My encounter with a HELL BEAST!!! MUST read

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  1. So i live on a golf course and im sittin on my back porch smokin a fat 2g blunt:smoking: straight chillin and listening to the bugs making their loud sounds and what not. Half the blunt is gone by this point, when all the sudden i hear this high pitched scream that morphs into to this extreme roar, not just a little yelp, like a full on OOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR FOR 15 SECONDS STRIGHT, and i jump out of my seat and drop the blunt and im like WTF:eek:. There was like a fucking hell beast hiding in the darkness, so i bolt into my sun room:bolt:, scared shitless like a little school girl on halloween night. and just like that SILENCE, no bugs, no birds, NOTHING, like someone made a black joke in the middle of church or something. I swear when i was running around i thought this demon was just gonna bust throught my fence and straight up own my ass:eek:. I have no idea on earth what it was:confused:

    anyone else ever had an expirence like this???
  2. Woah hahaha sounds pretty intense. It was probably your local loch ness monster ;)

  3. like some kind of mutated monster in the pond lol
  4. thats why I have my .300 win loaded and ready to rock. Or I just smoke more weed and I feel better.
  5. It could of been thunder. Today I was getting MADD thunder. It sounded like it was right on top of my apt. and it scared my cat shitless. But really, it could of been anything.
  6. Sorry, man. I'll try to control my wife better.
  7. sounds like some good ass sativa

  8. hell yea dude, my 12 gauge mossberg shotgun has hell beast written all over it:D
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, dude i just laughed so loud i woke my sister up:p
  10. classic.
  11. Prolly bigfoots sister pissed off about her brothers murder.

    Try yelling back or knockin some sticks together...see if you can get any more responses lol.

  12. or shes on her period:D
  13. dude, it was probably just your stomach, you were smoking.
  14. are u sure u were just stoned out of ur mind...because i want whatever weed u have then haha
  15. Maybe it's just some local teens being dumb??

    ...Just a thought?
  16. HAHAHAHAA a black joke in church.. that made me almost shit my pants.
  17. What part of NC are you blazin' in? I would love to live on the golf course in town and be able to sit in the backyard or walk around the greens and fairways at night, toking a joint or two.

  18. around rocky mount, yea i do thats all the time when i walk my dog out there, its prolly one of the best smoke spots ever, where are u at?
  19. Around the Mount, eh. So like Sharpsburg or Nashville? I'm pretty close to you, I live 15 min. from Rocky Moutn, and I was just wondering cause if its close to me I'm gonna be on the look out for that motherfucker.
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    1) TV's/radio or anything go out in your house when this happened?
    2) You hear a soft humming noise that that morphined into a sort of high pitched whine?
    3) Did you feel any strange radiation or heat when you heard the noise?
    4) Do you live in a rural area?
    5) Were you stoned?

    The last question really counts...

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