My Epic Sploof :d

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  1. Items used:
    -Laptop fan
    -Toilet paper tube(carton part)
    -AA Rechargeable battery(Duracell)
    -3x Bounces sheet
    -Activated Carbon
    -Good music to work
    Time spent: about 2hrs with the dissambling the laptop
    Difficulty: easy as shit(assemble)
    So yeah,don't really need steps it's pretty basic to assemble.
    Just glue the fan frame with the tube and all all your stuff.
    Red cable will go on top of the battery
    Black on the bottom,invert if doesn't work.
    And do a check if the cables work and which side is the intake so you dont fuck it up haha
    Pictures..and rate :D


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  2. how many slowering plants could that cover up? if made corectly?
  3. I mean flowring, damn it
  4. Damn,I don't know it's small that one ;) your better going in the growing topics and check the carbon huge homemade fan,can't remember where but I saw one on here before,
  5. Ok I'm old. WTF is a sploof? That looks like you created an exaust outlet for your growbox on the cheap.
  6. it's like a smokebuddy(check it up on google)
    Situation: your dad is home or he checks your room regularly and knows what weed smells and you wanna take a fat rip on of your brand new Roor bong. You pack it up,light it up,puff. Instead of puffing like normally,you puff in this device. With the fan on,all the air from the inside of the tube(Bounche sheets+activate carbon+weed smoke),the weed smoke will go threw all these stuff,and smell like good bounce sheets!
  7. Ok so now if parents smell bounce sheets, there gonna know you have been smoking pot.
  8. Not me haha :p but its not a concentrated smell,its more like to replace the weed smoke
  9. You should get some PVC pipe, it will hold up a lot better than the toilet paper tube. You could even get a battery holder and screw it into the tubing. [​IMG]
  10. oh my god,that idea is fucking brilliant. The tape wouldn't hold the battery xD never thought about that men. Thanks alot dude.

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