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my ex girlfriend just gave me...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pj55555, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. weed brownies about 3 of them i was gonna ask u guys if u thinks its safe for me to eat them but i ate them before i asked u guys damm im stupid i
  2. You're just gonna be really, really high. :smoke:

    It's pretty much impossible to overdose on THC, if that's what you were worried about...
  3. i hope she didnt put anything bad in there like

  4. if your still friends with her i dont think shed fuck you over...but if shes one of those crazy exs; well my friend you have my sympathy
  5. Depends on how she became your ex. Most likely you'll just get really baked. Then again, that whole uranium thing..

    If I was her, I'd probably throw in some chocolate exlax just for good measure.
  6. no i am not afraid of overdosing lol
  7. lol uranium, thats fuckin priceless
  8. definitely need more details on the ex to make a judgement. I am sure you will be able to tell for yourself though within the hour :smoke:
  9. I'm confused... is that supposed to be a bad thing?
  10. pics of the ex or it didn't happen.
    lmao just joking i hate when people say that shit.
    i doubt she did anything to them and if she did just get her back better
  11. I heard a good revenge tactic is to make brownies with laxatives....bottoms up!
  12. Not gonna lie, I half expected the OP to say like "herpes" or something.
  13. hahha i totally did too. i was hoping the picture wouldn't be too graphic
  14. I expected him to say he just got head from his ex girlfriend while with his current girlfriend kinda like some jerry springer stuff lol
  15. I used to date this girl back when I was a freshman/soph in high school and I remember telling her that I'd be pissed if she ever smoked weed I buy from her all the time! :smoke:

    We didn't have a bad break up tho, but either way i'd say go for it...
  16. Maybe she put laxatives in them! Just like in the movies; good ol Major Payne :)
  17. ^^If you had a bad break up I think your in for the worst case of atomic shits ever.
  18. I think he's not responding because he's in the bathroom.
  19. Or something like new boyfriend semen and laxatives. Not sure which is worse.
  20. straight up fuck it, i never eat brownies unless I see them gettin made.

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