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My ex is texting me....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GabbaGabbaHey, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Wtf...we've been broke up for like 9 months and she texted me last night saying I need to talk to you, the she asked me why I screwed her up in the head ? I'm like confused
  2. lol

    why is this in tokers q&a?

    gl with it though..
  3. Lol looks like shes back for some more dick.
  4. She wants some of that daddy dick thats 4sho !!:hello:

    Seriously if she still has feelings for you after 9 months you really fucked her up. Maybe you should clear things out with her, and by that I do not mean **** her but talk it out

  5. Nah, definitely fuck her bro. Best thing you can do.

    I broke up with an ex back in January 2008, and we had sex ever so often until July of 2010. Hooray for prolonged break up sex :) She kept coming back for the dick! She even drove 12 hours to see me at my college for a weekend, just to fuck.
  6. If this was her first time texting you after 9 months then most likely its a drunk text.

    Cus if you really did screw her over in the head why didn't she tell you around when the breakup first happened?
  7. Shes trying to get it bro
  8. She is probably drunk man. But you know more about her then I do maybe you did fuck her head up. Maybe you can get some head. Good luck brooo
  9. wtf is this even
  10. I've got an ex I broke up with a year and 3 months ago who is still like this man, first girl I was ever fully sure I was 100% in love with, it's hard. I'm in an almost year long relationship right now and she still tries to interfere with it.

    Best part? She cheated on me, so the relationship only lasted 6 months plus another 5 of being off and on because neither of us could just walk away. It was that bitch's own damn fault and she won't walk away from it...

    Dem girls are crazy bruh.

    EDIT: Just to be clear, I'm telling you not to hit it again, it's not worth the drama.
  11. Let's see a pic and we'll tell you if it's worth it.
  12. Ignore my previous statement, this.
  13. pic or it didn't happen
  14. Is she preggo?
  15. "You should totally bang her"
  16. 9 months?? your ex just popped out your little girl man. time to be a daddy!!

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