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my encounter with a mean ass turkey

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. ok, so me and my friend are on our way to 7-11 to get a blunt... no biggie... so we're walking down the highway, and i coulda swore i heard a turky gobble. i'm like "shh... what's that?" well we walk a little bit further and it's getting louder. we see this big semi-tarped cage, and sure enough, there's this BIG ass turkey in it. we're like "wow. now i've seen everything" lol. eventually one of us comes up with the idea of going to get the turkey stoned... but unfortunately we smoked the blunt before we got back to the bird.

    anywayz, we go, smoke the blunt, and go to go back to his house. we have to pass the turkey on the way again, so we stop by to say goodbye to it. i put my face kinda close to the cage to look at it, and it gets all close and starts looking at me. next thing i know the damn things like a half inch from my face... the little bastard tried to pluck my eyeball right outta my head. all i saw was this big ass beak wide open, then snapping shut right infront of my eye.

    scared the shit outta me, LOL!
  2. Hahaha.. Your not suoosed to get close to the animals. The wild animals are just that Wild!!!

    Or maybe the turkey was just hungry..LOL
  3. LMAO!!! That's funny, Cottons! You're such a freak! (That's a good thing!:))
  4. damn..... i would of just freaked if i was stoned and that happend to me..... haha thats pretty funny!
  5. those damn wild turkey can get fuckin huge!! like 4-5 feet tall!!:eek:
  6. now a five foot tall turkey is somthing i must see!!
  7. lol, so this turkey was just chillin on the side of the highway in a cage? did it look like it belonged somewhere? did you even think to ask it where hes from? cottons, this shit is just too funny
  8. it wasn't a wild turkey though... it looked like the ones they show on TV around thanksgiving. it was one of those turkeys...

    hey sensi... i asked it why it tried to eat my eyeball.
  9. Big ass turkey?

    Sittin in a cage?

    By the road?

    FOR FREE????

    Ya gotta pay for that kind of entertainment around here!
  10. Man if that damn bird tryed something like that on me i would take him home and make a early thanksgiving outta him!
  11. This is the funniest thing that I have heard all day. For some reason, I can't get that outta my head. I wish I could find a turkey. Ya'll really should've gotten it high. Maybe then it wouldn't have tried to eat your eyeball.
  12. i once found a five dollar bill.... man, i wanna find a turkey!
  13. We were walking down the private drive behind my house and an emu jumped out of the woods in front of us. We don't know where the hell it came from. I'd have loved to have a picture of our faces at that moment. Talk about a buzz killer! We ran like hell!
  14. hAHAHA i got chased down my drive way by two emus when i was like 12 or something, it freaked me out. they were my neighbors birds, i didn't even know he had them. they just wanted food.

    that is some funny shit cottons, attack turkeys
  15. an as a mother, im thinking,...what the hell you puttin your face sooo close to it for honey??, you should KNOW it would try to pluck your eyeballs out!
    thank god you didnt try to kiss a monkey :)


  16. Hahahahahahahalol

    Now that was funny as HELL!!!!!!!!!

    Your my hero Highya even if you don't win no races this year!!!

  17. lol, i woulda... but the damn thing was in a cage... right next to a bunch of ducks (also in a cage).

    hey smokedout, that was our original plan... we saw it on the way to the sev, but after we got the blunt rolled up we decided not to get the bird stoned. it's right on a highway, and there was a lot of cops out for some reason. i WILL get that damn thing wasted though.

    higha... i was wasted. i didn't think for one second the thing was going to try to pluck out my eyeballs. i totally forgot that that's what birds like to go for... and by the way... i HAVE kissed a monkey :D some guy had one, and i gave it a peck on the cheek, LOL.

  18. or he had the munchies ;)
  19. I woulda picked that bitch up, went home with it. Get it stoned every day and train it to be your mean ass ATTACK turkey! Nobody fucks with turkeys!
  20. Amazingly, you're not the only one around here who's had encounters with giant turkeys before.

    There's a dirt road not far from my home where I often take my dog for walks. I had heard some weird noises there earlier that week, but I thought I was just crazy. Anyways, while I was walking my dog (who was unleashed, since no cars ever go there), I suddenly heard some loud gobbling on the side of the road. In the middle of some trees was some huge wild turkey! My dog bolted for it and it started to run off, and they can run pretty fast!

    I tried to chase after them but the snow was too deep and before I knew it they were both out of sight. I found my dog wandering on the side of the highway a few days later. She was cold wet and hungry but I was so glad that she was all right.

    I later found out that my provincial government had introduced the birds to the wild outside of my town. Why the hell would they do that?

    I hope that she at least bagged that damn turkey.

    Here's a picture of her eating some snow, isn't she sweet?


    I love my dog.

    Fuck turkeys.

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