My EP (prog grunge, think Tool, A Perfect Circle etc)

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    Hey guys, recorded an EP in my room a few months ago in the hopes of finding musos to play live luck so far.
    It's kinda prog rock/grunge, instrumental only because I can't sing (ideally it'd have vocals).
    All the tracks recorded by me in my room, the drums were programmed after I realised I didn't have enough mics to record them well enough.
    Constructive crit would be sweet. The songs Push/Pull kinda build into each other so keep that in mind when listening.

    Oh yeah, if anyone from Adelaide see's this, hit me and we can jam!
  2. I actually like it. I hear some soundgarden/ temple of the dog type sounds. What do you have for recording?
  3. Cheers man, yeah I really dig Soundgarden, awesome band. I was hoping to get vocals that are like Maynard crossed with Chris Cornell for it, but with their own unique twang.
    I record on Logic Pro, with a couple of Shure SM57s into a Mackie Onyx Satellite. Simple, but it works :)
  4. Nice. Maynard would be simple (IMO) to sound like but Cornell is definitely one of a kind. Do you have lyrics already written for these songs?
  5. I like :)

    Good job man.

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