My epic birthday

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  1. Hey guys :)

    So for my birthday me and a few buddies decided it would be awesome to get totally ripped and go out for an all you can eat chinese meal. We picked up a nice ounce of bud and a whole bunch of blunt wraps, but we didnt have time to roll all the blunts for going to the restaurant (we were getting a lift with my mum)

    So we get to the restaurant and I take all the bud and wraps with me into the toilet to roll up, I was in there for atleast like 25 minutes, which must have looked real sketchy for the staff as my friends wern't gonna start to eat until we were as high as hell :p

    I came back from the toilet and we all go out for a "cigarette break", come back HELLA blazed. I reached such a crazy level of high that night :D

    The whole meal we were basically laughing in hysterics the whole time, it was the funniest thing, and we got on to the craziest discussions and I remember at one point one of my buddies starts singing the song that Merlin sings in Disneys "The Sword in the Stone" as he's packing up his bags really really loud.. omfg I'm just cracking up thinking about this xD

    We ate like 5 plates each of this amazing food and had such a good time, then proceeded to go back to my house and blaze some more :D

    <3 Chronic :)
  2. sounds like a blast.
  3. Nice work.
  4. happy birthday.
  5. Getting high then Chinese Buffet makes the best times in life
  6. Dude I have the same birthday as you but it wasn't that fun because i'm taking a break from weed until 420 then i'm going to buy 2 oz's one to smoke then one for later
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    sounds like it was off the chain.its funny i can remember doing the exact same thing with friends when i was about nostalgia,damn i miss those days.
  8. how old you turn man?
  9. Haha awesome man!

    I'm goin to a B-day party in like a half hour, unfortunately the girl who's having the birthday doesn't smoke, but a few stoners are gonna be there, so its gonna be chill.

    Birthdays are insane.
  10. yeah birthdays are sweet i wish it was my birthday more often
  11. aw, happy birthday. My birthdays next weekend i'm gonna throw a party. Last year my friend got me this awesome 2 foot bong. Rip lord fuck the greatest bong I've ever gotten .
  12. Lets not get anyone banned , now.

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