My evening snack :)...{pics}

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  1. so i was just chillin n thought up the idea to switch the daily routine for an evening smoke. so we just rolled up a 1.8g blunt of some flame no name dank. Me and my roommate blazed it.

    sorry that the blunt doesnt look the best. not exactly a pro here :eek: it got the job done!

    smoked greaaat:smoke:
    heres the pics!

  2. sorry about the huge pics !
  3. rolling blunts with dank is stupid imo.
    But nicee. Looks like hellagood stuf
  4. Looking good dude

  5. rollin blunts wit dank is hard core:)
  6. thats what im talkin about! someone with taste!
  7. mmmmmm.... Purple Haze bluntwrap with Dank:D:smoke:
    that was yummy
  8. I doubt there was 1.8 of weed in that blunt. How much does the wrap weigh?, I can only hope you zeroed out the scale before you rolled it.
  9. if not theres atleast 1.2-1.4

  10. dude chill out...

    good weed bro, blunt, haha it does the job
  11. we got a 2pack of wraps so i just weighed out the other one to be .5 g
    so it looks like t0xIc. had it pinned down perfectly

    and CaNNaBLiSS never said it was 1.8 of nug
    he said it was a 1.8 blunt, obviously the wrap takes up some of that weight

  12. thats what im sayin! so how bout we just chill. go smoke a blunt and be happy:smoke:

  13. woah woah woah:eek:!! is no one else curios as to the reasoning behind this young mans statement? Please sir elaborate as to why you feel blunts + dank = waste. Not starting nothing just honestly wanna know why you feel this way :D


    - Lunarpig:smoke:
  14. Dank blunts pwn, they taste so good. I only use glass myself but with a couple buddies to match a blunt is a very nice treat.
  15. Nice blunt. Hope you enjoyed it all. :smoke:

  16. shit man the bigger the pic the better...

  17. exactly, im a glass person myself. which is why the blunt is so ugly :( dont have much rolling experience here! but to switch things up here n there gotta burn one down..:D
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  19. i smoke blunts of dank by myself.

    i don't think it's stupid, but some of my friends do.
    but hell, if i want to smoke a blunt to myself, ima do it.
    and if you have a problem with it, just read 1-3

    1) it's not your weed
    2) it's not your blunt
    3) it's not your problem

    and i'm mostly a glass guy too. i have a lot of custom accessories, and of course my RooRs <3

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