! You really need to punctuate.

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  18. Learn from your mistakes n try not to make em with the next chick. If ya can’t make yourself happy you’ll always be lookin for someone else to make u happy and that’s not other ppls job.
  19. Well stop. She's none of your business. You got her #? I'll take her out, sounds like a fun girl
  20. First of all man, please use some punctuation next time bro. That shit was so hard to read.

    But anyway, i think the fastest way to get over a girl is to find a new one. She is a complete dub. She fucked her ex who cheated on her. Stop talking to her. Stop keeping in touch with her. You shouldn't even have known she fucked her ex.

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